CoQ10’s Failure Leaves Millions Wanting

Millions of Americans are taking CoQ10, and maybe you’re taking it, too.

But if you’re not getting all the results you want from CoQ10, here’s why.

As you know, CoQ10 is the “jet fuel” that supercharges your cells’ power generators, known as mitochondria.

Yet as you age, your mitochondria begin to die. In fact, by age 67, you lose 80% of the mitochondria you had at age 25.1

As great as CoQ10 is, there’s one critical thing it FAILS to do: Create new mitochondria in your cells.

So you could be taking fistfuls of CoQ10 every day with little or no results, like pouring money into a black hole. This is why I’m now telling everyone that taking CoQ10 is NOT enough.

I’m also telling them about a little-known NASA nutrient that multiplies the number of new power generators in your cells by up to 55%, something science once thought was impossible — all to make your heart, brain and body young again.

NASA nutrient powers up your heart, brain and body in a way that’s light years ahead of taking CoQ10 alone

I tell my patients the most important thing I can do for them is to increase their “health span.”

This is the length of time you can live free of disease and with all your youthful abilities and faculties intact.

Now, I’m excited to tell you about a discovery that can make you feel like you have a new heart, a new brain, a new body and new-found energy… something far beyond the power of CoQ10 alone. Let me explain.

Back in the early 1990s, CoQ10 was the “go to” nutrient for my patients who wanted to reverse the ill effects of aging. They took it, and many had excellent results.

Then in 2006, I introduced the world to a new, high-powered CoQ10 that’s up to eight times more absorbable — and scores of patients had even better results.

But still, a handful of my patients weren’t getting the results of taking CoQ10 like they hoped — and maybe CoQ10 hasn’t worked as well for you either.

Now we know that taking CoQ10 alone is not enough.

There’s something better that does what CoQ10 can never do: A new super nutrient that shatters the limitations of CoQ10 and works with CoQ10 to give my patients, my readers and me the best results we’ve ever seen for quelling the ill effects of aging.

Until recently, CoQ10 was the only nutrient known to science to be the “jet fuel” your cells need to produce energy.

But it does nothing to increase the number of “jet engines” in your cells, the mitochondria.

That’s all changed with PQQ, a powerful nutrient that multiplies the number of new mitochondria in your cells unlike anything else.

It “finishes” what CoQ10 starts to unleash vast stores of youthful energy throughout your body.

Here’s what’s really exciting: When my patients and readers take PQQ and high-powered CoQ10 together, they’re getting the best results ever seen for reversing aging:

  • Colleen R., age 70 reports, “I feel like I’m 40 again.”*
  • Jerry writes, “My endurance has doubled.”*
  • Dale’s co-workers hail him as the “fittest 67-year-old they’ve ever seen.”*
  • Mary turned a blood pressure nightmare around and is now enjoying healthy blood pressure and renewed energy.*
  • James, age 82, saw his knee pain and discomfort vanish.*


Even better, you can now take these same two remarkable nutrients just like my patients take in an exclusive formula called Ultra Accel II.

My discovery of these advances in anti-aging medicine did not come by luck or good fortune. It came through a lot of hard work, starting with…

A startling DNA study that reveals the real cause of aging

Do you know the difference between a 90-year-old man and a five-year-old boy?

It’s not just how they look or move. In a study published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, the muscle tissue of a 90-year-old man contained mitochondrial DNA that was 95% damaged. Yet the mitochondrial DNA of a five-year old boy was completely intact.

This makes sense when you consider 95% of your body’s energy is produced in your mitochondria, your cells’ “power generators.”

A single cell in your body can contain between 200 to 2,000 mitochondria, with the largest number found in the most metabolically active cells, like those in your brain, heart and skeletal muscles.

But because of aging, changes in cells, stress and poor diet, most people’s power generators begin to malfunction and die off.

The Journals of Gerontology reports that you lose up to 80% of the mitochondria you had at 25 by the time you hit age 67. So you feel the energy drain, or worse.

Dozens of health problems affecting your brain, heart, vision, nerves and muscles are linked to mitochondrial dysfunction.2

  • Annual Review of Nutrition reports, “Mitochondrial dysfunction has been implicated in nearly all [poor health] conditions.”
  • Mitochondria Research Society reports 50 million U.S. adults are suffering from health problems in which mitochondria dysfunction is involved.

But here’s exciting news: New research reveals you can REVERSE this decline in your mitochondria and RESTORE your energy and your health to youthful levels.

It’s possible by what’s called “mitochondrial biogenesis”— a unique process that actually boosts the number of mitochondrial in your cells.

CoQ10 can’t do this, great as it is. But it is possible with…

…the nutrient that’s been a game changer for my patients and me

It’s the super nutrient PQQ, discovered by the NASA probe in space dust, and also found in fermented soy beans called natto, tea, green peppers, parsley, kiwi fruit and human milk.

PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone) is a dream come true for me because it perfectly combines the two things I’m most passionate about as a doctor: Improving physical and mental performance AND anti-aging.

As you’ll see, PQQ produces NEW mitochondria in your cells and powers up your heart, boosts your brain power, energizes your body and slows down aging in a way that’s light years ahead of simply taking CoQ10.

I know because I’ve seen the results hundreds of times in my clinic and felt the results myself of taking PQQ and high-powered CoQ10 only in Ultra Accel II.

What can PQQ in Ultra Accel II do for you?

For starters, how about accelerating your energy so you feel like you’ve had a 30-year rollback?

Mitochondria have their own DNA, so they can multiply within each of your cells IF they are supplied with the right nutrient.

PQQ is that nutrient. It’s a spark plug inside your cells that makes NEW mitochondria.

Imagine having each of your cells creating new jet engines to power up every organ in your body with newfound vitality and energy.

PQQ’s amazing mitochondrial-boosting abilities have been documented by University of California Davis researchers who are considered pioneers in the study of PQQ.

They discovered that mice deficient in PQQ experienced growth impairment… immunosuppression… reduced fertility… and mitochondrial dysfunction.

But, when they fed these mice a diet supplemented with PQQ, some remarkable things started to happen, as reported in the Journal of Nutrition.3

First and foremost, supplementing with PQQ resulted in the creation of an astounding number of new mitochondria in just 8 weeks.

As the chart on the right shows, mice consuming PQQ saw a significant 55% increase in the number of new mitochondria in their cells compared to their diets without PQQ.

Yet the evidence is even more compelling, as you can see by these BEFORE and AFTER images. PQQ significantly increases mitochondria in ways never before thought possible.

Just as astounding, the mice with the strongest mitochondria showed no signs of aging — even when they were the equivalent of 80-year-olds!

Science stands behind the energizing power of PQQ

The Journal of Biological Chemistry reports that nutrients like PQQ “improve energy” by stimulating the creation of new mitochondria.4

With new power generators, your old cells can produce energy like new cells. Phenomenal!

In addition, Biochemical Pharmacology 5 reports that PQQ is up to 5,000 times more efficient in sustaining energy production than common antioxidants.

Imagine 5,000 times more efficient energy! That’s what can happen when you multiply your mitochondria with PQQ.

Taking PQQ means feeling a surge of youthful energy like you had decades ago. Never getting tired even after a long day at work or play. And drawing on rich reserves to power up your muscles and your body. How good does that sound?

PQQ in Ultra Accel II can also rejuvenate your mind and memory as you’ll now see.

This brain “supercharger” rejuvenates an aging brain and will soon have you outwitting the younger generation.

Your brain is the most energy hungry organ in your body with the greatest number of mitochondria — more than 2,000 in each brain nerve cell.

But as a consumer of huge amounts of energy, this means your brain is also highly vulnerable to mitochondrial aging, dysfunction and decay.

In fact, the Journal of Toxicology warns that mitochondrial decay in brain cells is a primary cause of many neurodegenerative problems.6

Scientists report that once mitochondria are destabilized, cells are “destined to commit suicide.”

This begins a devastating cascade of problems: Free radicals damage your brain nerve cells. Brain cells die. And your learning and memory abilities begin to fail.

Could mitochondrial dysfunction be why so many people ages 50-plus are suffering from age-related memory loss, lack of concentration and cognitive decline?

PQQ “improves high level cerebral functions”Food Style21

What effect would PQQ have on the mental status of middle-aged and elderly persons?

A study published in Food Style21 answered the question

In this double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group study, 71 healthy adults aged 45–65 ate foods with PQQ only, PQQ + CoQ10 or placebo foods for 12 weeks.

Both the PQQ group and the PQQ + CoQ10 groups showed significant improvements in word memorization and recall tasks.

Bottom line: PQQ significantly improved higher cognitive function and memory, and those taking both PQQ and CoQ10 got an even bigger boost!7

Great news: PQQ in Ultra Accel II restores your brain power five ways:

1. PQQ triggers an aging brain to grow new mitochondria, the “power generators” your brain needs for better memory and clearer thinking.

2. PQQ protects existing mitochondria in your brain cells by mopping up free radicals and reducing oxidative stress, hallmarks of memory loss.

3. PQQ stimulates the production of nerve growth factor (NGF), which triggers the growth nerve cells in your brain for sharper thinking.8

4. PQQ reduces the dangerous effect of excitotoxicity in your brain cells. Excitotoxicity is when your brain’s neurons get overstimulated by toxic chemicals or electronic impulses. This overstimulation is linked to many types of age-related memory and cognitive problems.

5. PQQ protects your brain from memory-robbing plaques.9

Even better…

PQQ in Ultra Accel II is clinically proven to boost your memory and higher brain functions

It’s great to protect your aging brain — but improve it? You bet!

In an eye-opening clinical study, 65 Japanese subjects, aged 50 –70, suffering from forgetfulness took PQQ alone, PQQ with CoQ10 or a placebo each day for 24 weeks.10

The results? Remarkable! Researchers found that PQQ taken either alone or in combination with CoQ10 has the potential to prevent, even reverse, the decline in cognitive function caused by the aging process and oxidative stress.

Using the battery of tests that assess neurophysical status, PQQ was found to improve not only immediate memory, but also higher brain functions.

This is why I’ve combined the most potent form of PQQ I’ve found with the super form of CoQ10 in Ultra Accel II.

By taking this one exclusive supplement, you’ll find your mind and memory recharged and rejuvenated — and you’ll be able to outthink and outwit even the younger generation.

Unleash youthful power generators

TIME magazine headlined an article on aging: “Eat less, live longer?”

It went on to reveal that research shows diets extremely low in calories (caloric restriction) can extend lifespan.

How? The answer goes back to the Stone Age.

Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers. They couldn’t always predict when their next meal would be. Some days they feasted; other days they had very little to eat.

But ironically, hunger didn’t drain their energy — it INCREASED it! Bouts of food shortages kicked up energy production in their cells.

Now we know why.

PLOS Medicine reports that caloric restriction increases mitochondrial biogenesis in healthy humans.11

Good news! By taking PQQ found in Ultra Accel II, you can increase the number of new mitochondria in your cells and live longer and healthier without starving yourself. Unleash brand new mitochondria in your cells with Ultra Accel II.

But that’s not all…

PQQ in Ultra Accel II helps power up a young-again heart

Cardiovascular Drug and Therapy (2004) hails PQQ as a “highly effective cardioprotective agent” — and for good reason.

Like your brain, your heart has HUGE energy demands — and that’s why you’ll find so many mitochondria in your cardiovascular system.

In fact, roughly one-third of the mass of your heart is made up of mitochondria, according to Current Pharmaceutical Design.

But what if those mitochondria break down, fail to generate energy, or die? You’ll soon start feeling weak, old and frail.

Now, you can rejuvenate and safeguard your heart with the PQQ found in Ultra Accel II based on solid scientific evidence. Just consider…

  • PQQ helps boost your heart when there is poor blood flow (Zhu, 2004)
  • PQQ protects your heart from the dangers of oxidative stress. This means less cardiac damage and reduced incidence of fibrillation (Tao, 2007)
  • PQQ reduces the size of damaged tissue in animal models with heart problems (Zhu, 2006)
  • PQQ is so powerful it’s been shown to be more effective at protecting the heart from serious damage of a heart “disaster” than even the strongest conventional treatment (Zhu, 2006)
  • PQQ prevents a significant number of heart cells from self-destructing when deprived of oxygen and glucose (Xu, 2014)
  • PQQ shields the mitochondria in your heart from the stress of making vast stores of energy
  • PQQ powers up your heart by stimulating the spontaneous growth of new mitochondria within aging heart cells

With PQQ in Ultra Accel II, in no time flat, your heart will feel supercharged with new energy, vitality and endurance.

No wonder people taking PQQ in Ultra Accel II are enjoying results like this…

Greater physical strength and healthy blood pressure Salahudeen A. writes, “After taking your wonderful Ultra Accel, my physical strength has improved very much and to my surprise, my blood pressure is healthy and is staying consistently within the normal range after ten years of struggle. These changes make me to believe your products are really very
superior to many other products I have tried before.”*

Big news: A “significant decrease” in LDL cholesterol

CoQ10 lies exposed…

A new study published in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology reports that healthy Japanese adults who took 20 mg a day of PQQ experienced healthier cholesterol.

After 12 weeks the PQQ group showed a significant decrease in LDL cholesterol from 136 to 127 mg/dl. The study findings suggest PQQ suppressed LDL cholesterol — an important finding since cholesterol is a risk factor in many lifestyle-related health problems.12

Bottom line: Taking Ultra Accel II

…gives you an almost unfair advantage at beating the signs and symptoms of aging.

So many of my patients have been literally transformed when they’ve taken PQQ and a superior form of CoQ10 that I recommend that it only made sense to combine these two powerhouses into the exclusive Ultra Accel II formula.

Each softgel of my one-of-a-kind Ultra Accel II gives you…

  • 10 mg of BioPQQ® — the most potent form of PQQ I’ve found

Most PQQ supplements only give you a fraction of that amount due to the high cost of sourcing it. Studies document 10 to 20 mg a day of PQQ show extraordinary results.

Plus, Ultra Accel II includes…

  • 50 mg of a unique form of CoQ10 that’s eight times more powerful

While I’ve been an advocate of CoQ10 for nearly 30 years, it was a meeting with Dr. Tatsumasa Mae, lead researcher of the Japanese company that pioneered this heart and brain miracle that changed the way I use CoQ10 forever.

Dr. Mae came to my clinic here in south Florida and unveiled his innovative CoQ10-H2 — a super-charged version of CoQ10 that’s the only one I take and the only one I recommend. It makes all other CoQ10s obsolete.

“Reduced” form of CoQ10 proves superior in two ways

As you may know, traditional CoQ10 is known as ubiquinone. But once it gets into your body, it must be converted to the reduced form, ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is the only form of CoQ10 that can work miracles.

But here’s the problem:

After age 45, your body’s ability to convert CoQ10 from ubiquinone into ubiquinol is diminished, proven in a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society.13 So traditional CoQ10 doesn’t give you the full disease-fighting, health-boosting power of CoQ10 ubiquinol.

Fortunately, Dr. Mae and his team discovered a new delivery system that’s a reliable way to skip this conversion process. The result? You take CoQ10 ubiquinol straight on its own. So powerful was this discovery, Dr. Mae’s company patented it and licenses production of it to just a handful of manufacturers.

By taking this special new form, known as CoQ10-H2, you gain two huge advantages over typical CoQ10…

You get eight times greater absorption of CoQ10
for superior age-fighting and disease reversal

According to a study published in the journal Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, 150 mg of the new CoQ10-H2 raised blood levels to a degree that would take 1,200 mg of CoQ10 ubiquinone.

And if you double the dose of CoQ10-H2 to 300 mg — the ideal dose for disease reversal — you’d have to take a whopping 2,400 mg of traditional CoQ10 to equal that power.

This proves the new CoQ10-H2 is eight times more powerful than the traditional form of CoQ10 when it comes to absorption. And this means you can take less and still get more of the full power of CoQ10 in Ultra Accel II.

Even better…

Super-charged CoQ10-H2 remains in your blood
at a 3.75-fold greater concentration

Another flaw of traditional CoQ10 ubiquinone is it peaks at a much lower level after you take it and dramatically decreases over the following eight hours.

Not so with my recommended CoQ10-H2.

In one study using mice, 100 mg of traditional CoQ10 ubiquinone dropped to a low level (just 1.2 mcg/ml) after eight hours — a level too low to have an effective disease-fighting or anti-aging effect.

But 100 mg of CoQ10-H2 ubiquinol was still in the blood at a 3.75-fold greater concentration after eight hours—with a blood level of 4.5 mcg/ml. And this high concentration staying in your system for eight hours is a key to unleashing CoQ10’s full healing potential. This is why this special form of CoQ10 is the only one used in Ultra Accel II

What’s more…

This super potent CoQ10-H2 slows the aging process an extra 51%

After Dr. Mae showed me the results of absorption tests of his new CoQ10-H2, I was intrigued to say the least. But when he showed me his “anti-aging” study, I was floored!

Dr. Mae’s company did an extensive 15-month long study to determine the power of CoQ10-H2 on the health and longevity of mice. Would it really make a difference? YES!!!!

One group of mice received a standard lab diet with no CoQ10. The second got the same diet with traditional CoQ10 ubiquinone. And the final group got the same diet with the new form of CoQ10-H2.

At one year of age — the point that’s equivalent to late middle age for humans — the mice who took the new CoQ10-H2 aged at a rate that was 22% slower than those taking regular Co1Q10 and a whopping 51% slower than the mice taking no CoQ10.

Super health, super stamina!

Sounded good, but I still wasn’t sure how that translates into healthier, longer living. But it became crystal clear to me when Dr. Mae showed me a video of these mice. The differences were jaw dropping!

  • The mouse who received no CoQ10 was unresponsive, immobile, with spinal and limb deformities, lesions around the eyes and a discolored coat. This mouse looked dried up, with one foot in the grave.
  • The mouse who took the traditional CoQ10 looked much better, but still suffered from a bent backbone, some discoloration of the coat and irritation around the eyes.
  • But the mouse who took the new CoQ10-H2 looked like a young, healthy, super mouse — even though it was actually very old — the equivalent to a human in his or her 80s. This mouse had a bright, glossy coat… no physical deformities… and no lesions.

If that’s not enough, the stamina of the mice taking this super absorbable CoQ10-H2 was measured, and guess what? They were able to run continuously on their treadmills two and a half times longer than the mice taking conventional CoQ10.

They not only had super health — they had super stamina!14

Bottom line…

CoQ10-H2 in Ultra Accel II is the “jet fuel”
your body needs to energize, rejuvenate and repair itself

If the mitochondria in your cells are the jet engines, then CoQ10 is the jet fuel that powers up every organ in your body.

But unless you take action, you body’s natural level of CoQ10 starts to diminish and disappear.

Take a look at the chart below. It shows you that by the time you are 80, most of your CoQ10 has vanished. And without enough CoQ10, your heart, brain, skin, vison and whole body suffers.

Yet when you take CoQ10, you can create your own health miracle. In fact, here’s research that proves CoQ10 is a…

  • Heart Booster:  At least 100 studies at major universities and hospitals link CoQ10 deficiency with heart problems.

    But once you start taking CoQ10, you can protect and strengthen your heart like nothing else I’ve seen. For example, in one clinical study conducted in Italy, patients with congestive heart concerns took 50-100 mg of CoQ10 a day for three months… with astonishing results.

    These patients experienced improvements in heartbeats… breathing capacity… and the body’s response to inflammation.15

    • Brain shielder/supercharger: Accumulated oxidative stress has been linked to memory loss and neurodegeneration. Yet CoQ10 has been shown to slow oxidative damage, thus reducing the damage amyloid B-peptide proteins can do to your brain cells.16

    In addition, a study using animals revealed that CoQ10 supplementation reverses age- related impairments in learning. Researchers concluded that in individuals with age-associated cognitive decline, high CoQ10 intake is beneficial.17

  • Blood sugar: The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that people who took CoQ10 were able to maintain healthy levels of blood sugar.18
  • Vision: Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science reports remarkable results of those who took CoQ10 for one year. They reported seeing more clearly.19
  • Skin care: CoQ10 can work on the outside, too. A German study documents that CoQ10 helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and helps protect the skin from the damaging effects of our environment.20
  • Easier breathing: Allergy journal reports CoQ10 promotes bronchial health, according to researchers in Texas.21
  • Gum Health: Gum problems affect many people over age 50. But you’ll be glad to know CoQ10 helps improve gum and oral health, according to Japanese researchers.22
  • Super immunity:  Research by Dr. Karl Folkers, one of the pioneers in CoQ10 research, reveals that CoQ10 is a “key factor in the optimum immune system functioning.”23

These are very important health-boosting benefits. But that’s not all…

CoQ10 also boosts mitochondrial function
and extends lifespan beyond expectations

Here are some eye-opening facts about CoQ10 and longevity most people and doctors don’t know.

• CoQ10 is essential for the production and transfer of energy in your mitochondria

• If you are deficient in CoQ10, mitochondrial stress increases and mitochondrial dysfunction skyrockets

• The end result? Aging accelerates (Duberley 2013, Cordero, 2012).

Yet if you supplement your body with CoQ10, the aging process slows down to a crawl and lifespan is extended.

A study published in Experimental Gerontology reveals the age-defying power of CoQ10.

In this study, rats that were given CoQ10 experienced an 11.7% increase in average lifespan and a whopping 24% increase in maximum life span.

Using the Centers for Disease Control statistics that show the average human life expectancy is 78.5 years, this translates to a potential of additional nine years of lifespan!24

In a study presented at the 6th Conference of the International Coenzyme Q10 Association, it was shown that heart patients who took CoQ10 ubiquinol (like that found in Ultra Accel II) had a heart pumping power of 47.8%. This was 15.5% higher than those taking traditional CoQ10 ubiquinone.

More blood pumping out of your heart indicates a stronger, healthier heart.25

Now imagine the results you’ll get when you take the super powered form of CoQ10 in Ultra Accel II.

The best news of all is…

You can increase your “health-span”
with PQQ and CoQ10-H2 found together only in my Ultra Accel II

For the first time, it’s now possible for you to take one supplement that…

  • Increases the amount of energy ( jet fuel) your cells produce with CoQ10-H2, and…
  • Increases the number of mitochondria ( jet engines) you have to burn that fuel with PQQ

For me, PQQ and this special, high-powered CoQ10-H2 found in Ultra Accel II have revolutionized my health and energy.

At age 59, I have the energy to work out in the morning… jump in my car, put in a full day at my anti-aging clinic and still have plenty in the tank to keep up with my 18-year-old son, go out with friends and hop on a plane at a moment’s notice for a business trip or getaway.

Same thing with my patients. They tell me when they take PQQ and super absorbing CoQ10-H2 in Ultra Accel II, they feel a rush of youthful energy and vitality like they enjoyed decades ago.

Now, you can take this same potent and unique combination of PQQ and super powered CoQ10-H2in Ultra Accel II — and increase your “health-span.”

But there’s even more.


…you can unleash the full age-fighting, disease-reversing power of Ultra Accel II in just one soft gel a day

The PQQ and high-powered CoQ10-H2 are super concentrated in Ultra Accel II so you only need to take one small soft gel a day.

No more swallowing 3 – 4 pills or capsules a day. No more breaking the bank on one supplement for anti-aging, one for better memory, one for a stronger heart and one more boundless energy. Just take one soft gel of Ultra Accel II a day… and let the remarkable energizing and rejuvenating results begin.

Plus, to give you even more motivation to try Ultra Accel II today, we’ve made it more convenient, affordable and effective than ever…

So let me hear from you today.

Here’s how.

Take Ultra Accel II TODAY 100% Risk-Free!

When your shipment of Ultra Accel II CoQ10 arrives, open a bottle and take one 50 mg caplet. Do that every single day. Then, in a week, look in a mirror and take a quick self-assessment.

I bet you’ll notice some subtle — and maybe not so subtle — changes. Most obviously, you’ll have more energy. You may feel better. When you step on the scale, you might see that you’ve lost a pound or two.

But whatever the results, you’re the final judge.

If for any reason… or for no reason at all… you don’t want to continue taking Ultra Accel II, just call and let us know within 90 days. You get a full refund when you return the bottle — even if it’s empty!

You see, my guarantee is easy and stress-free.

I’ll cheerfully give you a full and immediate refund of every penny paid, without any annoying questions. I’ll even reimburse you for shipping!

That way, I take all the risk.

So what are you waiting for?

Just choose your offer below and get the amazing total-body benefits of Ultra Accel II.

You have absolutely nothing to lose — and many years, even decades, of healthy living to gain.

To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD

Al Sears, MD, CNS


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“Dr. Sears has distinguished himself as a leader in the area of Anti-Aging Medicine and recently in cell and telomere biology…”

— Frederic J. Vagnini, MD, FACS, Medical Director of the Heart, Diabetes and Weight Loss Centers of NY

“Dr. Sears masterfully explains how we can flip the switches that allow access to the store of human vitality that resides within each one of us. We understood how to do this when we were young and now Dr. Sears gives us the evidence-based means to tap into our potency, strength, and stamina with intention.”

— Paul L. Hester, MD, MBA

“Dr. Al Sears really gets it. What a refreshing breath of fresh air…”

— Jonny Bowden, author, Living the Low Carb Life: From Atkins to the Zone Choosing the Diet That’s Right for You