The awful truth

Pioneering Anti-Aging Doctor and Turmeric Expert releases stunning announcement:


Whether you’re taking a turmeric supplement or
just considering it, you need to see my shocking findings.

A discovery that could mean the difference between
getting ALL or NONE of turmeric’s proven health benefits.

Hello, my name is Dr. Al Sears.

If you’ve read my newsletter Doctor’s House Call or any of my work, you know I’ve touted the healing benefits of turmeric — and specifically its active ingredient curcumin — for years.

Long before it became a fad, I’ve talked about how it’s more powerful than Big Pharma’s synthetic chemicals… without the side effects.

But get this:

Here at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine, we do NOT use typical turmeric supplements.

You see, in spite of all of turmeric’s health benefits, scientists have established that it has one drawback:

It’s very difficult for our bodies to absorb.

Three specific things are needed to solve that:

The right kind of curcumin, specifically three of the most powerful curcuminoids, at the right dose: 1,000 mg per day

A proven delivery mechanism, shown by studies to get curcumin to your cells

And, perhaps most important all, similar ancient roots that MAGNIFY curcumin’s power. These are all things that most so-called “turmeric” supplements are lacking…

And the result is…

They do NOT metabolize in your body…

They do NOT get to your cells where it’s needed most…

And they do NOT cross your blood-brain barrier.

The sad truth: most turmeric users only get LESS THAN 5% of its true healing potential.

Isn’t it outrageous that even with the mountain of scientific research proving its benefits… we still lack access to a TRUE source of something so powerful — and so proven — as turmeric?

I thought so.

That’s why I tasked my research team with the challenge of forming the world’s best, most absorbable kind of turmeric…

Adding similar roots and herbs that synergistically work with turmeric.

And combining it with the right technology that delivers its maximum healing potential…

A special “delivery system” that transforms turmeric from a kitchen spice into the world’s most powerful healer.

After over 12 months of preparation, I believe we’ve formulated…

The Biggest Turmeric Breakthrough in 4,000 YEARS OF USE

I traveled the world to find three natural roots with outstanding health benefits.

And in just a moment, you’ll see why this is several generations ahead of conventional turmeric.

You’ll also discover…

 How my patients are already seeing benefits you can’t get with most turmeric supplements.

 3 other natural roots I added that are proven to AMPLIFY turmeric’s strength.

 And how you too can begin to experience the TRUE potential of turmeric, for the first time ever.

I’ll reveal all of this, and more, in just a moment.

But before I do, allow me to share with you what turmeric can REALLY do…

In fact, it delivers no less than 619 ESSENTIAL BENEFITS for just about everything you can imagine.

Turmeric Delivers Over 619 Known Health Benefits

In a number of clinical trials, the results have been nothing short of remarkable, including…

Clinical Trials Prove Turmeric is More Powerful than The Popular Treatments in your Medicine Cabinet — Without Side Effects

Good cholesterol levels

Proof: In a study published in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, animals were given curcumin and a popular cholesterol solution over 18 weeks. The curcumin did better at supporting healthy cholesterol levels and gave no side effects. 15


Greater joint comfort

Proof: Published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, knee joint patients were given either a popular joint treatment or curcumin. Over the course of six weeks, both groups saw the exact same support of healthy joints, but there was one difference: the curcumin group saw zero side effects. 16

Normal erectile function

Proof: In a study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, researchers treated animals in three groups: curcumin; a best-selling erectile solution; and a combination of the two. They found the curcumin group and the combination group “could enhance erectile function with more efficacy and more prolonged duration of
action.” 17

Sharp vision and healthy eyes

Proof: Researchers treated patients with vision problems using curcumin in one group and a popular eyesight therapy in the other. In three months, 100% of patients taking curcumin saw healthy middle layers of eyeball tissue. The other group only saw 86% success. What’s more, a follow-up done three years later found the curcumin group had greater long-term eye
health support, and with no side effects.18

More Upbeat Mood

Proof: In the journal Phytotherapy Research, researchers split up patients into three groups, giving one curcumin; one a popular mood booster; and the other a combination of the two. In the span of six weeks, curcumin and the popular mood booster worked equally well, but the combination of the two did better with fewer side effects. 19

Healthy Glucose Levels

Proof: Auburn University researchers compared curcumin to a popular blood sugar solution in their ability to balance glucose levels. They found curcumin was a stunning 10,000 times more powerful at supporting healthy glucose, and with no side effects.20

The list goes on and on.

This is just a small sample of what turmeric can do for you better — and safer — than anything else…

These are the sort of life-changing results my patients and I are now used to seeing all of the time.

But it’s only possible IF the turmeric is actually absorbable… and IF it crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Which is why I’ve added a new technology that’s proven to achieve both those things.

Something that a study at St. John’s University found enhances the power of turmeric by 2,000%.21

New Technology Enhances Turmeric’s Power by 2,000%

Researchers there compared blood levels of curcumin alone vs. combining it with bioperine…

And within 45 minutes of use, patients saw a stunning 2,000% increase in curcumin levels.


Not only that, it lasted longer in the bloodstream.

Now research is confirming that it actually WORKS better, too.

Special Technology Helps Curcumin Better Support Healthy Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels

In one study, researchers took healthy animals, split them into three groups, and fed them a high-fat diet.22

In addition, group 2 received curcumin and group 3 received curcumin and piperine. And the results were breathtaking…

In over four weeks, the group that received curcumin and piperine saw NO changes to their blood levels.

In other words, the effects of a high-fat diet on their cholesterol and triglyceride levels were negligible.

In fact, their HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels actually increased!

That’s what curcumin is SUPPOSED to do. And piperine helps it get those results.

Enhances Mood, Happiness and Positive Attitude

In another study, researchers treated melancholic animals with curcumin or a combination with piperine.23

They found that the curcumin/piperine significantly boosted the subject’s dopamine and serotonin levels, which are essential to mood and happiness.

The study concludes,

“Curcumin along with piperine may prove to be a useful and potent natural approach in the management of mood.”

Superior at Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

In another study, researchers treated animals in three groups: 1) curcumin alone 2) a standard blood sugar solution or 3) curcumin and piperine. 24

One month later, they analyzed the glucose levels and saw better results in the curcumin/piperine group compared to the other groups!

The curcumin/piperine group also saw…

 Better support for healthy LDL cholesterol and triglycerides

 Better support for healthy weight levels

 And support for healthy glucose levels

And that’s just for starters…

A series of global studies are finding that curcumin and piperine together work better than curcumin alone to shield your mind and body from oxidative stress 25and neurotoxicity 26, and helps support healthy DNA. 27

All of which are shown to wreak havoc your health.

The research is clear:

This “bioperine” delivery system makes the difference between getting only a fraction of curcumin’s potential…

Or the full spectrum of its true healing benefit. And that means serious results like…


2’000% boost when curcumin and piperine are combined!

 A longer, healthier life;

  “Sharp-as-a-tack” thinking and memory recollection;

 Easy, comfortable, pain-free mobility;

 Crystal-clear eyesight;

 A happier, calmer mindset — free from stress, anxiety and worry;

 Healthy blood sugar levels;

 Healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels;

 Easy, smooth, hassle-free digestion;

 Healthy kidneys, liver and lungs;

 A slim, fit figure;

 A healthy, ageless heart;

 And much, much more.

You don’t enjoy results like these unless you have a proven delivery system for turmeric.

That’s why I refused to make a curcumin formula without including one, like so many supplement makers have.

But I took it a step further.

Two steps further, to be exact.

I’ve added two spices that belong to the curcumin “family”.

They’re both members of the elite group of rhizomes (root-like underground stems).

They’re both staples of ancient Ayurvedic medicine that go back over 4,000 years, just like curcumin.

And they both have similar proven benefits as curcumin, and act on age-related inflammation in a similar way.

So when all three are added together, they not only complement, but magnify curcumin’s results.

These are just a few reasons why I’ve made them key to my new formula: Curcumin Triple Burn.

Let me tell you a little bit about each right now… and why they make curcumin even more powerful…

Curcumin Amplifier #2:
Sacred Texts Call it “The Spice from Heaven”

The first is perhaps the world’s oldest medicinal spice, used going back 5,000 years at least.

It was first grown in Ancient China and India, where it was touted as a gift from God.

Then it spread all around the world as a luxury and powerful form of medicine.

In fact, ancient texts going back to the earliest Sanskrit literature praise it as an all-purpose healer.

So do medicinal books in ancient Rome, Greece and the Middle East.

The Quran calls it a “spice from heaven.”

Most of the prescriptions written in Chinese traditional medicine included a combination of herbs.

And this one was in over half of them!

The symbol for ginger is found in
Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Explorer Marco Polo thoroughly documented its cultivation and use in his expedition to East Asia.

The Roman Empire considered it a luxury reserved for the rich.

And it was very expensive: one pound of this spice was equivalent to a whole sheep or cow.

I’m talking about ginger, of course.

But not the kind in your spice cabinet, cookies or soda. Nor just any plain ol’ ginger supplement.

Instead, I recommend a concentrated dose of its most powerful medicinal compound: gingerol.

Just like curcumin is the molecular “hero” in turmeric, so too is gingerol the powerhouse inside ginger.

And now scientists are finding that the ancients were more right than you could imagine. Some of its benefits include…

 Nausea relief 28

 Fast metabolism and healthy weight levels 29

Ginger: Nature's Multi-Tool.

 Healthy blood flow and circulation

 Smooth, comfortable joints 30

 Healthy blood pressure levels 31

 Healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels 32

 Smooth, hassle-free digestion

 Healthy blood sugar levels 33

 Improved insulin support 34

That’s why I call ginger “nature’s multi-tool.” There’s not much it can’t do or help. And now we know why…

You see, ginger “switches off” the genes that cause age-related inflammation — much like curcumin.

The most powerful of these is the molecule Nuclear Factor-kappa beta (NF-kB) — the body’s inflammation command center.

Shuts Down Our Body's “Inflammation Command Center”

NF-kB is the “switch” that activates over 400 of our body's pro-inflammatory genes. Including the enzymes COX-2, iNOS and LOX.

As a result it provides our body the blueprint for regulating its inflammatory response.

Big Pharma considers it the “Holy Grail” for age-related inflammation. But they’ve failed to reliably and safely target it using drugs. 35

That’s okay.

Because nature already designed at least two powerful NF-kB deactivators: curcumin and ginger.

Curcumin’s effects on NF-kB are renowned. But it’s hardly known that ginger does the exact same thing. 36

In combination they’re a powerful duo against the leading cause of age-related inflammation.

That’s also why studies point to ginger as such a powerful joint remedy.

One double-blind study treated 120 joint patients with either a placebo or gingerol.

In just 12 weeks, the ginger group saw remarkably healthy inflammation markers.

The researchers conclude it’s because the gingerol extract deactivated the NF-kB gene. 37

The result: its joint-relief benefits are second to none.

In fact, researchers at the University of Miami are now saying that ginger could be a first-line joint treatment. 38

In a double-blind study, they compared gingerol extract to a placebo in 261 knee joint patients.

They found the ginger supported healthy joint comfort by 40% over the placebo… in just six weeks.

“Research shows that ginger affects certain inflammatory processes at a cellular level,” says the study’s lead author, Roy Altman, MD. 39

What makes ginger so powerful?

Most joint solutions simply block the formation of certain inflammatory compounds.

Ginger, on the other hand, not only “turns off” the master commander of age-related inflammation…

But also has antioxidant effects that break down existing inflammation and acidity in the fluid within the joints.

That’s why the researchers concluded its work superior to popular joint treatments.

“Ginger has anti-inflammatory… and antioxidant activities, as well as a small amount of [pain relieving] property,” says Roberta Lee, MD, vice chair of the Department of Integrative Medicine at Mount Sinai Beth Israel.

But ginger didn’t deliver these results alone.

In fact, there was another spice used in the study that went overlooked.

Curcumin’s other, lesser-known relative.

It’s the third member of the elite group of rhizome plants.

In combination with ginger, the research shows it works wonders on a variety of health concerns.

Like curcumin and ginger, it has a 4,000-year history of use in ancient medicine systems.

So it was a no-brainer as my third curcumin amplifier.

Curcumin Amplifier #3:
“The Spice of Life”

Galangal: "The gold mine of future therapeutics."

It’s called galangal.

Just like ginger, galangal warms the body and aids in digestion. It’s also a powerful anti-nausea remedy.

Of course, it also shows similar antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial powers. 40

Since it doesn’t have the same recognition as either curcumin or ginger, it hasn’t been studied so extensively.

But researchers are already calling it
“the gold mine of future therapeutics." 41

It was not until the 800s AD that galangal found its way into European hands through spice trade with the East.

The famed St. Hildegard, a renowned healer and expert in herbal medicine, recognized galangal’s powers and dubbed it the “Spice of Life.”

A cure-all for many conditions that ravaged Europe at the time.

In fact, amidst the Bubonic Plague that destroyed a third of Europe’s population, people created potential life-saving medicines.

Medicines that included galangal due to its antimicrobial properties.

One of the most famous legends was that of the “Four Thieves” — four men who went around sacking the homes of plague victims, but never contracted the plague.

Their immunity was credited to the “Four Thieves Oil” they designed, which included galangal.

That’s just a few reasons why I’ve made galangal one of the key ingredients of my new breakthrough.

Again, I call it Curcumin Triple Burn.

The “Next Generation” of Curcumin is Here

In all my years on the cutting edge of natural health, I’ve never seen a curcumin formula like it.

None that include a therapeutic dose of curcuminoids… delivery technology proven to enhance its absorption by 2,000%… or spices that complement and amplify curcumin’s healing potential.

But that’s not all.

I’ve added one more extra “kicker” to boost this formula’s results.

Bonus Curcumin Amplifier!

This final ingredient belongs to an elite class of herbs called “adaptogens.”

And just as the name sounds, it adapts to what your body needs, at any given moment.

Need sleep? Energy? Stamina? Stress relief?

These herbs are so smart, and so powerful, they deliver it you. And the effects last all day long.

Adaptogens recently started gaining ground in America, but in India, Russia and China they’ve been a staple form of medicine for thousands of years.

Holy Basil: The Wonder Herb.

Over 25 herbs are classified as adaptogens. One in particular is being recognized as a leader in Ayurvedic medicine.

And I’ve made this “smart herb” the platoon leader of my curcumin formula.

So while the curcumin, the two other spices, and the delivery system are the elite soldiers…

This herb harnesses their full healing potential… commands exactly where they target… and keeps them disciplined, working all throughout the day, in any situation, for whatever your body needs.

Its scientific name is Ocimum Sanctum. It’s better known as Holy Basil, or “Tulsi.”

Within Ayurveda, Holy Basil is known as “The Incomparable One,” “Mother Medicine of Nature,” and “The Queen of Herbs.”

And it’s revered as an “elixir of life” without equal in its healing powers, which are now being confirmed by modern science.

One group of scientists that reviewed all of the studies conducted on Holy Basil even called it…

“The Wonder Herb” 42

Another group of researchers call it an “herb for all reasons.” 43 And it’s not hard to see why.

The World’s Ultimate Stress-Buster

Tulsi – just like other adaptogens – is proven to balance serum levels of cortisol.44 And that’s no small matter.

The so-called “stress hormone” is proven to wreak havoc on your mind and body.

Psychology Today is even calling cortisol “Public Enemy No. 1.” 45

And now we know why it’s so dangerous…

You see, it was previously thought cortisol overload simply broke down our immune system… causing colds.

But it’s not so simple.

According to groundbreaking new research at Carnegie Mellon University, high levels of cortisol – caused by chronic stress – decrease the sensitivity of our immune cells to hormone signaling.

This triggers the immune system’s cytokine cells to release a non-stop inflammatory response.

The illness that results is simply the “side effect” of the runaway inflammation. 46

Perhaps that’s why stress has been implicated in just about every health concern imaginable.

And why Holy Basil – a proven cortisol regulator – is proven to work on so many age-related conditions.

Take one study done on blood sugar patients. 47

Half of the patients were given 2.5 g of holy basil leaf powder daily, and the other half were given a placebo for four weeks. 

Compared to the control group, the group administered holy basil experienced some amazing results.

Not only did fasting glucose and post-meal glucose reach normal healthy levels. They saw enhanced support for healthy cholesterol levels during the treatment as well!

In another study, holy basil extract (500 mg twice daily) enhanced mood in unhappy middle-aged adults.

It also improved the “willingness to adjust” to circumstances beyond their control – a key factor in stress-induced sadness. 48

And it’s a powerful brain booster, too – much like curcumin.

In a human study, researchers found that 300 mg a day of holy basil leaf extract produced a significant improvement in many different cognitive parameters, including reaction time and error rates on standardized tests, as well as on a test that measures anxiety. 49

This is the final ingredient in my new curcumin breakthrough formula: Curcumin Triple Burn.

Amazing: What You Get in Every Single Pill

With every single dose of Curcumin Triple Burn you get…

Ingredient benefits

At last! The full power of turmeric unleashed… And for just $1

Nothing quite has health-concerned individuals so excited as turmeric. And for good reason…

It seems like every day the new science shows its healing potential is second to none.

There’s almost nothing it can’t do for your body… no result it can’t deliver… and no health concern it doesn’t address.

That’s why I’ve gone above and beyond to not only release turmeric’s MAXIMUM potential…

But to make it even more affordable, and accessible to YOU.

As you may know, I’ve referred to curcumin as the $1 pill. And that’s certainly true, at least for most formulas.

Yet even with everything I’ve added to this formula…

Even with the complementary herbs…

Even with the 2,000% boosting technology… and the adaptogen to harness its full potential…

On top of a therapeutic 1,000 mg dose of the three most powerful curcuminoids…

I’m going to stand by my $1 reference with an incredible introductory offer, as you’ll see in a moment.

But first, I have to admit. There’s one catch.

Curcumin Triple Burn

The $1 pill is here!

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Which means only a handful of people are going to get these first orders at this low price.

Once this shipment runs out, I can’t guarantee that I can still offer it for $1 per pill.

After all, this is not your ordinary curcumin.

And even at $2, with all of the health concerns it solves, many would consider it a bargain.

Not only that, I’ve sent this message to over 200,000 people today, which means less than 1% will get a shot to claim their spot.

So YOU must take action quickly if you want to experience turmeric’s life-changing benefits…

In order to guarantee shipments for my VIP Auto Delivery members, we may have to shut down this presentation in the next few days… possibly even tonight.

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When you order right now, you’ll get a free membership in my VIP Auto Delivery Service, which means you don’t have to worry about re-ordering. Just when your initial order is about to run out, our system will alert us and we’ll securely re-charge your card to rush you a fresh supply of Curcumin Triple Burn.

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Yep—as an Auto Delivery VIP, you won’t pay a cent for shipping… ever.

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Introducing… The $1 Pill for Everything

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To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD, CNS

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