New “King of Oils” Clobbers Creaky Joints in 5 Days Without Clobbering You

M.D.-approved, remarkably safe way to support
free-flowing movement in your knees, hips,
shoulders and joints.

Soothes stiff, aching joints in just “5 days” — International Journal of Medical Sciences
Has a 100% success rate easing aging joints — Phytomedicine
So safe and so natural you can take it every day — British Medical Journal
…and now available to you without a prescription.


Dear Friend,

Pain is a sag and a drag, and I declared war on it a long time ago.

Why? Because creaking, aching joints makes it hard for you to do all the fun things… like traveling, spending time with your kids or grandkids or going out for a night on the town.

And it makes it hard for you to do the little things… like opening a jar of pasta sauce… buttoning a shirt or blouse… or getting in and out of the tub or your car.

Most people just “grin and bear it” when it comes to joint discomfort. But not my patients, my family and me.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about something new, better and safer for temporary pain relief we’re using with great results…

…something that GETS YOU MOVING and makes your joints feel YOUNG and FUN again!

As a medical doctor, I see many first-time patients who are plagued by stiff, creaking joints… and they tell me they’ve tried all the “solutions” without much success.

They’re frustrated, and who’s to blame them.

Why are they still hurting? Three reasons…

  • Many “solutions” don’t knock out the root cause of joint discomfort. Too weak.
  • Many “solutions” don’t work fast enough. Too slow.
  • Many “solutions” aren’t safe to take for the long term. Too risky.

    So I set out to find something from nature’s pharmacy that solves these three problems, and…

    …I found it 8,851 miles away from my clinic in South Florida.

    I always been fascinated by my trips to India, and it was there that I discovered the “King of Oils” that’s the most significant breakthrough I’ve ever found for easing joint discomfort.

    Religious leaders treasured this “holy oil.” Ancient healers valued it more than gold for its medicinal properties. Marco Polo prized it as he blazed the Silk Road. And Ayurvedic practitioners, to this day, rely on it for healing and detoxification.

    But what really caught my attention is how modern medical findings now prove this “King of Oils”…

    Decreases sore, aching joints at a 78% better clip than the No. 1 popular joint solution, according to Molecular Medicine Reports
    Delivers almost instant relief — in just 5 days — as noted in the International Journal of Medical Sciences
    Has a whopping 100% success rate easing joint discomfort, based on a study found in Phytomedicine
    Is safe for joint discomfort, as reported by BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal)

    Even better, this “King of Oils” is the centerpiece of my new “plant prescription” to conquer your creaky, aching joints called Mobilify.

    A first in natural medicine, delivering relief like nothing else, now available to you.

    As you’re about to see, Mobilify is different and better than anything you’ve ever tried for stiff, aching, aging joints.

    It’s the first and only formula that deactivates 400 pain-causing genes and sweeps harmful toxins out of your joints to relieve creaking joints in as little as 5 days.

    Yet it’s so safe you can take it every day, even for the long term, without risk or worry.

    This is the same formula patients at my clinic in South Florida, my family and I take to soothe sore joints… and now, it’s available to you without a prescription. Sound good? Read on…

    Most Natural Solutions Target One
    Pain-Causing Gene. This “King of Oils” Deactivates 400 of Them!


    If you want genuine and long-lasting relief for joint discomfort, then you need to help your body have a normal response to inflammation.

    As you probably know, inflammation is the response of tissue to injury or infection, usually followed by heat, redness, swelling and pain.

    A little inflammation is good because it fights off foreign invaders, heals injuries and sweeps up debris.

    NF-Kappa B is linked to many health problems  — Journal of Clinical Investigation

    Left unchecked, NF-Kappa B activation is linked to many health problems affecting your…






    Now, deactivate NF-Kappa B with the Indian Frankincense in Mobilify.

    “Activated NF-Kappa B regulates transcription of over 400 genes involved in [stiff, creaky joints]…” — Epigenetics: Development and Disease

    But too much inflammation will wreck your joints… break down cartilage… and cause unending discomfort.

    That’s why so many natural joint pain “solutions” go after stopping one of the main inflammatory genes, called COX-2.

    But the truth is, there are hundreds of pain-causing genes like COX-2, 5-LOX, iNOS, TNK, Interleukin 1,6,8 and many more — and stopping just one of them won’t give you all the relief you need.

    Yet now, I have exciting news from the frontiers of natural medicine.

    How to Shut Down the Entire Inflammatory Pain Cascade With One Miracle Oil

    Doctors and scientists now confirm that the “King of Oils” — Indian Frankincense — deactivates not one but 400 inflammatory genes.

    How is this possible?

    Because Indian Frankincense shuts down the inflammation command center called Nuclear Factor Kappa Beta (NF-Kappa B).

    As you age, NF-Kappa B intensifies, igniting an inflammatory cascade throughout your body.

    NF-Kappa B is like a switch that can turn 400 inflammatory genes “on” or “off.” Left unchecked, it triggers widespread health problems including pain and stiffness.

    But shut NF-Kappa B down, and inflammation is deactivated and joint discomfort is relieved. And that’s just what Indian Frankincense does.

    A study published in the Journal of Food Lipids confirms that Indian Frankincense powerfully deactivates NF-Kappa B.1

    So powerful it shuts down the pathway triggering aching joints.Journal of Food Lipids


    NF-Kappa B is the pathway to inflammation and pain… and Indian Frankincense SHUTS OFF that pathway to give you blessed relief.

    That’s why it’s the cornerstone of my new Mobilify formula.

    Yet that’s not all. Wait until you see more scientific proof why this “King of Oils” is so powerfully safe and effective to vanquish creaky joints and quickly, too…

    The secret of fighting joint discomfort that’s been covered up for 4,000 years…

    Many so-called “solutions’ for joint discomfort may give temporary comfort. But they don’t get to the real problem.

    In the short-run, they work because they BLOCK the natural signals to tell your body something is WRONG.

    Eventually, these solutions will not deliver the kind of relief you really need.

    You want to get to the true source of joint discomfort: NF-Kappa B and shut it down. That’s what the Indian Frankincense in Mobilify does.

    Confirmed by the National Institutes of Health

    Glucosamine Takes up to 8 Weeks to Work. Now, Get Relief 10 Times Faster… in Just 5 Days!

    When I see patients for the first time at my clinic who are suffering from joint discomfort, they tell me most natural pain relievers work too slowly.

    Take glucosamine. It has been one of the best-selling natural supplements for discomfort… yet you might have to wait weeks and weeks to get relief, if at all.

    In fact, the National Institutes of Health reports that it can take as long as 8 weeks for glucosamine to work. Some research also shows glucosamine might not work for people who are older… heavier… or have more severe, long-standing pain.

    But who wants to wait that long to get relief?

    The Secret to Lighting Fast Pain Relief

    That’s why I’m excited to report that the Indian Frankincense found in my Mobilify formula works faster than anything I’ve seen for relieving aching knees, hips and joints.

    The proof?

    In a study published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences, placebo every day for 30 days.

    Remarkably, according to the scientists conducting the study, Indian Frankincense “significantly improves joint function and relieves [discomfort] as early as 5 days.” That’s blessed relief that’s 10 times faster than glucosamine!

    Even better, those taking Indian Frankincense had a 49.1% reduction in discomfort, stiffness and function compared to those taking the placebo, according to the Visual Analog Scale — a standardized measurement of pain.2

    Now, with my Mobilify formula, you can get measurable comfort and relief fast — no more waiting weeks and weeks!

    Smithsonian Institution Confirms the Unstoppable, Medicinal Power of Frankincense

    What made Frankincense so valuable that the Wise Men presented it to the infant Jesus?

    And why did Pliny the Elder, Roman author, naturalist and philosopher, write that frankincense made the southern Arabians the richest people on earth?

    The answer is found in its remarkable value as a medicinal substance for health and healing.

    Alain Touwaide, historian of medicine at the Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions and the Smithsonian Institute reports, “We have textual and archaeological evidence that frankincense was used as a medicinal substance in antiquity.”3

    Scientists at Cardiff University in Wales add that frankincense may help alleviate symptoms of joint discomfort.

    And Ajay Goel, PhD, Director of Epigenetics and Cancer Prevention, Baylor Research Institute at Baylor University Medical Center adds that frankincense’s full potential is just beginning to be realized.


    10 times faster relief!

    Glucosamine can take up to 8 weeks to work, if at all.
    Now, you can get relief 10 times faster… in just 5 days…
    with Indian frankincense in Mobilify.

    Imagine All the FUN You’ll Have When Your Joints are Renewed, Rejuvenated, Reborn!

    Picture in your mind what you could do if your joints felt as good as they did in your 30s and 40s…

    Play golf or tennis every day — for a week straight — or whenever you’d like…

    Go on a 5 or 10-mile hike to a spectacular mountain peak…

    Play golf or tennis every day — for a week straight — or whenever you’d like…

    Bike through the wine country in Italy…

    Take your grandkids on a week-long camping trip…

    Learn some new ballroom dances…

    Go deep sea fishing and land a monster bluefin tuna…

    Jog or walk in a charity race or walk-a-thon…

    Take up a new sport or hobby and keep up with the younger generation…

    Take a dream vacation or cruise…

    Enjoy the best of life with friends and family… pain-free!

    Molecular Medicine Reports

    This Holy Oil Decreases Discomfort at a 78% Better Clip Than the Most Popular Joint Solution

    India has always fascinated me because of its centuries-old history of Ayurvedic medicine.

    More often than not, these natural alternative solutions work as well or even better than conventional medical solutions.

    That’s why it was no shock to me to see that a study

    Indian frankincense is “the most important inhibitor of an enzyme responsible for [joint discomfort].” Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

    In this study, people suffering from discomfort took a formula containing Indian Frankincense and another natural substance or a popular man-made joint solution every day for 12 weeks.

    The results? Not even close!

    At the beginning of the study, 85% of those taking the Indian Frankincense formula had moderate or severe joint discomfort. After 12 weeks, only 21% had no relief.

    That means 64% of these folks saw their joint discomfort go from moderate or severe… to mild or no pain.

    Those taking the most popular joint solution? At the beginning of the study, 78% had joint discomfort that was moderate to severe. At the end of the study, 50% still had discomfort. Only 28% of them got the kind of relief they wanted.

    That’s relief at a 78% better clip for those taking the Indian frankincense compared to the No. 1 joint solution.4

    Mobilify… Better Than Glucosamine,
    Chondroitin and MSM!

    Imagine suffering joint discomfort all your life… and then, watching it vanish. Sound farfetched? Not for Larry M. of Talent, OR, thanks to Mobilify.

    All of his life, Larry had trouble with his ankles.

    By age 68, all the years growing up, sports injuries and military service had really taken their toll on him.

    So he began taking glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM.

    Larry had some success taking these natural “solutions,” but he was still not satisfied. He was still bothered by changes in the weather, mainly in the winter, that left him stiff and achy.

    Then, thanks to good fortune, Larry found Mobilify.

    He gratefully writes, “After a week and a half of taking Mobilify, the discomfort, stiffness and minor aches went away. Sometimes, I still cannot believe the difference. It’s almost like being reborn. Thank you so much.”#

    But that’s not all Mobilify can do for you, as you’ll see…

    Love the Relief!

    Shirley is bounding up and down stairs again without sore knees thanks to Mobilify!

    “Two weeks after taking Mobilify, I had no knee discomfort and could go up and down the staircase. I was shocked! I had no idea this was such a wonderful product… I have recommended it to my family and friends.” — Shirley M., West Palm Beach, FL#

    Never thought I could feel this good again!

    “I injured my back in the military in 1970. After several operations it got worse and my inactivity lead to diabetes. With it came high cholesterol, weight gain, difficulty breathing, high blood pressure and the inability to go up a flight of stairs.

    “With the help of your supplements like Mobilify, now I walk 2.2 km once or twice a day… never thought I could feel this good again… thank you” — Dan BC., Thailand**

    Great recovery after surgery!

    “I have slowly gotten stronger from three back surgeries… and have gotten built-up with Mobilify. I have gotten up and am moving. I can walk some now… I am stronger, more alert and exercising every day.” — Shirley S., Alva OK#

    Thank you so much!

    “With Mobilify, my joints are feeling much better… thank you so much” — Cindy C., Tomball, TX#

    How Dennis got back to golfing!

    “I am an avid golfer. My knuckles get stiff and sore. I have tried many pills with no effect. Tried your Mobilify. Have had excellent results in reducing discomfort and improving flexibility.

    “Within three days of forgetting to take it, I noticed a return in soreness. Got back to taking it again and can attest to Mobilify easing discomfort to enable me to pursue my golfing days. Definitely one pill that works for me out of the many I have tried. Thank you.” — Dennis H.#

    “Mobilify really helps with soreness and stiffness.

    Recently, after spending several hours doing spring gardening chores, I was super sore the next day (as I should have been). Then day after that [with Mobilify] I was completely back to normal — so fast.”Joni D.#

    “Do No Harm” Joint Relief — Hallelujah!

    My philosophy for treating joint discomfort focuses on two things:

    1. Get to the root cause of the discomfort.
    2. Do no harm.

    Start to enjoy smoother, freer joints.

    My patients really appreciate the fact that when I treat them, they know my treatments will be safe, 100% natural and free of dangerous side effects.

    This is very important because many conventional “solutions” may relieve your discomfort… but may also cause a number of serious side effects.

    For example…

    According to The American Journal of Medicine, as many as 107,000 patients are hospitalized each year for NSAID anti-inflammatory drug related GI complications…

    and among those patients, it’s estimated that 16,500 of them will die!5

    No such worry with Mobilify. You banish joint discomfort, safely, without fear or worry of side effects.

    A “plant prescription” like no other!

    A 100% Success Rate Relieving Creaky Joints: Numbers Unseen by Typical Solutions

    One of the things I look for in a natural solution for joint discomfort is, “Does it work for most or all of the people taking it?”

    This is important because as I’ve noted, some well-known natural pain solutions don’t work for everybody (like glucosamine).

    That’s why I was glad to find out that Indian Frankincense has a remarkable track record of success at quelling stiff, aching joints — for everybody taking it.

    100% success rate soothing stiff joints…

    For example, Phytomedicine published the results of a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled crossover study conducted with patients suffering from knee discomfort.

    Every day for eight weeks, they got either Indian Frankincense or a placebo. Then the groups switched and got the opposite intervention.

    The results? Amazing!

    Every one of the patients taking Indian Frankincense got relief. That’s a 100% success rate!

    They reported a decrease in knee discomfort… increased knee flexibility… and increased walking distance. I love it when natural solutions prove to be so effective — for everyone taking it!6

    But there’s even more proof!

    100% success rate vanquishing aches…

    Yet in another study published in Arthritis Research and Therapy and conducted in part by UC Davis scientists, 70 patients with aching knees took Indian Frankincense or a placebo every day for 90 days.

    Once again, this “King of Oils” proved to be highly effectively in relieving the discomfort.

    All of the patients taking Indian Frankincense got relief — and some as soon as 7 days. Again, a 100% success rate!7

    This is another reason why Indian Frankincense is the centerpiece of my new formula, Mobilify. It works so well for everybody taking it.

    Is Junk in Your Joints Causing You to Ache?

    Now, wash it away from the inside out!

    Did you know, by the time you’re 50, you could have almost 5 pounds of toxins trapped inside your tissues, cells and organs?

    For millions of years, this was not a problem. We had clean air, pure water and healthy foods.

    But for the past 100 years, our environment has changed… and detoxifying your body is more important than ever.

    Environmental toxins have become
    a major health threat

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that almost 25% of diseases today are result of environmental exposure.8

    Toxins are often found in the form of Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) ingested in food.

    In fact, a study published in Journals of Gerontology confirms at AGEs cause widespread damage to tissues through inflammation and destruction of collagen.9

    A Hidden, Insidious Cause of Aches and Discomfort

    The truth is, pollutants, chemicals and other toxins sneak into your body all day, every day… from food, water, air, and every surface you touch.

    Environmental toxins can cause serious health effects.

    Left unchecked, they collect in your tissues and clog up your joints. When your body can’t clear these toxins out fast enough, they build up and cause inflammation.

    The result? Instead of easy movement, you feel aches and discomfort.

    But here’s great news! In the mountain villages of South America, places I could only get by foot, there’s a discomfort-fighting flower growing that works at the site of soreness.

    There’s a compound in it that speeds up the revitalizing process. Even better, it helps reduce discomfort and clears out toxins at same time.

    It’s like an internal cleanse for your joints that clears aches right out of them!

    What is it? It’s Meadowsweet… and that’s why it’s the second key ingredient in my new Mobilify formula.

    Nature’s premier detoxifier and joint soother

    For centuries, meadowsweet has been prized by natural doctors and herbalists as a powerful detoxifier.

    Not only does it sweep toxins out of your joints, but it also helps your body have a normal inflammatory response.

    In a study published in Phytotherapy Research, meadowsweet significantly reduced the strongest markers of inflammation, interleukin-6 and TNF-a.10

    Remarkably, meadowsweet addresses the two main causes of pain: inflammation and toxins in joints. And now, it’s available to you in my new Mobilify formula.

    Yet there’s even more that makes Mobilify new and improved as you’ll see…

    Now, sweep out discomfort-causing toxins with meadowsweet found in Mobilify.


    Better Than Aspirin:
    It’s the Original Source of Relief!

    To the surprise of many… meadowsweet is the plant science copied to create the synthetic drug aspirin.

    Except nature has the scientists beat on this one: meadowsweet has no side effects! That’s right. You get the “original” joint soother without side effects.

    This flower is a great example of why no matter how many times we think we’re smarter than nature, nature is better.

    As a medical doctor, I especially like the fact that meadowsweet stores its active discomfort-easing compounds in an “inactive” way, so when you ingest them, they go past your stomach intact.

    Then your liver safely converts them into the compounds that really work to knock out aches.


    Eight Most Potent Joint-Soothing Nutrients
    in One and a 300% Stronger Dose to Boot!

    For years, I’ve used “plant prescriptions” like Indian Frankincense and Meadowsweet to help my patients knock out joint discomfort.

    But in formulating Mobilify, I wanted to harness all of the most potent natural joint soothers I’ve found in one.

    So after extensive research and great success with my own patients, I’m excited to tell you that each serving of Mobilify includes…

    400 mg of Indian Frankincense, the “King of Oils”: This is a dose that’s 300% stronger than the average dose used in the studies I mentioned showing the power of Indian Frankincense in wiping out joint aches.

    300 mg of Meadowsweet, the “better than aspirin” natural reliever: Powerfully effective at sweeping toxins OUT your joints and quelling inflammation.

    Plus, six other powerful natural joint-comforters…

    250 mg of Bromelain, nature’s “analgesic”: An extract from the pineapple plant, it has been demonstrated to show potent joint comforting actions.11

    Plus, it’s been shown to be just as effective as popular joint solutions for relieving pain… without side effects!12

    250 mg of Papain, the “papaya ache-fighter”: Taken from the fruit of the papaya tree, papain helps ease joint discomfort according to

    Papain attacks and helps breaks down the proteins in your blood that form scar tissue. It also clears away overgrowth of old tissue that clogs joints and tissues and triggers aches and soreness.

    200 mg of Chinese Skullcap, the “3,000-year-old joint reliever”: Chinese natural doctors have used Skullcap for centuries to ease hurting joints. Now, modern medicines shows it turns off multiple pain-causing genes such as COX-2 and 5-LO.13

    150 mg of Arnica, the “wildflower that soothes swelling”: Arnica works on the cellular level blocking inflammatory genes NF-Kappa-B and NF-AT.

    When marathon runners took Arnica the night before the race, on race day and the three following days, it immediately lowered muscle soreness.14

    100 mg of Citrus Bioflavonoid, “nature’s super antioxidant”: This highly effective antioxidant found in the rind and pulp of citrus fruits, prevents free radical damage that can trigger aches and soreness.

    50 mg of Hibiscus, the “medicinal flower”: Used for centuries to help ease stiff joints.

    Now, get all of these unique and powerful natural joint soothers in one!

    Mobilify brings together, for the very first time, the eight most potent natural joint soothers I’ve found in one new and improved formula.

    These are the same discomfort-fighting, toxin-clearing nutrients my patients have been taking — and now, they’re available to you.

    Nothing has worked better for wiping out the causes of creaky joints, not just covering up the problems, than Mobilify.

    And now, the news is even better…

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    The results I’ve seen from my patients taking the special nutrients found in Mobilify have been great — the best I’ve ever seen for natural relief.

    And the letters and emails I’ve received from folks all across America who are taking it confirm its remarkable power.

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    You can knock out joint discomfort
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    100% Guarantee

    I know the unique nutrients found in Mobilify are powerfully effective for relieving joint discomfort and stiffness. I’ve seen the remarkable results with my own patients and read the letters and emails from folks all across America who have taken it.

    That’s why I’m confident it will work for you, too. But to take away any hesitation or risk on your part, I’m backing your order with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

    Try Mobilify for yourself. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, just return any unused or empty bottles within 90 days from day of purchase, and you’ll receive a full, prompt refund of everything you’ve paid. Plus, you can keep all of your FREE Bonuses. What could be fairer or less risky than that?

    The end of achy, creaking joints

    If your joints are hurting, then I’m sure that what you want is relief that’s effective, fast and safe. This is exactly why I formulated Mobilify.

    Remember, its key ingredient has been clinically shown to…

    Decrease discomfort at a 78% better clip than the most popular joint solution.

    Makes aches vanish fast — in just 5 days.

    Alleviate soreness and stiffness with awhopping 100% success rate.

    Ease creaky joints safely… with zero side effects.

    Now, you can take the exact same nutrients my patients take in Mobilify and relieve, ease and even end achy, creaking joints.

    Order today… and start enjoying life again without worry of aches and discomfort.

    To Your Good Health,

    Al Sears, MD

    Al Sears, MD, CNS

    P.S. And remember, you risk nothing when you order thanks to my 100% Money-Back Guarantee. So order now.

    Knock out joint discomfort without risking one cent: 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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    Personal guarantee


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    #Individual results may vary.
    Results may vary from person to person. No individual results should be seen as typical.

    ** Do not change your medications without first talking to your doctor

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