Omega Rejeuvenol

Dear Friend,

The party’s over for fish oil.

It had a long run, but it was just a stepping stone to something much, much better.

Don’t get me wrong — omega-3s are still absolutely critical for your healthy future. But getting them from fish oil?

Forget it.

Fish oil has one big problem it can’t overcome. And it doesn’t matter if you buy the most expensive brand in the world…

Fish Oil Loads You up With the Wrong Omega-3

“If There’s One Thing My Patients Get an Earful About,
It’s This” 

Today’s toxic world is one of the biggest threats to your health going. So it kills me when the most popular nutritional supplement of all1 is processed from tainted raw sources!

There’s no doubt the fish used in fish oil — sardines, tuna, anchovy, mackerel, salmon — can be laced with heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, and lead and chemical toxins like dioxin, PCBs, PCPs.

And no distillation process is 100% perfect. Trace amounts remain.

One study found PCB trace levels varied widely from one fish-oil product to the next.2 Even tiny levels are a concern because PCBs and heavy metals accumulate in your body. In a supplement you’ll take daily for years on end — no thanks!

And there’s a second health alarm about fish oil you may not know about:

Fish oil can turn into the wrong kind of powerful. 

You see, fish oil begins oxidizing practically the minute processing begins. By the time you take it, much of the fragile omega-3 could be destroyed.

Besides the stinky smell you burp up, you end up consuming rancid fats. That’s not good!

Oxidation creates harmful free radicals that damage cells. Rather than reduce your health risks, oxidized fish oil may actually increase them.

Omega Rejuvenol offers you a superior alternative with its exceptionally pure Antarctic krill and Argentinian squid. And its payload of antioxidants like astaxanthin and vitamin E prevent oxidation from taking place.

You get the omega-3 benefits you want without the worry. Just sit back and enjoy the results!

1. Recent Consumer Reviews.

2. Millstone K. “Lawsuit: Disclose PCB Levels in Fish Oil.” CBS News. March 2010.

I’ve seen hundreds of fish oil formulas over the years. And every single one shortchanges you on the most beneficial omega-3 of all.

That’s right. After all the hullabaloo over fish oil, it cheats you of the “Super Omega” that does most of the heavy lifting. The one that works absolute wonders to help you…

And That’s Where Fish Oil
Falls Flat on Its Face

I never stopped looking for better sources of this “Super Omega,” even while the billion-dollar fish oil industry kept banging its own drum.

I wanted my patients to get the bigger, better, and faster results they were promised with fish oil — and were still waiting for!

That’s how I uncovered not one but two ideal sources for the “Super Omega” your body is mostly begging for — and you won’t believe the difference they can make.

How big a difference? Let me put it this way:

How Fast Do You Want to Feel Younger? 

Dr. Sears at Institute

Hello, I’m Dr. Al Sears, M.D., and I’m founder of the
Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine
Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

I was one of the first doctors in America to be board-certified in Anti-Aging Medicine. Since then, I’ve treated more than 25,000 patients using the best natural and nutritional solutions known to science.

After decades of practice, I’m convinced this “Super Omega” is nature’s most powerful single medicine of all.

Problem is, it’s all but missing in the typical modern diet.

And fish oil doesn’t fill the gap.

These two incredible sources do. They absolutely inundate you with the “Super Omega” that…

Rebuilds and Rejuvenates Every Cell
in Your Body

The “Super Omega” is called DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). For decades, it was lumped together in studies with EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) — the dominant omega-3 in fish oil.

But when scientists began isolating DHA in clinical studies, they quickly realized they had something special on their hands. They were amazed!

After more than 2,500 studies, a common theme has emerged: DHA does…

More Good for More Health Concerns
Quickly Than Any Other
Single Nutrient We Know 

In fact, when I started taking a higher dose of DHA myself, the soreness I usually have from an old Achilles injury disappeared in a few short days.

And I’m not the only one in the aches-and-pains department who’s smiling.

In a 2017 placebo-controlled study, published in the prestigious Clinical Nutrition, the lucky patients given DHA every day discovered for themselves — comfort and mobility go hand and hand with healthy levels of this critical fatty acid!.8

With “Super Omega” DHA, Enjoying Greater Comfort
Is Just the Beginning 

Happy seniors

Whether you’re approaching 50 or rounding 70, DHA tackles practically every anti-aging goal on your checklist.

Take another look and tell me I’m wrong! Ramping up your DHA will help:

See what I mean?

That’s why the debate isn’t whether to get your omega-3s from plant sources, fish oil, or fish itself. That’s last-century thinking.

The question is…

Where On Earth Can You Get the Most — and Best — DHA? 

Dr. Sears

So I went on a search for the world’s best DHA sources, and it took me practically to the ends of the earth to find them.

If you want to follow my footsteps, you’d better pack warm… because the first great DHA source is found off the coast of Antarctica.

It’s called krill, and it’s a tiny shrimp-like crustacean most prevalent in the frigid pristine waters of the Antarctic Ocean.

Indeed, krill is so plentiful that it represents the greatest biomass on the planet. And it’s among the purest nutrient sources in the world.

Krill feed on phytoplankton, which puts them so low in the food chain that they remain virtually toxin-free.

Short of eating plankton yourself, you couldn’t do better!

Yet krill oil’s biggest advantage is the way it…

Pumps More and More DHA Into Every Cell in Your Body


Pure and plentiful krill
provide essential omega-3s in superior phospholipid form

You see, krill delivers DHA in phospholipid form, rather than the triglyceride form you get in fish oil.

Phospholipid DHA is much easier for your body to digest and your cells to absorb. Studies back it up: krill oil delivers higher levels of DHA and EPA into your tissues and organs where you need it the most.17

And it’s what you absorb that counts, not how much you take.

In contrast, fish oil triglycerides are tough to break down. That’s why you get the stinky burps. Worse, much of fish oil omega-3s can simply pass through your system unabsorbed.

That’s another reason why you can wait forever for fish oil to work — and it never does!



Multiple studies demonstrate krill oil’s absorption advantage — up to 60% more omega-3 reaches your cells where you need it!

Here’s Where Krill Really Kicks Fish Oil’s You-Know-What

DHA in krill oil is attached to an antioxidant called astaxanthin, one of the few nutrients that can cross the protective blood-brain barrier.

The 5 Secrets Behind Omega Rejuvenol’s Amazing Power

You could grow old waiting for ordinary omega-3 supplements to start working.

But not with Omega Rejuvenol— you’ll start feeling “younger” the very first month you take it.

That’s because its unique formulation is superior to fish oil in five important ways:

1. Potency. Its high concentration of the “Super Omega” DHA blows fish oil products out of the water.

2. Bioavailability. Krill oil and calamarine oil deliver phospholipid Omega-3s that your cells just gobble up.

3. The “Missing” Nutrients. Fat-soluble vitamins like K2, tocotrienols, and retinoids have been stripped from the modern diet — just wait until you replenish them.

4. Premium Quality. Every ingredient meets my strict standards for quality and purity. I stake my reputation on it.

5. Doctor-Formulated For Results. It’s based on my decades of practice in Anti-Aging Medicine to give you the “mind and body” support you really need.

See for yourself. Read here for your risk-free supply today!

And when astaxanthin gets through, it brings DHA along with it — with all its focus-sharpening, memory-saving, and mood-lifting powers.

Fish oil, on the other hand, gets blocked at the gate.

Not to sound like a broken record, but I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get DHA into your brain.

Studies show that people with age-related “senior moments” have significantly lower DHA levels in the part of the brain that’s responsible for creating memories.18

Others show that high DHA intake can actually improve age-related memory loss and learning ability.19

The Challenge is Replenishing DHA Constantly — and Krill Oil Excels at It

So how much DHA should you get daily?

I recommend 500 mg of DHA for adults along with 60 mg of EPA, the other famous omega-3.

You won’t achieve that high level with krill oil alone. At least not in a single capsule. For that, you’ll need the help of…

The Most Concentrated DHA Source of All: Calamarine Oil


Few people know this seafood delicacy is packed with the most potent omega-3 of all

You may know calamari as a tasty seafood dish. I know it as nature’s second miracle DHA provider.

By the time calamarine oil is distilled, its DHA concentration is a whopping 50%. Nothing else on the planet comes close!

Calamarine oil is processed from Argentinian squid harvested in the pure waters of the South Pacific. This seafaring mollusk lives in the deep sea, far from the polluted surface waters.

So, like krill, calamarine oil is a virtually toxin-free source for vital omega-3s.

Most importantly, its super-concentration of DHA lets you easily reach my recommended level of 500 mg daily.

Calamarine oil shares another huge advantage with krill oil. They both provide DHA and EPA in the superior phospholipid form. That means…

Better Absorption for You… and More DHA
to Revitalize Your Mind and Body

Now a word to the wise:

It’s not easy finding nutritional formulas that provide optimal amounts of both krill and calamarine.

And ALWAYS check the small print when you shop for DHA.

Most supplements that advertise themselves as DHA formulas are processed from fish, including mercury risks like tuna, and not from ultra-pure krill and calamarine.

But there’s one formula where you’ll find the purest DHA and EPA in the levels I recommend:

Omega Rejuvenol bottle

Get the Best Deal now!

Omega Rejuvenol From Primal Force

Omega Rejuvenol delivers 505 mg DHA and 62 mg EPA in every softgel capsule. It meets my standards to a “T” because I’m the doctor who formulated it.

And unlike formulas processed from risky fish like tuna, every milligram of DHA and EPA comes from the purest Antarctic krill and South Pacific calamarine.

I consider it the ultimate omega-3 formula. It certainly outshines anything else I’ve seen.

And it comes not a minute too soon, because the latest DHA research has revealed…

An Astonishing Secret That Puts DHA at
the Very Core of Longevity Itself

New science reveals how phospholipid DHA may do more to help you “stay young” than ever imagined — thanks to its amazing ability to keep cell wall membrane in ever-youthful condition.20

Needless to say, healthy cell membrane is critical for the very life of the cell itself. It protects against harmful invaders while enabling nutritional intake, cell signaling, and other life-essential functions.

And as it turns out, DHA-rich phospholipids are the core building blocks of cell membrane. Not triglycerides you get from fish oil.

In fact, phospholipids fits into the cell membrane like a hand fitting into a glove. Your cells just soak them up and put them to use.

Phospholipid DHA Sounds Better and Better, Doesn’t It? 

The DHA-rich phospholipids you get from krill and calamarine literally rebuild the cell wall in a never-ending process of renewal!

That means your cells stay protected. They communicate at their best. They absorb nourishment efficiently. They get rid of waste effectively.

It helps every cell in your body stay younger, healthier, longer…

And That Helps You Live It up at Any Age! 

strong seniorI’m convinced that cell membrane integrity is a huge reason why DHA works so well to keep you young. It may be the biggest.

So let the fish oil makers bang their drum for their EPA-loaded fish oil formulas.

With the clinical research showing DHA’s “young-again” benefits and the breakthroughs in phospholipid-driven cell membrane support… Omega Rejuvenol has a much better message:

“Get Your DHA Here!” 

Now, I wish I could say the phospholipid DHA in Omega Rejuvenol filled the only gap holding you back from the stronger health you deserve.

But there’s a second group of missing fat-soluble nutrients you’d better brush up on, too.

Like DHA, they’re crucial for cell health, including cell membrane support, and deficiencies are linked with a wide host of age-related health issues.

But when you restore depleted levels…

Omega Rejuvenol bottle

Get the Best Deal now!

You’ll Unleash a Second Surge of Youth Inside Your Own Body!

Our ancestors got plenty of these vitamins because they ate animal fats and organ meats like their lives depended on it.

They were right, and they instinctively knew it.

Even our great-grandparents got enough. They didn’t run away from animal fats in organs, fatty meats, and dairy — they absolutely devoured them!

That’s not the case today. I see patients who haven’t had liver or even whole milk in decades.

Their tanks are empty when it comes to these fat-soluble nutrients — and it shows in their low energy and depleted health.

At the top of this list is vitamin K2. After all…

What Would You Call a 90% Deficiency Rate?
I’d Call It an Absolute Priority! 

You get vitamin K2 from organ meats — which is why as many as 9 out of 10 people are deficient. Some experts estimate deficiency as high as 98%!21

Low K2 is a big problem at any age… but especially if you’re over 50.

You see, K2 is an unsung hero when it comes to lasting heart health. It really makes a difference.

It’s a critical nutrient for keeping blood vessels healthy and flexible — which is right at the core of maintaining a healthy heart.

One study of 4,800 people even linked high K2 levels to a longer life compared to people who were low.21 Indeed…

Every Daily 10 mcg Increase Was Shown to Produce Better
and Better Results!

How Phospholipid DHA is Rewriting the Book On Staying Young 

Scientists have recently uncovered a new key to cell health that helps pave your way to lasting youthfulness.

They’ve unraveled the secrets of cell wall membrane — and the power of certain nutrients to generate new membrane and keep it healthy.

At the top of this list are DHA-rich phospholipids — the very kind you get in Omega Rejuvenol

Hungry cells absorb these phospholipids right into the cell wall as if they were plugging a leak. 

This process maintains cell membrane integrity — and it turns every cell into a fortress that can protect itself… absorb nutrition… remove waste… and communicate with other cells with lightning-fast efficiency.

However, common deficiencies in DHA as well as vitamin A and vitamin E have just the opposite effect. The cell membrane failure that follows has been linked to problems in the brain, liver, bones, and other organs in the body.3

Today, you can make sure your cells get the youth-extending support they need with Omega Rejuvenol.

Its payload of phospholipid DHA and vitamins A, E and K2 promotes cell membrane generation. It helps turn a cellular “weak link” into a suit of armor that can help stop premature aging!

Read here to see for yourself why it’s called Omega Rejuvenol. You’ll feel younger or you’ll pay nothing!

39. Depner CM., et al. “Docosahexaenoic acid attenuates hepatic inflammation, oxidative stress, and fibrosis without decreasing hepatosteatosis in a Ldlr(-/-) mouse model of western diet-induced nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.” J Nutr. 2013 Mar;143(3):315-23

Omega Rejuvenol gives you 50 mcg in every daily softgel. That puts you in the optimal zone in a hurry.

K2 also supports healthy cell growth and normal cell division.24 It even promotes joint comfort and ease of mobility.25

That is, if you get enough.

Omega Rejuvenol gives you the superior MK-7 form of vitamin K2. It’s the most bioactive form available.

Next is vitamin E. And just like the situation with omega-3s…

You Get the WRONG Vitamin E in Most Supplements — and You Miss the Benefits

The same way DHA is the true omega-3 powerhouse, tocotrienols are the vitamin E workhorses. And they get shortchanged in supplements, too… just like DHA.

Tocotrienols cost more, so vitamin makers use cheaper tocopherols. That works for them, but not for you!

You see, it’s the tocotrienols that give vitamin E the ability to boost your cells’ antioxidant strength by an amazing 300%.26

And That’s What Gives You
the Real Shot in the Arm

Tocotrienols are the heart-protecting vitamin E. They help keep C-reactive protein in check, which is a key goal in heart support.
They also work to keep cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure within their normal healthy bounds.27,28

Tocotrienols are key nutrients for the prostate, breast and pancreas as well. They keep cells healthy to help fend off age-related problems.29,30

Need more?

A new study even shows that a patented tocotrienol blend provided significant support for the blood vessels, circulation, and white matter in the brain.31

It was published in Stroke, the official journal of the American Stroke Association, so it raised quite a few eyebrows.

Omega Rejuvenol gives you the very same vitamin E used in this Stroke study. It’s a state-of-the-art blend called Tocomin® —and I consider it the best vitamin E on the planet.

Now let me set you straight on the most misunderstood vitamin of all…

 Don’t Let This Vitamin A Myth Put You in a Downward Spiral 

Vitamin A is actually a group of nutrients that include plant-based carotenoids like beta-carotene on one side and animal-based retinoids like vitamin A palmitate on the other.

Many people believe that beta-carotene is all they need. They’re wrong.

Retinoids are critical, too. But they’re found in animal fats, so most people are getting less and less of them by the day.

Before you know it, this shortfall can drain your energy and compromise your health.

You see, the latest research shows that retinoids work to activate cell mitochondria where energy is produced.32

They’re Right in the Thick of It When It Comes to Firing up Your Furnace

Your muscles, lungs, immune system, and kidneys all use retinoid vitamin A to keep running like clockwork. Beta-carotene alone won’t do.

That’s why Omega Rejuvenol gives you the palmitate retinol form of vitamin A: you may need it!

It’s the vitamin A many people are missing thanks to constant misinformation… in a safe, effective level for your everyday needs.

Then there’s vitamin D — and it kills me to say it:

Americans Are STILL Not Getting Enough!

Did you know that 96% of people who have heart attacks are vitamin D deficient?33 Or that half the people with osteoporosis-related fractures are low on D?34

Or that 63% of Crohn’s victims are D-deficient,35 and people who are low on D have significantly higher risk for colon cancer?36

I could go on all day.

There’s overwhelming evidence that increased vitamin D levels supports virtually every area of health in your body. It’s the “everything vitamin” — being low is just not an option!

Yet Americans still shy away from vitamin D-generating sunlight.

So better safe than sorry: Omega Rejuvenol provides an extra boost of vitamin D3 to help fill the gap every day.

There’s one more ingredient that helps “reverse the clock” so you can…

Look, Feel and Act Younger in Every Aspect of Your Life

In fact, I already mentioned it: astaxanthin.

It’s contained in krill oil, but I added more.

Its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and protect your brain cells from damaging oxidation makes it one of the most powerful anti-aging weapons of all.

We’re also learning that Astaxanthin is a potent vision protector. It’s able to cross the blood-retinal barrier too, something that even beta-carotene can’t do!

That means it safeguards retinal cells from oxidative damage in ways other antioxidants simply can’t.

All the more reason to add more of it to Omega Rejuvenol

With all these remarkable nutrients combined in a single, one-capsule-a-day formula, I’m convinced that Omega Rejuvenol lives up to its name in a big way…

And the “Thank Yous” I Get Confirm It!

Omega RejuvenolMark K. of Florida was worried when he started “blanking out” on things that used to be routine — but now he’s as sharp as he was decades ago. He writes:

“All those ‘senior moments’ started way too young. But they suddenly stopped when I started taking Omega Rejuvenol. Now I feel my focus and memory are back at age 30-levels.” 

Omega RejuvenolFreda G. from the Netherlands had achy legs for years. Nothing she tried worked — until she discovered Omega Rejuvenol. She’s thrilled by how quickly it helped!

“I have been taking Omega Rejuvenol for about one month now. But I noticed after taking it just three days that aches and pains I have had in my legs for the last 5 years have completely vanished. I am very happy” 

It’s Really That Good — and It’s Not Just Mark and Freda Cheering!

Omega RejuvenolThere’s Michael L. from England. He has a business to run, so he can’t afford to slow down. He tried Omega Rejuvenol and now he couldn’t be happier. Michael writes:

“I am 71 years old and still run my own business. I have been taking Omega Rejuvenol for two months and I find I have more energy and get up and go. Great product!”
Omega Rejuvenol

Martha from Los Angeles was constantly using eye drops and taking fish oil for her tired eyes. Now she doesn’t have to — and her sight’s better, too! According to Martha…

“I’m not using eye drops or cod liver oil anymore. With Omega Rejuvenol, I noticed my sight was better. I don’t have to put on my glasses to go to the bathroom at night.” 

That’s the Power of Omega Rejuvenol for You

…and the list of satisfied users keeps getting longer and longer. Joy in Atlanta is thrilled with her memory boost and calmer moods. She says…

Omega Rejuvenol“I just love your Omega Rejuvenol! This is the first fish oil I can take on an empty stomach without belching up a fish taste. Within one week I started feeling improvement in my memory and it gave me a sense of calming.” 

Milo H. feels the best he’s felt “in decades” thanks to Omega Rejuvenol. He writes: 

“My lung capacity has improved significantly (I recently hiked 8 miles at 7,000 and 8,000 feet with no problems)… my blood sugar is normal… my good cholesterol is in the normal healthy range and my body fat is 20% so I’m now wearing slim shirts and slim jeans.” 

This Kind of Vibrant Health Can Come Back to You, Too

So if you’ve had it up to here with foggy thinking… achy joints… fading vision… low energy… low spirits — all the signs of aging that frustrate you the most — Omega Rejuvenol will have you whistling a new tune in no time.

And just as important, you’ll flood your cells with nature’s most powerful protective nutrients, in levels that could add decades of better health to your life.

The Vitality You Thought Was Gone? Here It Is — Come and Get It!

Whether you’re turning the page on smelly fish oil or trying omega-3s for the very first time, you deserve to experience what this true “next generation” formula can do.

And rest assured, it’s the exact DHA-rich formula I recommend for my patients.

I want you to get great results, too. That’s why Omega Rejuvenol has been so carefully formulated. And it’s why our 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee lets you…

Open the Floodgates to Better Health Without Risking a Cent!

With Special Introductory Savings available with this offer, there has never been a better time for you to tap into the vitality and health that Omega Rejuvenol promises.

With your order, you’ll also receive up to three Special e-Reports to help you make the most of your rejuvenation. They include:

FREE reportsSPECIAL e-REPORT #1 A $19.95 value!
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In this report, you’ll get dozens of additional strategies that can sharpen your thinking and prevent you from losing your memory and concentration as you age. You’ll learn the best ways to promote your mental clarity naturally and effectively.

So what are you waiting for?

There’s so Much to Be Gained
When Omega Rejuvenol is Part of Your Life

And you’ll have the confidence of putting the full power of the “Super Omega” and a full team of often-missing nutrients on the job to protect your heart… your brain… your eyes… and more.

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You’ve heard from folks who are thrilled with their results.

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To Your Good Health,


Al Sears, MD, CNS

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