Primal Max

Primal Max is a two-punch combo designed to help men unlock the potency, stamina, and virility they need to conquer the bedroom. The combo includes two formulas that provide bumper-to-bumper support to so men can enjoy intimacy when they want – for as long as they want. With Primal Max Red and Primal Max Black, you get support for:

  • Full power as a man and an added testosterone boost
  • A driving, competitive edge with mental focus and clarity
  • Increased mobility and physical endurance
  • Increased vigor and strength

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Product Description

Rise Up to Any Occasion with Primal Max 

Primal Max goes far beyond typical male performance formulas. While Primal Max Black uses proven, natural ingredients to support peak testosterone levels, Primal Max Red supports what many men have been left in the dark about – healthy blood flow. With nitric oxide-supporting nutrients, Primal Max Red helps blood get to where men need it most – when they need it most.  

Why it Works: 

Typical male performance formulas rely on simply boosting testosterone. But simply having more testosterone doesn’t always get the job done. Instead, the Primal Max combo promotes a healthy balance of testosterone and estrogen. This process frees up your testosterone to support a healthy, masculine edge. That means you can count on: 

  • Healthy blood flow: Fuel your entire body with the nutrients it needs to support healthy blood flow for strong muscles and sharp focus 
  • A strong, commanding attitude: Feel confident and capable again in every situation – whether it’s in the bedroom, the boardroom, or even at the gym 
  • Dependable desire and performance: Experience lasting, healthy erections along with peak, primal pleasure during intimacy 
  • Dominating endurance and energy: Rediscover the stamina of your youth to go for “round 2” and “round 3” 


What’s Inside:

Primal Max is a two-part formula: 

Primal Max Red

An amino acid that helps the body build protein; l-arginine has also been shown to promote healthy vasodilation, which supports the opening of blood vessels that allow nutrients to flow freely throughout the body [1].
This key molecule further supports protein synthesis in the body while also helping to prevent protein degradation in the muscles [2].
Beet Juice Powder (Root)
A natural wonder for maintaining optimal nitric oxide production. In addition to promoting healthy blood flow, beet juice supports long-lasting endurance [3].
Another naturally occurring and amino acid and nitric oxide booster typically made in the human body, l-citrulline helps men get the blood flow they need where they need it [4].
Pomegranate Extract
A nature source of antioxidants, pomegranate extract further promotes blood flow where men need it – maintaining healthy blood flow, desire, and performance [5].
Flower Pollen Extract
Flower pollen extract helps support healthy prostate size and function, promoting healthy sexual performance and desire [6].
Yohimbe Extract (Bark)
Made from the bark of an African evergreen tree, yohimbe is a popular dietary extract on its own – with a reputation for promoting healthy blood flow and optimal vasodilation. It’s also been used to maintain healthy bodyweight [7].

Primal Max Black

An essential nutrient for prostate function, zinc has also been shown to promote healthy male virility and desire [8].
Black Walnut
Grown in the forests of North America, the black walnut promotes a healthy sperm count, vitality, and mobility – and the overall virility men need to thrive in the bedroom [9].
Fenugreek Extract
The seeds from this clover-like plant are a godsend for healthy testosterone levels, promoting healthy body fat and strength levels [10].
Tribulus Extract
Made from a plant that produces fruit covered with spines, this natural wonder can support peak sexual satisfaction, so you make the most out of every occasion [11].
Muira Puama
A flowering plant grown in the lush forests of the Amazon, Muira Puama enjoys a long-standing reputation with the indigenous populations of South America. Research shows it can promote a healthy libido and healthy erections [12].
Epimedium Extract
Appropriately known as “horny goat weed,” Epimedium promotes healthy testosterone levels and sexual desire [13].
Nettle Leaf
This plant-based ingredient has been shown to help maintain a healthy prostate size, as well as helping to free up your natural supply of testosterone [14].
Diindolylmethane (DIM)
A compound derived from cruciferous vegetables, DIM can support the healthy removal of excess estrogen, maintain healthy prostate tissue, and promote the health of DNA in the body.
Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)
A naturally occurring neurotransmitter, GABA promotes a sound, confident mind, helping you perform at your best every time the need arises [15].
Black Pepper Extract
High-quality black pepper has been shown to promote more satisfying sexual performance as well as healthy testosterone levels [16].

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    Created by America’s #1
    Anti Aging Doctor

    Created by America’s #1
    Anti Aging Doctor

    Dr. Al Sears unveils a health-focused revolution, drawing from a lifetime of challenging mainstream medicine and embracing nature's profound healing secrets. His unique approach, honed from extensive global research and detailed in over 35 published books, confronts the modern threats of environmental toxins, helping patients rediscover their "Native Health" and shield against accelerated aging.


    Where are Primal Force Supplements manufactured?

    Primal Force Supplements are manufactured in the USA.

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    If your order is for a single bottle, it will be shipped by first-class mail through the U.S. Postal Service. Delivery is typically 7-10 days depending on your proximity to Connecticut (where order is shipped out of).

    What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept credit card payments by VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

    Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, Dr. Sears stands behind all of his products 100%. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you simply let his Customer Support team know within 90 days of purchase, and you’ll get a full refund of your purchase price including shipping and handling. All you have to do is return the bottle(s) or unused portion and your refund will be processed.