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Who Stole JFK’s Brain?

The JFK “bombshell” that could double your IQ…

The Pentagon has released a shocking memo detailing America’s new #1 threat to national security — and it all started in November 1963:

A global ‘brain race’ to develop the ultimate smart pill before the Chinese
and the Russians.

Their top secret mission — to enhance the brains of intelligence officers, spies, even the President

Revealed in this special intelligence dossier:

Dear Friend,

In November 1963, a shocking turn of events changed the course of medical history…

Shortly after JFK’s assassination his younger brother — the Attorney General Bobby Kennedy — broke into the National Archives… and stole the President’s brain.1, 2

The brain was hidden in a stainless steel container, with a screw-top lid.

It was kept under the tightest security — guarded 24/7 by the Secret Service.

And yet Bobby Kennedy was able to walk into the National Archives… place the container into a briefcase… and walk out with the President’s brain.

It was the start of a global conspiracy involving the highest levels of government.

A conspiracy with far-reaching implications for national security.

But this conspiracy was NOT what you might think. It was NOT to cover up the assassination itself.

The Real Reason for This Top-Level
Cover-Up Will Shock You

President Kennedy’s brain contained one of the most devastating neuroscientific secrets of modern times.

A secret that — if revealed to the Russians or the Chinese — would pose the gravest threat to national security…

even today.

In a moment, I’ll reveal a remarkable brain secret that can:

  • Speed up neural firing by 3,000X leading to faster thinking, better learning and a higher IQ (A prestigious California university)3
  • Boost the growth of new brain cells by up to 67%
    leading to stunning improvements in memory
    (Scientific Reports journal)4
  • Increase mental energy by 111% even in centenarians — leading to enhanced attention and concentration
    (The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)5
  • Boost cerebral blood flow by 37%leading to dramatically enhanced mental energy and performance of cognitive tasks (Journal of the Neurological Sciences)6
  • Dramatically enhance the production of key neurotransmitters leading to superior intelligence and thinking speed (Neurochemical Research journal)

At the time only a tiny circle with top-level security clearance knew how vital JFK’s brain was to national security.

This group included Bobby Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy and JFK’s personal physician,
Dr. George Burkley.

But now a declassified medical report has revealed the devastating truth:

The report shows that JFK was taking a highly effective ‘smart’ compound that gave him lightning-quick recall, laser-sharp focus and surging mental energy.

It was part of a top-secret human enhancement program — run by the Pentagon — to help intelligence officers, soldiers and spies think at lightning speed, instantly recall any memory, and learn complex skills in record time.

Even more astounding: we now know that this secret compound helped President Kennedy outsmart the Russians, resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis, and avert nuclear war.

In this special report, I’ll reveal how you can use this secret to regrow millions of new neurons… achieve instant recall of ‘lost’ memories… and develop laser-like concentration…

But I must warn you.

The Pentagon has deemed these secrets essential to national security — and we don’t know when they might shut us down.

The information in this dossier may not be available for much longer.

I’m talking about cutting-edge advances in neuroscience, including ‘smart’ compounds that are dramatically improving the brains of our best intelligence officers, spies and diplomats…

…so they can prevent terror attacks, stop rogue nations, and avoid nuclear war…

Proof that JFK’s secret brain compound was so effective came on October 27th, 1962. It was the most critical moment of the Cuban Missile Crisis…

…the day President Kennedy outsmarted the Russians and averted nuclear war

Declassified tape recordings from the Oval Office reveal exactly how this smart compound enhanced JFK’s judgment, memory, thinking speed and mental energy…7

The tapes reveal a President with astonishing mental powers — even under the kind of pressure that would destroy lesser men.

They show the President’s enhanced brain recalling without effort more than
a thousand facts, sorting through hundreds of alternative solutions, and analyzing scores of conflicting reports…

All under pressure of a ‘Doomsday’ clock that was rapidly ticking down to global nuclear destruction.

No wonder JFK’s brain was a ‘top priority’ military asset, sought after by the Russian and Chinese intelligence services…

Declassified reports reveal a series of desperate attempts to conceal and erase the stunning medical evidence of JFK’s enhanced cognitive abilities.

These reports reveal that:

  • JFK’s autopsy doctor BURNED the original autopsy report.8
  • After the autopsy, JFK’s brain was REPLACED, and doctors examined the WRONG BRAIN.
  • Archived photos of JFK’s brain were then SWAPPED with FAKE IMAGES, according to a 1998 assassination review board.9
  • Federal agents even had to DRAW THEIR GUNS to get JFK’s body away from the Dallas medical examiner, and onto a plane back to Washington.10

In this special dossier, I’ll reveal how I was able to harness the Pentagon’s brain research… and enhance it… so you can dramatically improve your cognition, memory and thinking… and even increase your IQ.

A few months ago, I finally got my hands on the Pentagon research.

I’m talking about groundbreaking brain studies, conducted by the Pentagon’s most prestigious scientific panel — code-named JASON.11

Some of it had been classified for decades.

And what I found will shock you.

The “Holy Grail” of Brain Research:
How to Speed Up Your Thinking 3,000 TIMES

The ‘smart pill’ taken by JFK triggers a biological mechanism which dramatically speeds up thinking and processing speeds in your brain.12, 13

But here’s the thing.

President Kennedy’s ‘smart pill’ was discovered 63 years ago — in 1955. And even though it had some dramatic effects on his cognitive ability, it was also severely limited.

It has hyperactive side effects. It can lead to serious mental energy crashes.

It’s also highly addictive, and costs thousands of dollars a year.

Plus, it only targets one specific aspect of brain enhancement — not enough to create lasting, life-changing improvements.

In other words, JFK’s ‘smart pill’ was a small fry compared to what we can do today.

Fast forward to 2018 — and we can now use this biological mechanism to speed up thinking and processing speeds by an astounding 3,000 TIMES.

I’m talking about a simple biological mechanism that can supercharge your power of recall, enhance your thinking speed, ramp up your verbal ability and give you an almost photographic memory.

It’s a 100% natural process that can turn your brain’s neural pathways from slow and sluggish… into super-efficient neural superhighways

The only safe, natural trigger for this brain-enhancement mechanism is a powerful natural compound — what I call a “whole-brain super-nutrient,” because of the way it fuels your whole intelligence system.

It’s an extremely rare compound, little known outside the West, and only found in remote tribal areas in India.

Over the past 30 years, I’ve had the privilege of visiting these tribes, and learning about this remarkable compound from local healers.

I’ve studied its medical secrets. And I’ve tested it in high-tech labs back in the U.S.

I’m talking about a 100% safe, natural super-nutrient that can trigger this biological mechanism in your brain… boost neuro-chemical signaling… and turn the billions of connections in your brain into neural superhighways

In a moment I’ll reveal exactly what it is, where you can get your hands on it, and how to use it — that’s why I’m writing to you today…

My name is Dr. Al Sears, MD.

For more than three decades, I’ve treated more than 25,000 patients at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine in Royal Palm Beach, FL.

I’ve traveled to dozens of remote countries — from the Amazon to Africa to Australia — in search of natural cures and remedies that will treat age-related memory loss, speed up thinking and increase IQ.

I’ve brought back memory-enhancing secrets from a dying lineage of Caribbean healers.

I’ve lived with the Ashaninka tribes in the rainforests of Brazil, collecting groundbreaking treatments for boosting mental energy.

As soon as I got my hands on the Pentagon research… when I saw the data showing how this incredible brain-enhancement mechanism could potentially work…

…when I realized that all I needed was to find one perfect brain compound
I knew instantly where to look.

In ancient India this special compound was revered for thousands of years by the Rishi Holy men.14

These Holy Men could memorize the entire Rig-Veda, an oral history of 1,028 hymns. Each one took eight hours to sing!

Some of these epics contained nearly 9,000 pages of textbut the Rishis could recite them word for word.

This stunning compound is called Brahmi in Sanskrit — which is why I call it the Brahmi Brain Secret.

It’s the safest and most effective nutrient for supercharging your intelligence, verbal speed, focus and power of recall — with no side effects and no energy crash.

Studies show that the Brahmi Brain Secret:

  • Dramatically improves memory — it’s even better than folic acid (Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine journal)15
  • Leads to a “marked increase” in the growth of new brain neurons — leading to higher brain functioning in terms of concentration, multi-tasking, verbal ability and short and long-term memory (Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology)16
  • Significantly increases your brain’s master antioxidant, glutathione — to help you maintain a high functioning, high-performing brain
    (Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Provides “comprehensive protection” of your brain cells — so you don’t need to worry about memory loss, foggy thinking, or loss of focus (Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal)

This incredible compound works by supporting a biological process called myelination — which enhances the myelin sheath, a fatty substance that coats the nerves and neurons in your brain.

This sheath is your brain’s superhighway. Electrical signals rush along it at high-speed. These signals are the memories, words and thoughts that are critical to a high-functioning brain.

This is the “Holy Grail” of brain research that the elite Pentagon scientists were searching for — and today, you can finally get access to the compound that triggers this remarkable process.

The Brahmi Brain Secret is the best compound yet found for triggering myelination. It dramatically enhances your brain’s superhighway — so you can think faster, remember more, focus harder and be more productive.

In other words, it’s the purest, most powerful ‘jet fuel’ for the brain.

But after reviewing the Pentagon research, I was determined to go even further…

You see, myelination is only one part of your brain’s overall intelligence system.

I decided to use the Brahmi Brain Secret to create a targeted, whole-brain solution that enhances not only your thinking and verbal speed, but every part of your intelligence system.

I decided to create a whole-brain intelligence formula that…

  • Targets every part of your memory and IQ system
  • Targets long- and short-term memory
  • Improves verbal and visual memory
  • Supports the growth of brain neurons and the connections between cells
  • Supports brain capacity as well as plasticity
  • Improves language, learning, conversation and logical reasoning

This new brain-enhancement formula can help you build ‘project crushing’ focus… flood your mind with creative energy… stay mentally energized for long hours without distraction… and turn your mind into an ideas’ factory…

Introducing Focus IQ

Targets Your Brain’s Superhighway to Enhance Every Part of Your Intelligence System…

With this new formula you can…

  • Improve working AND long-term memory
    for instant recall of facts, names, numbers and faces…
  • Support the growth of billions of new neurons — for a sharper, faster brain with more intense focus…
  • Protect your brain cells against the daily attack of neurotoxins — to avoid brain fog, fuzzy thinking and forgetfulness…
  • Dramatically increase your brain’s production of key neurotransmitters — so you can easily learn new languages and skills…
  • Achieve laser-like concentration — so you can focus on tasks for hours at a time without distraction…
  • Support healthy moods and feelings of calmness — so you can have more clarity, contentment and balance in your life…
  • Have surging mental energy that stays constant and doesn’t crash — so you regain the cognitive stamina of someone decades younger…

Chapter 1

Speed Up Your Brain 3,000X
With Faster Neural Firing

Chances are you’ve already noticed changes to your thinking and memory as you age.

That’s because in middle age we begin to lose myelin — the fatty sheath that coats our nerve axons and allows for fast bursts of signaling in our brains.

It’s called neural signaling. It’s the transfer of information between connecting brain cells.

Neural signaling is what gives your brain the remarkable ability to sense, interpret and act on events in the world around you.

In a groundbreaking study from a prestigious California university, researchers compared how quickly a group of men, aged 23 to 80, could perform a motor task. Then they correlated their performances to their brain’s myelin integrity.17

The results were shocking. Researchers found a striking connection between the speed of the task and the integrity of myelin…

….in other words, there’s a direct link between the quality and size of the brain’s superhighway, and its ability to process information with greater speed and efficiency.

The conclusion was absolutely clear:

After middle-age we start to lose the battle to repair myelin in our brain, and our motor and cognitive functions begin a long, slow downhill slide.

But here’s the incredible part:

A shocking Pentagon research paper has revealed that by supporting the healthy functioning of the myelin sheath, it is now possible to speed up your brain an astounding 3,000 TIMES — with faster neural signaling.

And that’s exactly why the Brahmi Brain Secret is so powerful.

The Brahmi Brain Secret is a herb called Centella asiatica. It’s called the ‘elixir of life’ in Ayurvedic medicine — because of the stunning way it enhances memory and learning.

It’s also known as a “longevity herb.”18 For thousands of years it’s been prized because it enhances nearly every aspect of mental functioning — but without unwanted side effects like jitters, energy-crashes and over-stimulation.

And it works by supporting your brain’s myelin —
the cognitive superhighway that, when fully functional, can dramatically dial up your intelligence, mental energy and concentration.

But with Focus IQ I’ve taken myelination a big step further.

I’ve included not one but four myelination super-nutrients that upgrade your brain’s superhighway and speed up neural signaling.

The second is a nutrient that comes from an ancient tree that existed 270 million years ago — at the time of the dinosaurs.

These ancient trees survived the extinction of the dinosaurs — and they live up to
3,000 years.

In fact, they’re so resilient, one of them even survived the atomic blast at Hiroshima.
It was 1.1 km from the blast center — and was still standing and continued to flower, even though every building around it was destroyed.19

It’s called Ginkgo Biloba, and when it comes to super-charging your brain’s superhighway, it’s just as powerful:

  • In a groundbreaking study on 1,200 patients, this ancient plant extract improved concentration by 25%. (Advanced in Therapy journal)20
  • A second study on 256 middle-aged volunteers showed it can lead to “substantial improvements” in working and long-term memory. (Psychopharmacology journal)21
  • And men and women over 50 with ‘moderate’ age-related memory impairment showed “significant superiority” in cognitive tests after taking this plant extract. (Current Medical Research and Opinion journal) 22

And get this. One remarkable study found Ginkgo Biloba dramatically increased the speed of attention of volunteers — and their increased attention was sustained for hours.23

Enhance Your Neural Pathways
by a Stunning 211%!

The second remarkable neural pathway enhancer is a natural super-antioxidant that has incredible powers when it comes to improving focus, memory and brain energy.

In fact, this compound is so remarkable, it has not just one but six brain-enhancing functions.

It’s called Acetyl-L-carnitine, or ALCAR for short.
I’ll reveal all six of its stunning benefits in just a moment, but first let’s start with myelination

When scientists at the University of Manchester, UK, tried using ALCAR to increase myelin thickness, the results were stunning.

ALCAR increased myelin by an astounding 211%!22

In other words, it enhanced neural pathways — which are literally the ‘broadband’ of your brain — by 3 TIMES

I’m talking about having thinking speeds that are 3 TIMES faster than you normally experience…

Imagine being 3 TIMES faster in an important business meeting. Or 3 TIMES faster in conversation at a social event… Or 3 TIMES faster at recalling names, dates and other memorized facts…

But the gradual decay of myelin isn’t the only reason for failing memory… brain fog…
and the embarrassing decline of your verbal abilities…

There’s another reason — and it’s even more scary… because it happens so fast…

Once you hit your late 20s, you start losing neurons — the cells that make up your brain and nervous system — at a shocking rate.

Some studies estimate you can lose up to 190,000 neurons every day — or 70,000,000 every year.

By the time you’re 40, brain-cell death has become so acute, your brain literally starts to shrink — by 5% every decade.23

That’s why it takes longer to learn new languages, and why it’s harder to memorize words or names, as you get older.

And it’s why important events you used to remember get wiped from your brain as if they never happened.

Not only that, but scientists now believe that factors that impair memory — including stress and disease — are directly linked to lower levels of neurogenesis.

That’s why I’ve included a unique combination of nutrients in Focus IQ that can regrow billions of lost brain cells and neurons.

And this can lead to a dramatic increase in cognitive ability, attention span, verbal ability and overall mental energy.

Chapter 2

Regrow Billions of Lost Brain Cells
and Neurons

“Bombshell” Study Shows We Can Now Expand Our Brains by 1000%…
Remember More, Think Faster, Stay Alert for Longer

Scientists used to think that the loss of brain cells could not be reversed — but the good news is, we now know that nothing could be further from the truth.

In the last 12 months, two remarkable breakthrough studies have revealed that NONE of this needs to happen.

These studies have finally blown up two myths scientists believed for decades — myths that have led most Americans to think that once you start losing memory, or start thinking more slowly, then it’s all downhill from there.

The truth is, no matter how old you are… if your memory is sluggish… if you seem to learn new skills slowly… or if you feel mentally exhausted… all of this can be reversed.

You can turn back your mental clock, and rediscover the mental stamina and IQ you had in your 20s.

So let me bust these myths wide open, once and for all:

Myth #1: Once your brain cells die, there’s nothing you can do to get them back.

Nothing could be further from the truth…

Stunning research by scientists at the Austrian Institute of Molecular Biotechnology discovered that it’s now possible to completely regenerate human brain cells — and that we even regrow an entire brain (Nature Protocols journal) 24

“This is a real bombshell
in the field of neuroscience…”
— study co-author Terry Sejnowski25

It means that we can now regrow billions of new neurons… leading to faster thinking, faster memory recall, quicker verbal recall and a higher IQ…

In a moment, I’ll show you exactly how Focus IQ can do this for you — but first, myth #2:

Myth #2: After the age of 20, your brain becomes less ‘plastic’ — and therefore much less able to learn new information, like new languages, names, facts and skills.

Scientists used to think that our brains were highly malleable in childhood, but in adulthood are resistant to change.

Again, nothing could be further from the truth…

A remarkable breakthrough study published in the Journal of Neuroscience shows we can now “lift the brakes” on brain plasticity in adults.

According to researchers at the Salk Institute, your potential brain capacity is 10 TIMES what scientists thought it was. The authors of this study say that most of us have the potential to contain the entire Internet inside our skulls.26

Einstein was right — we really are only using about 10% of our brains. This means it is now possible to improve your brain and make it 100 TIMES smarter.

This is exactly why Focus IQ is so powerful…

We’ve included a special brain nutrient in Focus IQ that can travel directly to your hippocampus — the part of the brain which is essential for long-term memory, learning and regulating emotions.

Once it reaches the hippocampus, this remarkable compound supercharges cell production, and promotes the growth of billions of new brain cells.

It’s called baicalin, and was first recorded 100 years before Christ — in China’s ancient Shennong Materia Medica.27

In a groundbreaking emerging study, baicalin regenerated new brain cells by up to 67% in the hippocampus. (Scientific Reports journal)28

And that’s not all. In Focus IQ we’ve combined baicalin with a second neurogenesis
super-nutrient called Gotu Kola.

In one remarkable study on human cells, Gotu Kola led to a “marked increase” in the growth of new neurons, and “accelerated” the growth of new axons. (Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology)29

The function of axons is to transmit information between brain cells — so Gotu Kola enhances this transmission. This makes it easier for you to recall memories, words, ideas and thoughts more quickly.

A remarkable new study in the journal Neuron shows that the strength of your memories depends on the strength of the connections between your neurons — and this is exactly what the unique combination is designed for.

In other words, this unique Gotu Kola-Baicalin combination doesn’t just regrow billions of new brain cells — it also enhances the connections between cells… which strengthens and enhances your long-term memories…

Even better, baicalin is highly targeted, which means it can fuel, protect and energize your brain in more than a dozen ways, including:

  • Dramatically raises nitric oxide levels so that your brain gets more oxygen and more energy — leading to a sharper, faster and more focused mind. (Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry journal)30
  • Helps reduce brain cell death by up to 53% in stroke patients — where there is reduced blood flow to the brain. (American Journal of Chinese Medicine)31
  • Dramatically increases mitochondrial ATP — the natural brain energy that fuels faster thinking, quicker recall and sharper focus. (Pharmacological Research journal)32

Are you starting to see how Focus IQ can enhance EVERY part of your intelligence system?

How it regrows brain cells and increases brain energy?

How it enhances your brain’s superhighway and speeds up the brain signals that make thinking faster?

These are astounding benefits — and I haven’t even revealed half of what Focus IQ can do.

Especially when it comes to enhancing the all-important neurotransmitters in your brain…

Chapter 3

Build Faster and Better Connections
in Your Brain

Focus IQ Delivers the #1 Brain Secret of the World’s
Smartest Men and Women

Pay attention, because Focus IQ is about to get even more incredible…

…and it comes back to the Pentagon’s secretive brain research… and the shocking reason for the theft of President Kennedy’s brain…

One of DARPA’s missions is to find ways to boost the release of key neurotransmitters — the natural chemicals that promote and strengthen neural connections in your brain.

You see, at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK was taking a compound which dramatically increased the release of one of the most powerful neurotransmitters in
his brain.

Remember — this was part of a top-secret brain research program which impacted the highest levels of government…

But here’s the problem:

Even today, DARPA scientists have not yet created a whole-brain solution — one that combines neuron-growth and myelination and neurotransmitter enhancement.

So far, America’s top military scientists have failed to come up with a ‘silver bullet’ when it comes to enhancing your entire intelligence and memory system.

And that’s exactly what makes Focus IQ unique — because there’s literally nothing else that targets every aspect of brain enhancement.

No matter how many brain cells and axons you generate, your brain can’t do anything without neurotransmitters — the chemical messengers which transmit signals across the synapses which connect each of your neurons.

When I designed Focus IQ I wanted to create a formula that targets every aspect of brain health — so that we’ve got your whole intelligence system covered.

That’s why I’ve included nutrients in Focus IQ that ramp up your brain’s natural production of every key neurotransmitter…

Focus IQ enhances:

  • Glutamate — the neurotransmitter that helps you learn, understand and remember new knowledge and skills, such as a new language, or complex information.
  • Dopamine — the neurotransmitter that helps you prioritize, set goals, multi-task and stay positive.
  • Serotonin — the neurotransmitter that helps you regulate emotions and sleep better.

The Stephen Hawking Effect: How Focus IQ Ramps Up Learning, Memory and Logical Intelligence

Focus IQ achieves this by including the single most powerful neurotransmitter enhancer. It’s so powerful, it’s even used by the world’s smartest men and women.

Stephen Hawking used this secret33and he had so much mental energy and such a high IQ he discovered the origins of the universe and the true nature of time…

TV writer Rick Rosner uses it34he’s a comedy writer for Jimmy Kimmel, and he has the 2nd highest IQ in the world. His IQ is 192 (the average is 100). On 20 IQ tests he had the highest score ever…

In fact, Stephen Hawking was so impressed, he claimed that a formula containing this incredible secret “will change humanity”…35

So what is this incredible secret? The secret of the world’s smartest men and women?

It’s the exact same compound Focus IQ also uses to enhance your neural pathways — Acetyl-L-Carnitine, or ALCAR for short.

The reason it’s so powerful is because it dramatically boosts your brain’s levels of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine is probably the most important neurotransmitter of all — because it’s heavily involved in brain plasticity, sustaining attention, learning and memory.

It also improves mood, mental alertness, concentration, focus and memory.

And in study after study, ALCAR has proved to have an astounding impact on raising levels of Acetylcholine to IQ-enhancing proportions.

  • In one emerging study ALCAR dramatically reversed age-related memory loss. (National Academy of Sciences)36
  • Patients treated with ALCAR had better scores for logical intelligence, verbal critical abilities, long-term verbal memory and selective attention. (American Academy of Neurology)37
  • Patients with mild memory loss had a 50% response rate when given ALCAR — with better cognitive function and behavioral symptoms compared to a placebo. (Current Medical Research and Opinion journal) 38
  • In a year-long clinical trial on patients with memory loss, those who took ALCAR showed markedly better scores on all outcomes, including logical intelligence, verbal critical ability, long-term memory and selective attention. (American Academy of Neurology) 39

Leading nutritionists are hailing the key nutrient in ALC — Carnitine — as a “medical miracle.”

Richard Kunin, MD calls it “the single most remarkable nutrient I have used…40

In addition to boosting the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, ALCAR also:

  • Maintains the health of your brain during stress.
  • Protects against the loss of brain cell receptors that normally occurs
    with age.
  • Supports the healthy removal of damaged fats that clutter up your brain as you get older.
  • Supports healthy amounts of Nerve Growth Factor — an all-important brain-healing compound. 41

But one of the most astounding benefits of ALCAR is its ability to boost your brain’s energy levels…

Chapter 4

The Ultimate Brain Fuel Delivery System

Fire Up Your Brain and be the Ultimate Thinking Engine

Everything your brain does — recalling distant memories… learning new languages… finding the right words…

…would never happen without one ultimate brain secret that literally supercharges the fuel that drives your brain.

This secret is nothing less than the source of life in your brain — because it unlocks the pure, natural energy that fuels every neuron, axon, dendrite and cell…

It explains why some older men and women live into their 80s and beyond, with the mental energy, focus and memory recall of people in their twenties. And why others end up with brain-fog, slow speech and fading memories.

It explains why Russian author Leo Tolstoy was able to learn to ride a bike at aged 67.

Or how Queen Victoria could learn Hindustani at the age of 68.

Or how the classical composer Giuseppe Verdi was able to compose operas well into his 80s.

Or why the poet Robert Frost wrote some of his best poems in his 90s.42

But there’s one major problem. These super-smart older men and women, with super-energetic brains…
are extremely rare.

Only a tiny fraction of people can sustain youthful levels of this life-source — the well-spring of pure energy that fuels the brain — into old age. For the rest of us, it’s the exact opposite:

As you age, your supply of this ‘inner elixir’ weakens, sputters and dies out — leaving you brain fogged, struggling for words, and grasping at fading memories.

Even worse, every symptom of an aging brain — including memory loss and slower verbal ability — are all triggered by the breakdown of this inner elixir…

I’m talking about the tiny energy factories inside each of your brain cells —
your mitochondria.

Mitochondria are tiny organelles in each of your brain cells that take in nutrients and break them down to create energy.

And I’m not talking about the ‘fake’ energy you get from stimulants like caffeine, energy drinks or sugar.

I’m talking about the purest, most powerful form of energy in the whole of nature.

As you age, a deadly cocktail of toxins, stress and free radicals destroys your mitochondria, and switches off the energy flow in your brain.

That’s where ALCAR comes in.

You’ve already heard how ALCAR helps build faster connections in your brain — but it also does something even more astounding.

ALCAR has a stunning impact on mental energy levels — even among the elderly.

111% MORE Mental Energy
at ANY Age

In a breakthrough brain study, ALCAR had a remarkable impact on the energy levels of the elderly. It boosted mental energy by an astonishing 111% in centenarians.
(The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)43

This remarkable study of 66 men and women over the age of 100 showed significant improvements in both mental and physical fatigue. And it had the added benefit of increasing total muscle mass.

It’s all because ALCAR has yet another super-power — the ability to carry essential nutrients into your mitochondria, which turn this fuel into brain energy.

ALCAR fuels these tiny power plants in your cells, boosting physical and mental energy. But ALCAR is no ordinary, everyday fuel booster.

It’s so efficient, we call it the ‘perfect’ brain-fuel generator.

In a groundbreaking study (published in the Journal of Physiology)44 patients were given a 15% increase in carnitine — but it didn’t just raise their fuel metabolism by 15%, as researchers expected.

Instead the carnitine raised their fuel metabolism by a stunning 40%!

In other words, ALCAR is the ideal brain-fuel generator — because it only takes a tiny amount of this super-nutrient to generate 3.5 TIMES the amount of brain fuel.

Focus IQ Delivers the Perfect Fuel for Your Brain

It’s as if scientists had finally discovered the secret to nuclear fusion — the ability to harness limitless clean energy… energy that never stops… and that keeps on giving.

With Focus IQ you can generate this perfect energy deep inside your brain.

But ALCAR doesn’t only create more brain fuel by shuttling nutrients into your mitochondria.

It also gets rid of the waste, by shuttling the toxic byproducts of energy out of the mitochondria.

In other words, it’s the perfect energy system — completely self-sufficient, while also getting rid of its own waste.

And studies show it’s even better than what anyone could imagine.

In a randomized, double-blind study 36 people were treated for 3 months with 1 gram of ALCAR daily.

Researchers found “significant effects of ALCAR” in reducing fatigue and increasing energy levels.

With this surge in pure, mitochondrial energy, you’ll think faster, have sharper focus, and be more productive and creative — for much longer every day…

In one study on 1,204 patients, University of London researchers reported a significant impact on attention, mental performance, memory and higher mental functions — and these stunning benefits increased the longer ALCAR was taken.

Imagine Being Able to Learn ANY New Skill
As If You Were a Child

Imagine having the mental energy of a child — with the ability to learn any new skill at will.

Foreign languages, music, reading, memorization — everything at your fingertips.

Or imagine having a whole range of mental intelligence abilities — a quick wit, a sharp mind, mental agility, all-day mental energy, and a perfect memory.

I designed Focus IQ to target every aspect of your brain. Neurons, blood-flow, brain energy, logical reasoning, verbal ability, memorization — we’ve got it all covered.

But ALCAR isn’t the only brain energy secret I’ve included in Focus IQ.

When I designed this unique formula, I knew it was essential to make sure you could have all-day energy without the after-lunch energy slumps people usually get.

If you’re living a caffeine-fueled lifestyle… getting early morning stimulus from caffeine… only to suffer a mid-afternoon energy crash… and your productivity is waning…

…then Focus IQ can help you escape this vicious cycle… and have all-day mental stamina exactly when you need it…

…so you can stay productive and creative all day long…

Chapter 5

Surging Mental Energy Without Crashing

The Brain ENERGY Secret of NASA Astronauts and Silicon Valley CEOs

When it comes to staying sharp and mentally energized all day long, there’s nothing more important than increasing and sustaining the blood flow to your brain — so you have all-day focus and energy without energy slumps or crashes.

Here’s why it’s so important:

The brain consumes about 20% of the body’s oxygen — even though it only weighs about 3.5 pounds, or 2% your total body weight.46

In other words, your brain consumes 10 TIMES more oxygen than any other part of your body!

This also means that the blood in your brain has to work 10 TIMES harder — so that your brain cells get every ounce of oxygen they need.

In other words, your brain’s oxygen-system needs to be like a high-octane jet engine that works on overtime and never breaks down.

Anything less, and you’re going to end up brain-fogged and sluggishwith no energy to talk, be productive or remember things past lunch-time.

That’s why I’ve included a special natural compound in Focus IQ that dramatically increases the blood flow to your brain…

It’s a 3,000-year-old brain energy secret that some researchers are calling “Viagra for the brain”…

Ancient Armenian Intelligence Secret Supercharges the Blood Flow to Your Brain

It comes from a rare flower used in Armenian folk medicine 3,000 years ago47 — but the Armenians weren’t the only ones to recognize its incredible brain benefits.

It’s also used in Jamaican folk medicine. It appeared in an early Anglo-Saxon herbal ‘bible’ from the 2nd century. And Germans call it the ‘flower of immortality.”48

And its incredible benefits are revered as much today as they were thousands of years ago…

Silicon Valley CEOs are using it to crush ‘brain-tasks’, increase productivity, and stay alert for grueling 16 hour work-days.

U.S. astronauts keep a stock of it in the Space Station Mir’s medicine cabinet. It helps them stay alert and focused. 49

Even mountain climbers use it at high altitude — because it enhances cerebral blood flow, which in turn increases mental energy, memory function and concentration.50

Today more than 1,000 scholarly articles provide scientific proof that this ancient memory remedy is a potent antidote to forgetfulness, brain fog and mental confusion.

It’s called Vinpocetine — and it works by opening up blood flow to the brain, so the brain can get more nutrients… and by improving the transport of glucose across the blood-brain barrier.

  • One study examined the effects of vinpocetine on the cerebral blood flow of middle-aged and elderly people. It improved function so much that it even helped support healthy open blood vessel function in the brain.
  • A second study found it boosted cerebral blood flow by 37% — leading to dramatically enhanced mental energy and performance of cognitive tasks. (Journal of the Neurological Sciences)51
  • In a third study, on 112 men and women with an average age of 49.5, vinpocetine led to “significant improvements in memory and concentration” — after taking 5mg twice a day for 12 weeks. (Annals of Medical & Health Sciences Research)52
  • And a study on mountain climbers in the Peruvian Andes found it dramatically increased the brain oxygen and glucose levels of mountaineers.53

But vinpocetine doesn’t only support long and short-term memory — it does much more than that.

It also enhances alertness, awareness and preparedness — so you can always perform at 100% in conversation, or during challenging cognitive tasks.

Vinpocetine also acts as a powerful neuro-protector, protecting your brain against toxins and free radicals.54

But there’s an even more powerful reason vinpocetine is so special…

Vinpocetine also works as a nutrient ‘super-charger’ for all the other ingredients
in Focus IQ.

Vinpocetine ramps up the benefits of every other nutrient — and this incredible super-power you can…

Build “Project Crushing” Focus
— and Turn Your Mind Into an Ideas Factory

Each benefit I’ve revealed is dramatically enhanced by the addition of this ‘fuel-injecting’ ingredient, vinpocetine.

How does this super-power work? It works by improving your brain’s ability to absorb other nutrients — upgrading and prolonging all their brain-positive benefits.

By enhancing and perfecting every other benefit, vinpocetine is the nutrient-driver that…

  • Builds razor-sharp, “project-crushing” focus
  • Turns your mind into an ideas factory
  • Equips you with precise, lightning-quick recall
  • Floods your mind with thought-creating energy
  • Harnesses your untapped intellectual potential for success
  • Fights nagging, straining, mental stress

Focus IQ is Transforming the Lives of Thousands of My Patients

I’ve received thousands of ‘love letters’ and emails from Focus IQ users — and here’s what some of them are saying:

Focus IQ could well be the most powerful natural brain-enhancing formula ever developed.

It helps you maintain intense focus and have instant recall that comes with a normal, healthy memory.

It helps you power through unpleasant tasks — especially ones that are complex or mentally challenging.

No Energy Slumps, No Jitters

You’ll stave off the post-lunch lethargy — and instead, have daily bursts of late-afternoon activity.

And you’ll be able to do all of this without the sweaty-palmed intensity of caffeine or sugary snacks.

There’s no mental over-stimulation with Focus IQ, and none of the jitters you get with caffeine. Instead you get natural all-day energy of the purest kind.

In a very short time after taking Focus IQ, you’ll feel a blast of intense focus surging through your mind. It will leave you feeling liberated and ready to take on the world.

But I must warn you.

Right now, your brain is being attacked by a dangerous double-whammy of ‘brain-killers’: toxins and oxidative stress.

Brain-damaging toxins are found everywhere in everyday life.

There are literally hundreds, but the worst are phthalates (found in plastics and household cleaners)55benzene (found in vehicle exhaust, detergents and — yes — pharmaceutical drugs)… and pesticides (which are all over the fruit and vegetables you buy at your local supermarket).

For example, if you keep your food in plastic containers… use plastic wrap… or drink out of plastic cups… these toxins leach into your food and drink…and directly attack your
brain cells…

Do this for 30, 40 or 50 years, and you’ll feel the damage — brain fog, forgetfulness, slow in conversation, and slow to learn new skills…

Then there’s oxidative stress — which slowly destroys your brain cells as you age.

Oxidation is the waste produced as a result of the energy your brain creates. It’s like rust on an aging car — it builds and builds over time, and it can lead to memory loss, brain fatigue and a foggy brain.

Or it can lead to much worse… because studies show that oxidative stress is one of the prime causes of age-related brain malfunction as we age.

This two-edged assault is killing off neurons, and making the blood flow to your brain sluggish and inefficient.

The end result? Your short term memory fails. You walk and act slower. You talk slower.

The nerve tracts in your brain shrivel — leaving gaping holes in your brain.

That’s why I’ve included a trio of brain-protecting nutrients in Focus IQ that have a remarkable impact in fighting toxins…

Chapter 6

Ultimate Protection Against
Brain-Killing Toxins

Focus IQ Wipes Clean the “Brain Gunk” That’s Making You
Sluggish and Forgetful…

The first is a naturally occurring flavonoid, widely used in China, Korea and Japan for thousands of years.

It’s also used in Focus IQ — as you’ve already seen — as a potent neuron regenerator.

I’m talking about baicalin, and when it comes to scavenging free radicals and reversing oxidative stress, it blows other antioxidants out of the water:

  • In one ground-breaking study baicalin was
    67 TIMES more effective at scavenging xanthine oxidase — a dangerous free radical that accumulates in the brain — compared to another well-known antioxidants.
    (Anticancer Research journal) 57
  • And in one emerging study a mixture containing baicalin reduced hippocampal cell death by 53% and markedly improved spatial memory.
    (The American Journal of Chinese Medicine)56

The second great toxin scavenger in Focus IQ is Acetyl-L-Carnitine, or ALCAR for short.

I’ve already told you how ALCAR can dramatically boost neurotransmitters to help you think faster, be more creative, and ‘hack’ difficult mental tasks like a 20-year-old.

But ALCAR is also an incredibly powerful neuro-protectant — one that can literally halt age-related mental decline in its tracks.

In one emerging study, a formula containing ALCAR reduced free radicals by 57% — and delayed the progression of age-related cognitive decline as a result. (Nutrition Research journal)57

In addition, ACLAR reverses age-related cellular dysfunction by keeping your mitochondria healthy, so that they function at the highest level.

And that means a ton more brain energy, faster thinking, and much greater mental stamina.

Plus, ALCAR also acts as a powerful antioxidant, and prevents deterioration of your brain during stress.

But the most powerful neuro-protectant in Focus IQ has an almost perfect track-record when it comes to destroying toxic waste and protecting your brain…

This Ancient Brain Healer Wipes Out
96% of Free Radicals!

The leaves of this powerful compound are used in Ayurvedic medicine to restore youth, memory and longevity. In Chinese medicine, they’re used to combat mental exhaustion.

It was also prized as a potent brain healer by the ancient Maya in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

The ancient Indian medical text, the ‘Charaka Samhita’, recommends this compound for managing poor cognition, lack of concentration, and low mental energy.

Until recently, scientists had no idea why this compound was such a powerful brain-enhancer…

But now a series of stunning experiments proves that it works by scavenging a wide range of dangerous free radicals in the brain — in some cases by nearly 100%!

It’s called Bacopa Monnieri, or BM for short — and scientists are stunned by its ability to wipe out dangerous free radicals.

  • In a study in the International Journal of Research in Ayurveda, BM scavenged one of the most dangerous free radicals — lipid peroxidation — by 95.8%! In other words, it erased almost all the oxidative damage, which means it has almost total protective power for your brain.58
  • And BM scavenged another potent free radical — called DPPH — with up to 60% eradication success.59

Focus IQ is the Only Whole-Brain Intelligence Formula that Targets Every Aspect of Brain Health

These are all incredible benefits. Like I said, the unique,
one-of-a-kind combination of nutrients in Focus IQ is designed as a whole-brain intelligence formula.

Each nutrient targets a specific aspect of brain health. Including intelligence, mental stamina and blood flow…

Focus IQ targets every part of your memory and IQ system… it enhances verbal and visual memory…

…it regrows brain neurons… and increases the connections between brain cells…

…and it improves language, learning, conversation and logical reasoning…

On their own, these benefits are quite astounding.
They exceed — by far — any of the brain-enhancement formulae coming out of the Pentagon.

But there’s one final brain-enhancement secret in Focus IQ that I want to reveal today — and it may be the most important of all.

It’s the one mental faculty that most neuroscientists believe is the “make or break” factor when it comes to success in life.

I’m not just talking about crushing a complex mental task. I’m talking about getting to the top of your career… being a successful leader or CEO… being a perfect parent… and having a loving marriage that lasts your whole life…

Chapter 7

The Happiness Factor — Enhancing Your Brain for Positivity, Motivation and Success

Focus IQ Boosts The One Thing That’s Most Important
for Your Brain: Positivity

Happiness? Is that scientific? Most physicians don’t even talk about it.

Yet more and more neuroscientists agree it’s the single most important factor when it comes to the overall well-being of your brain.

For decades scientists believed it was impossible to ‘study’ happiness — but a stunning research breakthrough reveals that being happy, and staying positive, has some incredible benefits for your brain.

Reported in Psychology Today,60 this landmark study reveals that staying positive and happy has more impact on brain health than almost anything else. Staying happy:

  • Stimulates the growth of nerve connections.
  • Enhances cognition by increasing mental productivity.
  • Improves your ability to analyze and
    think clearly.
  • Boosts your attention-span.
  • Generates even more happy, positive thinking.

This remarkable study also found that people who stay positive and optimistic lead rich, fulfilled lives, have better relationships, have stronger immune systems — and even live longer.

But being happy and positive is easier said than done. Most of us live life under extreme stress, worry and fear.

And I don’t mean big fears, like getting lost in an Arctic storm — I’m talking about the everyday fear of ‘small things’ like paying the bills, getting sick or worrying about your children.

This daily worry, stress and fear is your own worst enemy when it comes to the overall health of your brain…

That’s why Focus IQ also contains what I call the “happiness nutrient” — a powerful stress-busting compound that helps to wipe out worry, relieve your fears, and stay positive, all day and every day.

It’s an ancient happiness compound used by hunter-gatherers in Africa to elevate mood and reduce stress. The first Europeans to discover it were Dutch explorers in the 17th Century.

For decades, scientists completely ignored it — but then a breakthrough study, published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology,61 discovered something remarkable.

The “Happiness Nutrient” That
Makes You Think Better Under Stress

In this landmark study, scientists gave 16 healthy participants the “happiness nutrient” or a placebo — and then placed them in a threatening or fearful situation.

At the same time, the scientists monitored activity in their amygdala — the part of the brain that processes fear, worry and stress.

And what they discovered stunned them…

Participants who were given the “happiness nutrient” had dramatically less activity in their amygdalas — in other words, they reacted much more positively under threat.

They could face fearful, worrying situations without being stressed, and without losing their cognitive abilities.

Their minds could function much better under stress, instead of “closing off” or being ‘paralyzed’ by fear.

Imagine having a crisis at work — and imagine that instead of panicking, and not thinking straight, you’re able to solve that crisis quickly and creatively, with an open mind, and with a smile on your face.

Or imagine having a conflict with a loved one. And instead of feeling stressed, or ‘forced into a corner’, you’re able to act calmly, think clearly and keep everyone happy.

This is exactly what this incredible “happiness nutrient” can do you for you.

It’s called Sceletium Tortuosum. It works by maintaining a limited amount of the ‘worry enzyme’ in your brain, called phosphodiesterase, or PDE for short.

Studies show that inhibiting low levels of PDE has a wide range of health benefits for your brain. It improves long-term memory, wakefulness and alertness. It protects neurons. It increases long-term plasticity.

In other words, by cutting out stress and unhealthy fear, the “happiness nutrient” dramatically enhances your ability to learn new skills, remember long-ago events, be more productive and stay alert for longer.

Especially when life-events are making you stressed or fearful.

Imagine waking every morning with a surge of positive energy…

Imagine feeling “switched on” from the moment you wake up…

Imagine staying highly motivated all day long…

Imagine having a constant sense of purpose, so you can achieve your full potential…

Imagine achieving the highest levels of success in work, relationships and life…

All these benefits are exactly why you should…

Try Focus IQ Today!

It’s true, you could find some of these ingredients in a health food store and buy them separately — but you wouldn’t be getting anywhere near the level of brain-enhancement I’ve described today.

It’s the potency, combination, and careful selection of these nutrients that gives you these remarkable results.

That’s why, as with all of my products, I’ve taken great care to make sure that Focus IQ is created with pure, potent ingredients that will give you the best results.

I work directly with our manufacturer to make sure the formula is created under strict quality standards known as Good Manufacturing Practices.

And I try each formula myself once it’s completed.

I don’t use discount suppliers.

I don’t accept synthetic substitutes.

And I don’t believe in sacrificing quality for price when it comes to something you’re going to take into your body with the purpose of making it strong and healthy.

I advise my patients not to take any chances with quality, and I recommend the same for you too.

But I want you to try Focus IQ and feel the difference for yourself.

That’s why today I want you to take advantage of an incredible introductory offer…

If you join my VIP Auto Delivery Program, you’ll receive a volume savings on Focus IQ… AND I’ll also waive your shipping costs for as long as you take it.

You’ll save $62.82 on each VIP Auto Delivery order compared with the regular price… that’s like getting the value of a bottle of Focus IQ with each shipment, when you order today.

It’s a great deal — but it gets even better…

My Gift To You:
Fire Up The Brainpower That Gives You New Ideas, Razor-Sharp Recall and Laser-Like Focus

A $29.95 Value!

In this exclusive e-Report, you’ll have complete access to the simple system I developed for my own patients to help them preserve their telomeres and stay sharp, focused, energetic and alert, with total recall at their fingertips.

Because when you preserve your telomeres, your brainpower improves… you feel on-the-ball… and more importantly, you’re fully aware and in control of your
own life

In Ageless Mind, you’ll learn how to avoid the three enemies zapping your brainpower, and how to nourish your brain, preserve your brain cell telomeres, reverse brain cell loss…
and in many cases restore youthful brain function.

You’ll be able to download my Ageless Mind e-Report right away. No waiting for the postman to bring your “snail mail.” You can get started immediately.

Hundreds of people paid $29.95 for this exclusive Ageless Mind e-Report. But I’d like to give it to you FREE when you join Focus IQ’s 3-month VIP Auto Delivery Program today.

Here’s What You Do Next…

After you’ve placed your order for Focus IQ today, and it arrives at your door…
Immediately open the bottle and take two capsules (you do this once daily).

What you’re feeling is a calming but razor-sharp focus settling in. I bet over the next few hours you’ll be able to work faster, follow group conversations much easier, and avoid distractions.

And that’s just what you’ll feel happening. Inside, Focus IQ is working to maintain healthy blood flow to your brain, regrow your brain cells, combat stress, elevate your mood and protect your brain.

And even if, for any reason at all, you decide Focus IQ isn’t for you…

Within 90 days of purchase simply return the unused portion — or even the empty bottles — to me. As soon as I receive them, I’ll refund every cent you spend on Focus IQ.

That way there’s absolutely no risk to you.

So try Focus IQ and start building a better brain today!


To Your Good Health,

Al Sears, MD, CNS

P.S. Don’t wait: I don’t know how long this initial offer for volume savings will be available. Click the button below and lock in your savings — and extra brainpower — with no risk!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Results may vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.


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