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Aging Gracefully Was Then…
Aging Backwards Is Now

Turn Back Your Body’s Time Machine

Telomerase Triggers Your Telomeres To Grow Longer…
So You Grow Younger

I remember it was a quiet Friday afternoon.

Meet Al Sears, M.D.
Uniquely Qualified to Keep You Healthier for Life

Dr searsAl Sears, MD is a medial doctor and one of the nation’s first board-certified anti-aging physicians.

As a board-ccertified clinical nutritionist, strength coach and ACE certified fitness trainer, enjoys a worldwide readership. He has appeared on more than 50 national radio programs, ABC News, CNN, and ESPN.

As the first U.S. doctor licensed to administer a groundbreaking DNA therapy that activates the gene that regulates telomerase, Dr. Sears made history by bringing telomere biology to the general public.

In 2006, Dr. Sears shocked the fitness world by revealing the dangers of aerobics, "cardio" and long-distance running in his book, PACE: The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution.

In 2004, Dr. Sears was one of the first doctors to document the true cause of heart disease and expose the misguided and often fatal drugs-and-surgery approach to heart health.

In The Doctor's Heart Cure, Dr. Sears outlines the easy-to-follow solution that effectively eliminates your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

An avid lecturer, Dr. Sears regularly speaks at conferences sponsored by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), the American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM) and the Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG)

My Wellness Center staff had all gone home for the weekend, but I sat there at my desk with the unopened results in my hand.

I had to know... were we really on the verge of something huge?

I was working with Nobel Prize winning telomere technology and wanted to know if I was able to tell my body to grow younger by activating the enzyme, telomerase.

I knew I could already FEEL the results, but I wanted to know if it was really possible to activate telomerase and signal my telomeres to grow longer and produce “younger cells,”. If so, I would be able to restore my aging body in a way I could actually measure.

The new telomere technology we were studying has the power to control the mechanism in our cells that determines how quickly we age.

And as I opened the folder from the lab, it was all there in black and white: The blood tests confirmed my body was “younger” than it’s ever been.

I didn’t know it then, but those lab results would change the course of my life and career forever.

You see, that was five years ago, and I still feel the same surge of youthful energy I felt during those first trials.

Most people get to my age and start to think about retiring, but when I opened that letter, it confirmed what I felt… my whole life was in front of me.

It was a direct shot of hope and optimism that’s hard to put into words. I immediately felt at peace with myself, and thrilled to be alive.

You Now Have The Ability To Grow Younger!

Let me start at the beginning!

My name is Dr. Al Sears, M.D.. I am one of the first physicians board certified in Anti-Aging medicine.

I’ve been following the development of this telomere technology that led to the Nobel Prize since 1990. And up until recently, I was one of the only MDs in the country licensed to administer this therapy to the public.

As soon as I realized it’s potential, I adapted my health and wellness center with the equipment to accommodate the enormous amount of testing it would require.

The early versions were expensive and required exhaustive laboratory analysis of blood samples and other extensive clinical testing. And, they were only available to the very wealthy privileged few.

My patients included famous politicians, Hollywood stars, real estate tycoons, and other notable people who could afford it.

The results they were seeing made them only too happy to pay the $20,000 that the therapy cost in those days.

It bothered me that only the rich and famous could afford to harness the power of telomere technology.  I felt this anti-aging breakthrough was too powerful to be limited only to the world’s wealthiest people.

For the next several years, I pioneered the research and development to bring the cost down to what an average individual can afford.

Reverse Your Biological Age Without A Prescription!

I now have a safe and proven way to "turn on" these disease-killing genes in your body right now... without expensive therapies, doctor visits or interference from the FDA.

Since graduating from medical school and internship over 20 years ago, I have worked hard to develop a different kind of practice. Instead of just treating diseases, I have been researching and striving to restore the vigorous, robust and disease-free state of health that nature intended for us.

This has led me down a different, but rewarding, path from my colleagues in medicine.

In 2008 I was the first doctor in the world licensed to administer this first-ever therapy based on the discovery that won the Nobel Prize the next year. In fact, I’ve been using this technology on myself for over four years, ever since the first experimental form became available.

How has it been working for me?

Well, from my own pulmonary function tests, I have developed the lungs of a 25-year-old. That means I have the lung power of someone less than half my age.

I was born in 1956, but my cardiovascular age is only 35. More importantly, from a disease defense point of view, this new technology has reversed the age of my immune system.

Those changes are clinically documented.

But then there are other improvements that are more subjective.

Almost immediately after I started this therapy, I felt an overwhelming sense of optimism. I felt like a kid who just started summer vacation, like someone who had his whole life ahead of him. It has been a truly awe-inspiring experience.

And after four years, I still wake up with that youthful wonder and excitement most days. I can tell you my energy levels are off the charts. And another thing that surprised me... some things that used to feel like a strain to me, like my body-weight exercise program, feel fun and almost effortless now.

I feel like this is a very powerful new beginning that just keeps getting better...

This Technology Is Growing And Expanding At Break-Neck Speed

In this letter, I’ll show you how one Harvard researcher used this technology to bring old mice "back from the brink of death." This cure restored and revived their old, shrunken organs... literally turning them back into "mice youngsters" in a matter of weeks.

Next, I’ll show you how you can use this same technology to slow down the aging of your own body, and in many cases reverse the health concerns you may already be coping with.

Telomeres and Telomerase Will Unlock Your Fountain Of Youth

I became the first physician in the entire world licensed to distribute what was then the only natural supplement that had the capacity to slow the aging process. Telomeres

I knew I had to bring this technology to my patients.

It works because it helps maintain telomeres, the tiny caps at the end of DNA that control how we age, by activating the enzyme telomerase.

You see, researchers identified the telomere as our body’s “aging clock”. Their work won the Nobel Prize In Medicine in 2009.

At the end of each strand of DNA is a little bit of genetic material called a telomere (TEE-loh-meer). The length of these telomeres determines how old or young your cells act.

As your cells divide, the telomeres get shorter, and your body produces cells that are older, weaker, and more decrepit.

It’s programmed old age, and everything that comes with it.

The shorter your telomeres, the "older" your cells and therefore your body act, regardless of your actual age.

By slowing the loss of your telomeres, you may be able to extend your lifespan and feel younger longer... and wipe out disease in the process.

But slowing the loss of your telomeres is just the first step.

You need to go one step further.

Activate The Telomerase Enzyme To Grow Telomeres

There’s a "switch" in your cells that actually triggers your telomeres to regrow and get longer. Dr. Ronald DePinho, professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School and director of applied cancer science at the Boston-based Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, found this “switch” and he flipped it in very elderly mice. In just 30 days, he actually turned elderly, decrepit mice into young, fertile, active mice.

This switch is an enzyme called telomerase, and it programs your telomeres to get longer. This "switch" is turned to the "off" position before you are born. But what we’ve discovered is a way to turn it back on and make your telomeres longer.

And when your telomeres get longer, you reactivate all the characteristics of youth.

That’s how the mice in the experiment were suddenly able to regrow their shrunken brains and restore their lost eyesight.

Soon after, we developed a natural supplement that would support the activation of telomerase in your own body.  

Original Telomere Therapy Cost Over $20,000!

When this supplement first became available, I told the supplier I didn’t want to give my patients something I wasn’t taking myself. So I asked for some... but they wouldn’t give me any!

Keep in mind, the technology behind this supplement won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, and may be the most important medical breakthrough of our time—if not ever—because it finally gives us the ability to decide how we are going to age.

So I went ahead and ponied up the $20,000 to be on the protocol, just like my patients.

Even Dr. Bill Andrews... the guy who identified the sequence for the gene... the lead researcher on the team... the guy who developed it... they wouldn’t give it to him, either.

Yet he bought it himself, too.

And you know what? I was delighted to pay.

My assistant S.D. can tell you how happy I was. I told her flat out, “Unless they make this stuff illegal, I’ll be taking it!”

Many of my patients were just as happy. And I was glad to provide the very first telomerase activator for them.

Then like all technology, more people started using it, and the price came down. All the way down to $4,000.

But something about that always bothered me. I never liked the fact that the cost made it... well... kind of “elitist.” It made me very uncomfortable the entire time.

Breakthrough Essence Formula Makes Telomerase Support 10X More Powerful!

So I spent hundreds of research hours creating a more reasonable replacement. And when I first launched Essence, I was excited to finally have a reliable telomere support supplement that was both affordable and effective.

Instead of just one active compound, Essence had 16 natural nutrients that support and maintain your telomeres. Some that are up to 10X MORE powerful than the single compound in the original.

But I went through a lot personally to make it possible.

Very few people were aware that we had the ability to control the body’s aging clock. So we had to start from scratch, and spend a lot of time and effort to educate everyone as we went along about the benefits of influencing telomeres.

We also had a lot of technological issues. It took hours of searching and investigation. We knew there was research on even more nutrients, enzymes and compounds that activate the telomerase enzyme that rebuilds your telomeres... But they’re not easy to identify or wade through.

Essence is now the most popular supplement I’ve ever designed. And when people start taking it, they don’t stop. They just don’t want to risk losing the benefits.

But in the 15 months since we first introduced Essence, I’ve been working on ways to make it more concentrated, more bioavailable, and more affordable.

The new, second-generation formula is a powder, not a capsule. And this new format helped us INCREASE the dose you’re getting of several key telomere supporters, like our proprietary amino hTERT complex that helps support telomerase, the enzyme that rebuilds your telomeres.

That means parts of our new formula I’m calling Ultra-Essence are almost 10X times MORE powerful than the original... which means they’re almost 100X times MORE powerful than the first supplement we tested that cost $20,000!

I have to say, I’ve written more than a dozen books on natural healing. I’ve discovered hundreds of cures from around the world, and produced over a hundred healing formulas.

Out of all those discoveries I’ve investigated, created and prescribed...

This is the single best formula I’ve ever created as a doctor.

It’s by far the most advanced natural supplement of its kind anywhere in the world.

We’ve done a lot to get it down into the price range where the average working person can get it... if you think it’s important enough, and if you really want to commit to it.

What I’ve done is made Ultra Essence 10X more powerful!

When you take advantage of my lowest priced VIP Platinum Auto-Ship Offer, it comes out to about the cost of a daily quick lunch. That’s not too expensive when you think about it that way... it makes it possible for people with average incomes. You don’t have to be super wealthy to try Ultra-Essence.

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To Your Good Health,

Dr. Sears Signature

Al Sears, MD

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