Soviet super athlete secret -

Soviet Super Athlete Secret

The Olympics are coming up this summer. My Brazilian friends have already invited me.

Every Olympic season reminds me of my roots in nutrition as an athletic strength coach.

Many of the nutritional performance enhancers have their roots in Olympic athletic performance. But today I want to tell you about one you’ve probably never heard of…

It beats out almost every natural performance enhancer in the world.

It’s been used by the Russians to boost their Olympic Athletes since 1952.

In fact, it’s so rare and valuable that it was once illegal to trade it outside of Russia’s borders.

I’m talking about a rare, arctic plant with incredible rejuvenating powers.

This obscure miracle-worker is an herb that grows above 10,000 feet in the sub-arctic Altai Mountains of Siberia.

Just a small dose allows your body to…

In fact, Siberians using this herb for tea were said to be active and healthy at over 100 years old!

So why haven’t you heard about this before?

When the Cold War officially ended, the secrets the Russians were keeping started trickling out.

But while the world was distracted with the Space Race and ongoing political tensions, one of those secrets slipped right under the radar…

And that’s exactly what the Soviets wanted.

This powerful herb has been a jealously guarded secret of scientists, government officials, and Olympic athletes since its discovery.

With it, the Soviets have been secretly boosting their athlete’s performance in Olympic Games since 1952, paving their way to gold medals for decades.

And because it’s an all-natural herb it’s completely safe and legal.

Its ability to boost mental clarity and physical performance under stress are groundbreaking on their own.

But the deeper I investigated, the more I discovered just how far this herb can go toward supporting your health at every level.

Now that I’ve tapped into this top-secret research, YOU can enjoy the same natural element that gives Russia’s top athletes such a powerful edge.

I’m about to show you how you can use the Soviet’s best-kept secret to start combating the toll that age and stress are taking on your body.

But first, let me explain what makes this little arctic plant such a powerhouse in the field of anti-aging medicine…

The Two Halves of Aging Revealed

If you’re familiar with my research, you’ve heard a lot about telomeres and mitochondria.

It might seem a little confusing at times…

But it’s really rather simple.

If you want to live a longer, better, healthier life… if you want to increase your “health span” so you can live life to its fullest… you need to do two things:

1. Protect your telomeres. Telomeres guard your DNA, keeping your cells dividing properly. If you had an unlimited supply of telomeres, your cells could live forever.

2. Protect your mitochondria. Mitochondria keep your cells powered up and clean. Keep your mitochondria running efficiently and you’ll have all the energy you need… for as long as you need it!

You’re probably already familiar with the importance of supporting your telomeres.

My patients who follow my telomere protocol have lungs that are “biologically younger” and stronger… their minds are sharp… their immune systems are strong… and they feel strong and vibrant again!

But telomere support just isn’t enough. There’s another “half” to the anti-aging equation, and I had to solve it if I wanted to offer my patients a complete anti-aging protocol.

You see, your telomeres aren’t the only thing directly linked to the aging process.

Your body is filled with millions of tiny organelles that not only provide your body with energy, they control the health of your tissues, your muscles, your organs and your skin.

I’m talking about your mitochondria. The little cellular power plants that keep you energized while filtering the cellular “sludge” that leaves your cells bloated and ineffective.

As you get older, your mitochondria become less efficient.

And all the telomere support in the world can’t help them. Because they don’t have telomeres! They have their own form of DNA, which means you need a different way to protect and nourish them.

Healthy Mitochondria Keep Your Cells
Operating at Optimal Efficiency

I’ve been looking at mitochondrial health for years.

I was one of the first to realize CoQ10 provides the “spark” your mitochondria need to function.

And then I discovered that PQQ increases the number of mitochondria you have.

But it wasn’t enough. I wanted to do for your mitochondria what I can already do for your telomeres…

I wanted to make an awe-inspiring difference for your mitochondria…

A product that would address THE OTHER HALF OF AGING for those who are committed to providing their bodies with the ultimate in anti-aging support…

And now I’ve done it.

Mito-Essence is the only product available designed specifically for this function.

If you look online or on your drugstore shelves, you’ll find plenty of products that are “good” for your mitochondria.

And if you took enough of them in the right combination, you might actually see some results.

But you’d have to take a lot of them. I mean by the fistfuls.

Because other products don’t provide ENOUGH of the right nutrients to make a difference.

In fact, if you took the Recommended Daily Allowance of the nutrients in Mito-Essence, they wouldn’t do you a bit of good.

To see an effect at the cellular level, you need much higher doses. It’s not just the combination of ingredients, but the AMOUNT of each ingredient that makes a difference.

That’s why Mito-Essence comes as a pleasant-tasting powder you simply stir into a glass of water and drink.

Because it contains too many important nutritional powerhouses to fit in a pill.

Makes A Difference You Can Feel

No other product on the market today is specifically designed to protect your mitochondria from age-related decline like Mito-Essence.

That puts Mito-Essence at the very top of my nutritional pyramid with Telo-Essence. It’s one of those rare supplements that can actually help your body grow “biologically younger.”

Imagine being able to bound out of bed each morning… with more mobility… faster brain power… better cardiovascular health… and a dramatically improved zest for life.

Through my extensive research, I’ve identified a handful of nutrients that filter and cleanse toxins from your mitochondria, keeping your power plants operating strong and clean.

The result is a surge of robust energy that flows through every tissue and organ in your body… giving you a feeling of power and vitality you haven’t felt since you were young.

You can obtain the health, energy and independence of your youth with my new cellular protection product Mito-Essence

It’s the most powerful product of its kind available anywhere in the world.

Supports a Healthy Cell Cycle

For more than 25 years, I’ve made my patients’ mitochondrial health a high priority because the key to staying young is having plenty of healthy mitochondria with the power to produce robust energy. 

One of the first things I used with my patients was CoQ10. CoQ10 was the first “super nutrient” we identified to have an immediate connection to your mitochondrial health.

I noticed an immediate and startling change in my patients who took it. They had greater energy, stamina and strength than ever before.

But the more research I did, the more I realized that CoQ10 doesn’t quite finish the job.

The good news is I’ve discovered seven powerful nutrients that are taking us to a whole new level of mitochondrial health that can’t be achieved with CoQ10 alone.

Build Your Own “Mega-Mitochondria”

When taken together, these nutrients have the ability to filter and clean your mitochondria, making them powerful producers of robust energy and vitality.

Super Protector #1: The Soviet’s Secret to “Super-Human” Athletes

The first mitochondrial “super protector” I put into my Mito-Essence formula is the arctic herb that boosted a nation into Olympic fame.

Rhodiola rosea is a little yellow flower native to the arctic mountains of Eastern Siberia.

As a powerful natural adaptogen, it helps your body respond to all types of stressors and stabilizes its reactions under pressure.

When a team of more than 1,200 Soviet scientists declared they were going to find a way to improve the performance of Russian athletes, military and political officers, they started doing endurance tests on subjects using different adaptogens.

The Soviet team studied over 4,000 plants and conducted more than 1,000 clinical studies and experiments on adaptogens. Out of those 4,000, only four were considered true adaptogens — and Rhodiola Rosea was at the top of the list.

During these trials, Rhodiola Rosea improved endurance time by up to 59%, giving the scientists exactly the results they had been searching for.1

They eagerly supplied their Olympic athletes with the herb to boost their endurance.

And those results speak for themselves:

At six of its nine appearances at the Olympic Games between 1952 and 1988, the Soviet team (USSR) ranked first in the total number of gold medals won. It was second on the other three occasions.

In another study, scientists at the University of California at Irvine fed Rhodiola to fruit flies. And those flies lived 24% longer than the rest of their swarm.2,3,4

For the flies, that was just three extra days. But if they were humans, that would be like extending the life of the average American by 20 years!

It’s an unmatched natural source of energy and mental clarity, plus it boosts physical resilience in subjects under stress.

Patricia L. Gerbarg, MD, is a colleague of mine who uses Rhodiola Rosea to support her patient’s energy, recovery time and mental clarity on a regular basis:

Any patient who has a problem with fatigue — rhodiola can be like the magic bullet… I’ve had cases of amazing recovery with rhodiola; a lot of residual symptoms with these people — loss of energy, loss of strength, their brain slows down — will improve quickly and dramatically with rhodiola.” 5

Dr. Patricia Gerbarg

And in my own practice, I’ve seen its power to energize my patients. In just a few months, they appear visibly younger and stronger.

And they happily tell me they can feel the difference, too.

But this is only the beginning. I specially formulated Mito-Essence with six other anti-aging ingredients that are just as powerful as Rhodiola Rosea…

Super Protector #2: “The Mother of All Antioxidants”

The second mitochondrial “super protector” I put into my Mito-Essence formula is an amino acid called N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC).

NAC is vital to your mitochondria because it helps your body make glutathione, the most powerful antioxidant in the world.

Glutathione acts like your car’s oil filter. It filters out free radicals and toxic sludge. When you don’t have enough glutathione, your mitochondria can’t filter out the thousands of foreign chemicals that are inhaled, ingested and regularly absorbed into your body.

Glutathione also binds to organic toxins, heavy metals, solvents and pesticides, so your body can get rid of these nasty invaders.

Plus, research shows that high levels of glutathione correspond directly to health and longevity…

Odense University in Denmark found that glutathione levels were higher in centenarians. And among centenarians, those who were the most active had the very highest levels of the potent antioxidant.6

A study of women ranging in age from 60 to 103 found that “high blood glutathione concentrations… are characteristic of long-lived women.” 7

And glutathione’s health benefits go well beyond mitochondrial health…

Boosting your production of glutathione helps your body fight age-related decline.That’s why I made it a main ingredient of Mito-Essence.

“While Glutathione has a very long list of impressive benefits, its fundamental role is to [support], if not maximize, the function of every cell in every organ of your body. There are very few other factors which are as predictive of our life expectancy as are our levels of cellular Glutathione.”

– Dr. Sherrill Sellman

Super Protector #3: Turbo-Charger for Your Cells

The next mitochondrial “super protector” I added to Mito-Essence is acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC).

If N-Acetyl Cysteine is like an oil filter for your car, ALC is like taking your car’s engine in for a performance enhancement. Not only does ALC help clean out your cells’ engines, it adds on a turbo-charger for peak performance.

ALC is especially important for your heart and brain, whose incessant demand for chemical energy to keep on going must be met.

I have been using ALC to give my patients a boost in brainpower for years. I’ve seen it bring razor-sharp thinking to my patients who take it. ALC keeps the mind from slowing down as time goes by. It shores up your ability to recall words and names, follow what others are saying, and think and reason clearly.

Super Protector #4: Cellular Cleaning Crew

There is a very important plant flavonoid called Luteolin in common foods like parsley, olive oil, rosemary and celery that’s a potent protector of your mitochondria. Luteolin works overtime to protect your mitochondria in two very important ways:

 Stops Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGEs) from doing serious damage.8 AGEs are nasty little byproducts that form when your blood sugar is too high. When your body goes to break down all that sugar, AGEs get left behind. These toxic compounds damage cells and reduce your mitochondria’s ability to create energy.9

 Luteolin is bad news for little protein molecules called cytokines, which can cause you all kinds of problems. Cytokines leave your mitochondria bloated and hollow, unable to function.10 This damage affects your memory as well as your ability to learn and think. Luteolin goes to work shutting those cytokines down before they can wreak their havoc on your mitochondria.

I’ve also included a trio of special B vitamins that are powerful mitochondrial supporters. But they’re not just any B vitamins…

Super Protector #5: Toxin Terminator

The first is benfotiamine, a little-known fat-soluble form of vitamin B1.

What makes benfotiamine special is its ability to protect against AGEs — by making sure they never form in the first place.11,12,13 This lets your body produce all the clean energy it needs to keep you healthy and active.

Super Protector #6: Youthful Energy Booster

The second member of this potent trio is niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3. Research shows niacinamide makes sure your mitochondria are firing on all cylinders.14

Super Protector #7: Potent Power Producer

I’ve also added riboflavin to Mito-Essence, also known as vitamin B2. Riboflavin is critical to the cellular energy-production process. When you have enough of it, riboflavin helps your mitochondria pump out power at full capacity.15

Take Charge of Your Own Biological Age

Now you’ll have the energy and vitality you need to live life the way you want to live it — on your own terms.

Grab a pen or pencil and start making a list. Write down all the things you want to do in the next year… five years… 10 years or more.

Because now you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’ll be able to handle your own luggage on vacation… or keep up with your grandkids on their summer breaks… or run your business as well as you did a decade ago.

With Mito-Essence, your best years are still ahead of you.

I created Mito-Essence to be the perfect complement to Telo-Essence. When taken together, they give you the two most powerful weapons to fight the two most important aging-factors your body faces.

In fact, Mito-Essence and Telo-Essence are the world’s most powerful “One-Two” Anti-Aging Punch.

I feel so strongly about how well these two products work together, I’m offering you an unprecedented discount during the launch of Mito-Essence.

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As the potent ingredients begin to nourish and protect your mitochondria, you will feel more energized and ready to take on the world.

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