Native Rest

A Natural Sleep Inducer

Fall Asleep Fast: No Pills… Dr. Sears’ Sleep Formula is Safe and Non-Addictive

Your body is equipped with a natural sleep inducer. But your levels drop with age. And modern life is full of interferences that throw it out of balance.

Put the right amount of this “sleep regulator” back in your body, and you’ll:

  • Reset your body clock and fall asleep without effort.*
  • Easily “switch off” your restless mind and get meaningful rest.*
  • Avoid the grogginess, brain fog from other types of sleeping pills.*
  • Wake up each morning, fresh, energetic and ready for action.*

With Dr. Sears’ new delivery technology, it takes only seconds for it to start working. Just a few pumps from a convenient and portable spray sends you comfortably off to sleep – whenever and wherever you want… On the road or at home, you’re always in control with Native Rest.

Native Rest Puts a Stop to Endless Tossing and Turning

The safe answer is getting the right amount of something called melatonin. It’s the hormone your body uses to regulate sleep – and the power behind Native Rest.

The clinical evidence backs this up: A recent study published in the Journal of Neuro-Endocrinology, found that melatonin helps almost anyone.1
First, by inducing sleep when your body is unable to “switch gears” at night.
Second, by inhibiting your drive for wakefulness when it’s late at night.
And third, by creating a “phase shift” in your body clock when you need to change the time you fall asleep.

Here’s an example: If you toss and turn and can’t fall asleep until 4 am, melatonin helps you create a shift in your body clock so you can fall asleep earlier, like 11:30pm for instance.

What’s more, melatonin has a short “half-life.” That means that by the time you wake up in the morning, the melatonin you took before bed is completely out of your body. No hangover, no daytime grogginess and no drain on your brain cells from other types of pills.

Get the Best Sleep of Your Life with Native Rest

Dr. Sears uses Native Rest with his own patients – and with great results. By taking regular low doses of melatonin, you can rebalance your natural sleep cycle.* And you’ll get to sleep in record time! Try Native Rest before you go to bed tonight!

Size: 1.0 Fl. Oz.

List of Ingredients

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