Primal Biotic

Reactivate Your Good Gut Genes

Primal Biotic boosts your gut’s micro-diversity and supports a healthy balance in your digestive, GI and elimination systems to primal health in a far different and superior way to anything you’ve ever seen or tried before.

You see, our primal ancestors got all the probiotics and pre-biotics they needed from their food and water. Even their dirt and air was beneficial.

But due to a poor modern diet and toxic environment, our microbiomes are typically an unbalanced mess. Now we know lack of diversity of gut microbes in Americans is a hidden cause of imbalances in digestive, GI and the normal elimination process.

Primal Biotic’s unique ingredients have worked wonders for my patients, and now the same powerful yet safe nutrients are available to you.

Primal Biotic aids digestion, helps maintain gut health and supports…

  • normal and fully formed stool
  • healthy bowel function
  • relief of occasional constipation
  • normal gut transit time
  • the softening of occasional hard stools

Primal Biotic restores balance in your gut microbes. And a diversity of gut microbes…

    • Supports the guts ability to digest and break down food
    • Releases key nutrients your body need that you otherwise can’t access
    • Supports the establishment of a strong immune system
    • Supports healthy gut bacteria and lessens undesirable ones
    • Gives you great gut health, smooth digestion and easy elimination

List of Ingredients

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