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Why do so many people take Accel instead of CoQ10 from the supermarket?

You can probably find CoQ10 for a cheaper price, and you might think it’s the same as my Accel formula. But it doesn’t even come close.

Regular CoQ10 supplements have something called ubiquinone. But the only kind of CoQ10 I use in Accel is the “active,” supercharged kind, called ubiquinol.

8 times more powerful

The ubiquinol in Accel is 8 times more powerful than traditional CoQ10, according to scientific absorption studies.

That’s particularly important if you’re older, or if you have other health concerns. Those things can interfere with your absorption of regular CoQ10.

The reason 20,000 people take Accel every day – and love it – has to do with more than just ubiquinol…

  • Better absorption = better results. Ubiquinol is fat-soluble, which means you can’t absorb and use it without fat. Accel has a special – and rare – type of fat called medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) to maximize your absorption.
  • More power where it counts. Your heart needs the ubiquinol in Accel to pump at full strength. And your brain needs it to stay in “rapid-fire” mode, but that’s not all.
  • Supercharged antioxidant protection. Accel has a hidden superpower: It can recycle and boost the activity of other antioxidants, like vitamins C and E. That way you get even more free radical protection for your cells and vital organs.

The only kind of ubiquinol I trust

All of these unique components of Accel’s formula make it a little more expensive than regular CoQ10. But I believe this is the only way I can guarantee you’re getting what you really need.

And remember, there is only one reliable supplier of natural ubiquinol: Kaneka Nutrients.

Kaneka is the only company in the world that produces real, active ubiquinol – and it’s the only kind I use in Accel. I am always skeptical when I see a very low price advertised for ubiquinol. You have to be careful because there are some knock-offs out there.

But even though Accel costs more up front…

It saves you money in the long run

Back when the first CoQ10 supplements came out, you couldn’t get ubiquinol. Regular CoQ10 was the only choice. My patients had to take 400 milligrams every 8 hours just to keep their levels up – they felt no difference at a lower dose. That got real expensive real quick.

Today, they can get the same results with one dose of Accel. They get all the benefits while spending less money every month.

Try Accel with no risk or regrets

See for yourself the difference that pure, potent, natural CoQ10 can make.

I believe in Accel so strongly, I invite you to try it without any risk or regrets. You must feel the difference my patients and readers describe: More energy, better sleep, more excitement and enthusiasm, sharper vision, more endurance, and all the speed and mobility that keeps you going day after day.

If you don’t get the same benefits, I’ll give you your money back.

Size: 30 Softgels (50mg)


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    Created by America’s #1
    Anti Aging Doctor

    Created by America’s #1
    Anti Aging Doctor

    Dr. Al Sears unveils a health-focused revolution, drawing from a lifetime of challenging mainstream medicine and embracing nature's profound healing secrets. His unique approach, honed from extensive global research and detailed in over 35 published books, confronts the modern threats of environmental toxins, helping patients rediscover their "Native Health" and shield against accelerated aging.

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