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Take Daily Power Once a Day…
Feel Great All Year Long.

Do you ever experience sickness, fatigue, or pain — and worry they might be symptoms of something more serious? Well, it could be

your multi-vitamin that’s to blame!

Dr. Sears’ investigation into the multi-vitamins you’ll find in your supermarket or health food store revealed that most fall short

in the very vitamins and minerals you need most.

This chronic lack of critical nutrients puts you at risk for today’s most serious health threats. Even worse, most multi-vitamins

on the market today… including the one you take… don’t make up for the shortfall of vitamins and minerals in your diet as they


Dr. Sears’ own formulation Daily Power has just the right dose of the 39 essential nutrients and minerals you need

every day…

39 Sure-Fire Ways to Make Sure You Get All the Vitamins
And Minerals You Need – Every Day, Starting Today

Daily Power delivers each one of the 39 nutrients and mineral hand picked by Dr. Sears – at levels that make a real difference

to your health. Here are just a few examples:

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid to combat free radicals: With a unique ability to fight free radicals in both the fatty

    and water areas of cells, alpha lipoic acid can help maintain a healthy heart and blood vessels, benefit your lungs, and help you

    keep your memory and mind sharp and focused. My new anti-aging vitamin gives you the 50 mg daily I recommend for my patients.

  • Vitamin B1 for improved circulation: Also known as thiamine, B1 aids in both blood formation and brain

    function. My new anti-aging multi-vitamin gives you 40 mg of vitamin B1 daily – nearly 27X more than you get by taking a leading

    supermarket brand.

  • Boron to ease joint pain: An important trace mineral, boron can reduce joint pain and inflammation by

    inhibiting the production of inflammatory enzymes.* But because farming and ranching practices have depleted boron from the soil, you

    don’t get enough of it in your diet. My formula gives you 2mg of boron daily.

With Daily Power, you get complete protection with just 3 tablets a day. Compare that to the 14 pills you’d need to get all

these nutrients from a competing brand.

Try Daily Power today and feel the difference for yourself.

Size: 90 Tablets