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How the Japanese Stay Thinner
Than Everyone Else… Even Though
They Eat Carbs Like Crazy!

Clinical studies confirm “sweet & salty” seasoning
burns off five times more weight
while you eat all the carbohydrates you want!

“This is the first time that a natural food component has been shown to reduce fat by targeting the UCP1 protein.”1 — Doctor from top-ranked Japanese University

“Activation of UCP1 [triggers] energy expenditure which will have anti-obesity effects.”2 — Harvard doctors reporting in the Diabetes & Metabolism Journal

Now, this entirely new way to lose weight is part of the “Holy Grail” of fat burning that turns on all five of your body’s weight-loss triggers…

“My new Japanese seasoning discovery
helped Amanda burn off 17 lbs. of pure fat
and 23 inches throughout her whole body.”

“Now, you can use this same secret
and activate all five weight-loss triggers in your body
and shrink your waist, hips and thighs —
all while enjoying healthy amounts of your favorite foods.
Scroll down to see how…”

Dear Reader,

The Japanese have a secret to staying skinny.

And it can help you lose weight too. Even if you refuse to give up carbohydrates.

After all, just look at what Japanese people eat.

yes Rice bowls at every meal.

yes Rice balls for snacks.
yes Rice in sushi.

And what do they eat when they get sick of rice?


Add it All up, and The Average Japanese Diet
is 70% Carbs!

That’s FAR more than most Americans eat.

That’s probably more carbohydrates than YOU eat.

But look at how skinny they are!

The average Japanese woman weighs just 115 pounds… and the typical Japanese man tips the scales at just 150 pounds… giving them the LOWEST rates of obesity of any country in the world.3

Scientists used to think Japanese people stayed thin because they ate less and exercised more.

But clinical studies prove a seasoning lets them get away with eating so many carbs.

Michelin-starred celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal says it “adds an exciting and unexpected burst of flavor.4Which is why they add it to almost every meal.

And new scientific research confirms it can shrink your waist too.


Not just a measly pound or two either. But enough weight that everyone around you will take notice.

Take one double-blind study, where patients took a placebo or added small doses of this seasoning to their diet.5

Neither group changed their diet… exercised more… or made any lifestyle changes.

The placebo group lost three pounds in four months.

But those who added the seasoning lost 15 pounds during the same period!

That’s FIVE TIMES more weight loss!

And this isn’t just water weight…

Eliminates the WORST Type of Fat

Another study led by Washington University School of Medicine doctors looked into the type of fat this seasoning burns off.

They found it reduces both subcutaneous fat (the fat right below your skin, that you see in the mirror)… and… visceral fat that wraps around your organs and causes all kinds of health challenges.

No wonder Japanese people are so skinny and have the second-highest life expectancy in the world!

They have a seasoning that makes food taste better AND protects them from the damaging effects of all those carbs they eat.

Now of course you’ll lose more weight if you add in exercise and make healthy changes to your diet (and in a moment, I’ll show you how I’ve helped patients supercharge these results… to lose, and keep off not just a few pounds but hundreds of pounds).

But imagine maintaining your current lifestyle and eating all the carbs you wanted to…

And still losing five times more weight.

Fat weight. The unsightly fat that sits on your hips, waist and belly. And the invisible — but deadly — kind smothering your internal organs.

While also packing everything you eat with more flavor!

That’s what this seasoning can do for you.

These aren’t pie in the sky claims. These are REAL placebo-controlled studies on REAL people with REAL weight problems.

But what really got scientists excited is…

It Promises to Help People Who’ve Failed
On Every Other Diet

It began when Harvard scientists discovered an entirely new way to lose weight. It involves a special protein called UCP1 that is a dieter’s dream.

I’ll get to the connection between UCP1 and this seasoning in a moment. But first, let me explain why this is so groundbreaking…

In other words, UCP1 tells cells in your body to release stored fat… which your body then immediately burns giving you more energy.

Less fat and more energy? Talk about a god-send for people struggling to lose weight!

Before this, experts said there were only two ways to get your body into “fat-burning” mode. You could either eat less… or… exercise more.

Have you tried that? How did it work out for you? It’s not easy, right?

I’ve been a doctor for 30 years. Most patients tell me the “eat less and exercise more” approach is almost impossible. The lack of food makes them hungry all the time. And all that exercise leaves them exhausted.

But no one wants to be hungry and tired all the time. So no wonder it is so hard to lose weight.

That is why this Japanese seasoning is so exciting. It triggers UCP1… so your body releases fat from your cells… and you lose weight while also gaining a surge of energy.

All while you get to eat tons of carbs!

That may sound unbelievable, but…

Scientists from Prestigious Institutions All Across the Globe
Have Confirmed This Harvard Discovery

A Baylor College of Medicine study concluded, “mice partially reversed insulin resistance and obesity and these changes were associated with increased expression of UCP1.”6

Another study from the University of Cambridge induced mice to create more UCP1. They reported “These mice are protected from obesity on a high-fat diet and have increased whole-body energy expenditure, improved insulin sensitivity, reduced liver fat, and reduced adipose tissue inflammation.”7

Then there’s a study from University of California, Irvine.

Researchers there altered mice so their fat cells had twice as much UCP1. These mice exhibited a “20-30% increase in energy expenditure.” The study concluded by saying UCP1 could be a “novel means to modulate energy balance as a treatment of obesity and related clinical disorders.”8

These are scientists with impeccable credentials, from top schools, running controlled trials and ALL coming to the same conclusion… that UCP1 is a game changer for losing weight.

In Fact, It May be Impossible to be Skinny Without it!

Scientists presenting at the 134th Nobel Prize Symposium in Göteborg, Sweden said UCP1, “likely contributes to the lean phenotype typically observed.”9

In other words, it’s why skinny people are so skinny.

If you’ve ever met someone who eats like a king, but still stays rail thin… well, now you may know why. It’s not because they have more willpower than you. It’s because their UCP1 proteins are working overtime to burn off all that extra food they eat!

There is just one problem.

Just like having a high-powered sports car is useless unless you have the keys… the Harvard doctors who discovered the UCP1 protein didn’t know how to turn it on!

And that’s where this Japanese seasoning comes in.

Dr. Kazuo Miyashita of Hokkaido University in Japan tested it on more than 200 mice and rats. Presenting his research at the 232nd national meeting of the American Chemical Society he announced “This is the first time that a natural food component has been shown to reduce fat by targeting the UCP1 protein.”

So now you know how the Japanese can stay thinner than everyone else even though they eat carbs like crazy.

The answer — confirmed by double-blind clinical studies, the most prestigious research Universities, and presented at a Nobel Prize Symposium — is because this seasoning activates the UCP1 protein to help keep them skinny!

So what is this first-ever natural food breakthrough?

Seaweed. Specifically, a substance in brown seaweed called Fucoxanthin.

As great as seaweed tastes, not everyone wants to eat it at every meal. And that’s why I’ve made fucoxanthin the first ingredient in my weight-loss formula Ultra Primal Lean. It’s an easy way to activate UCP1 (your body’s “energy-release” trigger)… to help release fat from your cells and burn it for energy every single day.

But that’s just ONE of your body’s weight-loss signals. There are a total of five. And you’ll want to activate all five of them for maximum weight loss in minimum time.

Let me explain…

What’s WRONG with the Best Diet for Losing Weight?

Every week, I see scores of patients at my clinic — all who want to slow aging and feel leaner, healthier and stronger.

What I’m telling them now is a surprise to many, a shock to others. It’s this:

The Paleo Diet, which I first started writing about in 1998, unleashes the fat-burning power that made our Paleo ancestors so lean and so healthy. It’s a diet that can work like magic — it was the No. 1 diet in America in 2013 — yet it’s unsustainable.

By that I mean many people start the Paleo Diet, but most can’t keep it up. No carbs, no sugar, no dairy is a very rigid diet… following the Paleo Diet can be very expensive… and there are environmental concerns over the amount of meat required.

No wonder nine out of 10 people on the Paleo Diet fail.

So I set out to find something that would give you all the benefits of the Paleo Diet — plus much more — at a fraction of time, energy and cost. And I found it.

Better Than Paleo:
The Secret of the Leanest, Healthiest People on Earth

Most diet "experts” say poor metabolism is the major reason why people can’t lose weight.

The real reason why so many people fail to lose those extra pounds is that their "weight loss signals” are OUT of alignment.

If this happens, you won’t effectively burn fat or burn calories between meals — leaving you always hungry and craving sweets.

The Paleo Diet of lean protein and healthy fats kept two of these signals aligned for our ancestors.

Yet what I’ve learned from the latest medical research is your body actually has five weight-loss signals.

More importantly, I’ve found a new way to trigger all five of these weight-loss signals in your body, making weight loss and super health almost effortless.

Why “Ultra” is Superior to Any Diet
or Weight-Loss Effort You’ve Ever Tried

Do you want to…

I’m going to tell you how all of this is possible — and more — with my new and improved Ultra Primal Lean formula.

This is the same life-changing formula my patients and readers use and swear by… and now it’s available to you.

But you don’t have to take my world for the power and effectiveness of Ultra Primal Lean.

Learn what leading doctors, medical centers and universities have to say about its unique fat-burning ingredients… and what happy users have to say about its life-changing results — all with just two capsules a day!

Rare African Herb Turns on Your Body’s
Fat-Burning Trigger

Why did the Paleo Diet help our ancestors burn fat and stay so lean? Because their diet was loaded with protein, which triggers your body to naturally shed fat.

Paleo gurus say you should get protein from grass-fed or free-range beef, pork or chicken or fresh fish.

The problem is, to shed fat with the Paleo Diet you need to eat A LOT of lean protein — like 128 grams a day if you weigh 160 pounds.

To get that much protein, you’d have to eat a 16 oz. top sirloin with excess fat trimmed off every day!

I Found a Much Better Way to Incinerate Fat

In researching the best natural fat burners from my worldwide travels, I came across a little-known secret natives from West Africa have used for centuries to stay lean and trim.

It’s an herb derived from the fruit of the Bush Mango grown in the wilds of Africa called Irvingia gabonensis.

Irvingia gabonensis, or IG for short, is an adaptogen — a natural substance that helps your body adapt to stress and also exerts a "normalizing” effect.

In this case, it "resets” your body’s ability to burn fat as fuel.

Specifically, IG tells the fat inside your body to break down into the kind of fat that can be burned for energy, not stored as extra pounds.

And the Fat-Burning Results
Are Nothing Short of Phenomenal

In a study published in Lipids in Health and Disease, 102 healthy, overweight or obese volunteers took 150 mg of Irvingia gabonensis or a placebo twice a day for 10 weeks.

The results? For those taking Irvingia gabonensis — amazing!

18 times more weight lost! Those taking IG lost an average of 28 pounds! Those taking the placebo lost 1.54 pounds. That’s 18 times more weight lost!

3 times more fat incinerated! Fat lost taking IG: 6.3%! Fat lost taking the placebo: 1.99%.

Approximately 7 inches gone off the waist! Waist shrunk with IG: 6.65 inches! Inches off the waist with the placebo: 2 inches.

Plus, the IG group kept their cholesterol and blood sugar at healthy levels.

Irvingia gabonensis exceeds the fat-burning power of the Paleo Diet, and that’s why it’s the first key ingredient in my new and improved Ultra Primal Lean.

Yet as you’ll see, this powerful formula does much more than turn on your body’s fat-burning trigger…

Amanda’s Tale of the Tape!

"I’ve never looked this good in my life. I’ve lost 17 pounds of pure fat, and I’ve never had more energy.

"Before I started on Ultra Primal Lean, my weight gain was so gradual, I didn’t notice. It snuck up on me. And when I couldn’t button my pants, that’s when I realized, ‘Oh, my gosh, what happened? I’m running around looking like someone who really let themselves go.’

"Now, I’ve lost 17 pounds of pure fat and 23 inches throughout my whole entire body. I lost 4 inches around my waist… 7 inches around my hips… and 3 inches off each thigh.

"If you want to be in the best shape you can… if you want to feel the most confident you can… Ultra Primal Lean is perfect for you.”##

— Amanda G., Los Angeles, CA*

This “Skinny Bean” Prevents Most Carbs
from Turning into Fat…

Did you know that when you lose weight, your fat cells shrink?

The Paleo Diet does the same thing by significantly reducing your intake of carbohydrates and by increasing your intake of healthy fats.

But cutting out all sugar, cereals, bread, cookies, cakes, potatoes, white flour, pizza, pasta and sodas is nearly impossible for most people. If you’ve tried to go "no carb,” you know what I mean.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about a remarkable discovery clinically proven to help you drop pounds just like if you were restricting carbs — only you can still eat healthy amounts of pasta, pizza and pastries and your favorite foods to your delight.

The Ultimate Carb “Blocker”

You may have heard of carb "blockers” before, but nothing I’ve found is more effective at doing this than white kidney bean extract.

Normally, your body takes in carbs and makes fat from them.

But now, with white kidney bean extract, you can…

* Prevent carbs from being turned into fat
* Eliminate carbs before they turn into fat
* Prevent fat gain when you eat starchy, carb-rich foods or processed foods

This is like turning on your body’s carb-blocking mechanism!

White kidney bean works by reducing alpha-amylase, an enzyme that breaks down the starch in carbs into its simplest form, sugar.

Without alpha-amylase, your body can’t turn starches into sugar — and they pass OUT of your body before they get stored as fat.

Doctors report amazing weight loss in 30 days even with a carb-rich diet.

What does science have to say about the power of white kidney bean extract? Plenty.

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences, 60 slightly overweight volunteers took 445 mg of white kidney bean extract or a placebo a day before a carb-rich meal.

The Italian Paradox

How do the Italians eat platefuls and platefuls of pasta, pizza and pastry… and still have the lowest rates of weight gain and obesity in the world?

The answer is a surprise to most. Italians start most meals with the soup "pasta fagioli,” which is loaded with white beans.

These are the same white beans in white kidney bean extract that activates your body’s carb-blocking trigger — so you can eat healthy amounts of carbs and still lose weight.

After 30 days, those taking white kidney bean extract had significantly greater reduction of…

…compared to those taking the placebo.

That’s right. Those taking white kidney bean extract lost weight while still consuming a carb-rich diet of 2,000 to 2,200 calories a day!

More importantly, researchers conducting the study reported that with white kidney bean extract, the "major weight changes were brought about by fat loss,” not water loss!2

Imagine getting the fat-shedding benefits of "no carbs” like the Paleo Diet in just 30 days… without having to completely give up carbs!

Cindy’s Pants Are Too Big!

"After taking Ultra Primal Lean, I felt my appetite disappear right away, no doubt about it. Another great thing is my pants are too big. I had to dig in my closet and pull out a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in years — and they fit! Amazing stuff!”##

— Cindy L., FL*

Feel the Most Confident You Can be… Get Compliments Galore…
and Never Fear the Scale Again!

Yes, my new and improved Ultra Primal Lean helps you lose stubborn fat, but it also gives you something money can’t buy: Confidence!

With your new leaner, healthier, stronger body, you’ll have the confidence to…

Get out on the dance floor and enjoy a whole night of fun

Say “yes” to friends who ask you to join them on a 5K walk or run

Wear that new bathing suit or board shorts at the beach or pool party

Put on your “skinny” clothes again

Get to the gym on a regular basis for healthy workouts

Dress up for a wedding or reunion and get compliments galore

Get on the scale without fear or worry

With Ultra Primal Lean, you’ll enjoy a leaner, fitter body that’ll have all your friends and family begging for your secret. You tell them, it’s easy — just take Ultra Primal Lean every day.

Take a Look at the NEW Dijon:
186 Pounds Gone!


"I was 383 pounds. I sat on the couch. I watched infomercials. I wished that I was the person that was on the screen who had that amazing weight-loss story and journey, and thought, I can’t do that.

"At 383 pounds, you mentally and physically feel the world is on your shoulders and you feel like, well, maybe this is just how I’m supposed to be. It’s the way God made me. So I can’t change.

"But with Dr. Sears’ help, I realized you CAN change. I lost 186 pounds!

"I went from a size 56 pants to size 34 pants. My shirt is a medium now. I was wearing 5X and 6X shirts. I lost an entire adult average male.

"I have a lot of people coming up to me asking me, ‘Where are you? Where’s your weight?’ And I say, the weight is gone. It’s never coming back.

"It’s great to have people see me instead of my weight first. They see me for who I am.”##

— Dijon H., CA*

Asian “Fullness Fruit” is Nature’s Most Powerful Appetite Suppressant

Proponents of the Paleo Diet swear by it because it helps them feel more full and less hungry, which cuts down cravings between meals.

Of course, if you’re eating platefuls of steak, bacon, eggs, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, tuna, chicken breasts and butternut squash, you’d feel full, too.

But I’ve found a better way to feel fuller and more satisfied… banish unwanted hunger pangs and cravings… and decrease total body weight without having to stuff your face with Paleo Diet foods.

Feel Fuller, Faster, and Limit Your Chances
of Overeating

It’s possible with the extract of Garcinia cambogia (GC), a small citrus fruit grown in Asia. Natives use its dried rind as a preservative and flavoring agent and say eating a small amount of this fruit makes them full. Now we know why.

Garcinia cambogia…

  1. Blocks the action of an enzyme called citrate lyase, which in turn suppresses your appetite.
  2. Increases production of glycogen, which tells your brain you’re full.
  3. Improves your body’s response to leptin, the "fullness” hormone.

Taking Garcinia cambogia turns on your "fullness” trigger which tells your brain, "We’ve had enough to eat.”

The Proof?
Georgetown Study Shows GC Delivers Eight Appetite-Quelling,
Slimming, Health-Boosting Benefits

In this study, 60 volunteers were given a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet… walked 30 minutes a day for five days a week… and took a placebo or Garcinia cambogia every day for 8 weeks.

And the results nearly knocked me off my chair!

Those taking Garcinia cambogia had a significant decrease in…

Plus a significant increase in…

And as added benefits, they were able to keep their total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and triglycerides at healthy levels!10

Imagine all eight benefits from one unique extract like this! This is why Garcinia cambogia is the third key ingredient in my new and improved Ultra Primal Lean.

With it, you eat less… feel fuller faster… lose weight… support healthy cholesterol and triglyceride numbers… and feel good, too — results that are far better than from the Paleo Diet.

Yet there’s even more that my Ultra Primal Lean can do for you to help you lose stubborn pounds so you never fear the scale again…

Arlene Slimmed Down, Even During the Holidays!

"I had a favorite pair of Capri-style pants, and I could not get them on. I started taking Ultra Primal Lean before the holidays, so I was probably eating more than I normally do, but I noticed the effect within a few weeks.

I slimmed down in spite of the holiday food, and I got back into my Capri pants."##

— Arlene H., FL*

With Ultra Primal Lean, You May Need a Whole New Wardrobe.
Size: THIN!

If you’re a woman, it might be a sexy black dress… that stunning bathing suit you’ve had your eye on… or a pair of those form-fitting yoga or workout pants.

If you’re a guy, it might be some skinny jeans… one of those "slim-fitting” suits… or a new pair of shorts for golf or tennis.

In any case, Ultra Primal Lean can help you transform your body into the new, leaner, fitter, stronger, healthier you.

Your old clothes? Throw them out or give them away!

How Penny Dropped Two Dress Sizes!

Amanda Results

"I had put on a few extra pounds I could not take off. I was just too busy and preoccupied with work and personal obligations to watch carefully over what I ate.

"So I began to take one tablet of Ultra Primal Lean before each meal with a big glass of water.

"Within nine weeks, I dropped two dress sizes!

"Ultra Primal Lean is a great way to improve on your diet and exercise plans. It takes off weight rapidly, easily and safely."##

Miracle Mineral Re-sets Your Blood Sugar Trigger
So Food Cravings Vanish and Weight Falls Off
Almost Effortlessly

Another reason the Paleo Diet unleashes the fat-burning power that made our ancestors so lean is its effect on blood sugar.

Plant-based foods and lean meats are low-glycemic foods as their sugars are absorbed slowly — keeping the body energized and slim.

But now I’ve found a mineral that gives your body a better "slimming effect” and puts an end to cravings without having to follow the Paleo Diet.

How Your Blood Sugar Affects How Fat or Thin You Are

When you eat, your body turns carbs into blood sugar (or glucose), and blood sugar affects how hungry you are and if you burn fat or store it.

Blood sugar (or glucose) is also your body’s primary source of energy.

Energy is generated when your pancreas creates the hormone insulin to transport blood sugar into your cells.

The problem is, if you’re eating too much sugar, grains or carb-rich foods lacking fiber, insulin levels skyrocket. The result? You stop burning fat and start storing it.

Insulin is the fat storage hormone, and if you’re resistant to it or if its level rises beyond normal, it will be almost impossible for you to lose weight.

Is it any wonder that 80% of people with serious blood sugar problems are overweight or obese, according to the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse?

Great News!
This Mineral Supports Healthy Insulin, Re-sets Your Blood Sugar Trigger and Helps You Burn Off Fat

It’s chromium picolinate, the fourth key ingredient in my new and improved Ultra Primal Lean.

This powerhouse mineral is vital if you want to get slimmer and healthier, and here’s why.

>> You’ll enjoy healthy blood sugar: In a study conducted in China, people taking chromium kept their insulin, fasting glucose and HbA1c healthy. And if your blood sugar is healthy, you’ll burn carbs for energy, not fat!11

>> You’ll burn more fat and increase lean body mass: In another study, 200-400 ug a day of chromium in combination with strength training induced weight loss and fat loss, while increasing lean body mass.12

>> You’ll banish cravings and reduce hunger levels: In a study conducted at the University of Florida and Louisiana State University, 42 overweight adult women with carb cravings took 1,000 ug of chromium or a placebo a day for eight weeks.

The results? Eye-opening!

Those taking chromium (as chromium picolinate)…

No wonder authors of the study hail chromium picolinate as "useful for weight loss and reduced food intake."

But my new and improved Ultra Primal Lean does even more to help you lose stubborn pounds and regain super health and vitality as you’ll now see…

Fitness Professional: "I Eat Less Without Constantly Being Hungry!"

Yari from Florida has to stay strong and slim for her job. She’s found the secret in Ultra Primal Lean. She writes…

"I’m a fitness professional, but I love to eat. Ultra Primal Lean helps curb my food cravings so I can eat less without constantly being hungry or thinking about food. It also helps my body burn fat more efficiently.”*

— P.M., Wellington, FL*

Stunning Seaweed Secret Triggers Your Body’s "Thin" Hormone

Another reason why the Paleo Diet works is it helps users avoid meat and dairy products laden with synthetic hormones, which in turn can cause hormone havoc.

It’s a medical fact: If your hormones are out of balance — especially the hormones affecting fat burning — it will be very difficult to lose weight.

That’s why, for my new and improved Ultra Primal Lean, I searched long and hard to find a natural substance that could help restore your weight-loss hormones, and control how new fat cells form.

And I Found the Best One, Deep Beneath the Sea

This amazing discovery is an edible brown seaweed called Fucoxanthin.

What caught my attention is Fucoxanthin’s effects on leptin, your body’s "thin” hormone that regulates your appetite and metabolism.

Leptin normally sends out two signals:

  1. 1. The first tells the fat in your body to break down into the kind of fat that can be burned for energy.
  2. 2. The second tells your brain you’re full — which slows down your hunger and reduces food cravings.

The problem is, when too many fat cells build up too quickly, a protein called CRP sticks to leptin and prevents it from delivering its message to your brain.

So you feel hungry all the time, and the fat inside your cells stays there forever.

This is a problem for most people, but not for you with Fucoxanthin in my Ultra Primal Lean.

Solid Scientific Proof of its Fat-burning Power

Once Fucoxanthin helps trigger your "thin” hormone, fat begins to vanish… documented by clinical research.

Burn fat and eat well, too

One study showed Fucoxanthin increased fat burning even while women were eating 1,800 calories a day.

What’s more, women taking Fucoxanthin lost both subcutaneous fat which you see in the mirror AND visceral fat which wraps around your organs and causes all kinds of health challenges.14

Banish fat cells before they reach maturity.

In a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, Fucoxanthin was part of a regimen of nutrients that boosted metabolic rates and helped participants maintain a healthy body weight.15

Lose up to five times more weight.

In a double-blind study, patients taking a placebo lost three pounds in four months, but those taking Fucoxanthin lost 15 pounds during the same period — a five-fold increase in weight loss.16

This is why Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases writes, "Fucoxanthin shows promise in the treatment and prevention of obesity” …and why I consider it far better than the Paleo Diet.

Now You Can See Why I Call My New and Improved
Ultra Primal Lean… "the Holy Grail” of Fat Burning.

It turns on all five of your body’s weight-loss triggers.

If you’re frustrated because popular diets or meal replacement programs have not worked for you, then I hope you’ll try something new and better with scientifically proven ingredients: Ultra Primal Lean.

As you’ve read, it’s the first and only natural weight-loss/anti-aging/super health formula that activates, not one or two, but all five of your body’s weight-loss triggers.

These are…

  1. 1. The fat-burning trigger… so you can lose pounds of fat and never fear the scale again.
  2. 2.The carb-metabolizing trigger… so you don’t have to say goodbye to the carbs you love.
  3. 3. The fullness trigger… so you feel fuller and more satisfied and don’t overeat.
  4. 4. The blood sugar trigger…so food cravings vanish.
  5. 5. The "thin” hormone trigger… supports healthy hormone levels to help you shed fat and control fat cell formation.

I’m confident my new and improved Ultra Primal Lean will work for you.

That’s because I’ve seen the results with my own patients and read the success stories of my readers who take it.

It’s unique ingredients are backed by clinical studies and solid scientific and medical research.

And because Ultra Primal Lean has been so successful for my patients and readers, I want to make it easily available to everybody.

In fact, your order is protected by not just one but three guarantees…

GUARANTEE No. 1: Ultra Primal Lean is uniquely formulated to turn on all five of your body’s weight-loss triggers to help you burn fat, block carbs, feel fuller, support healthy blood sugar and balance your weight-loss hormones. Your satisfaction is guaranteed — or your money back.

GUARANTEE No. 2: Ultra Primal Lean’s unique ingredients have been clinically tested and proven to help you lose weight, reduce body fat, lessen cravings and hunger pangs, support healthy cholesterol, blood sugar and triglycerides, boost moods and restore super health. Your satisfaction is guaranteed — or your money back.

■ GUARANTEE No. 3: Ultra Primal Lean brings together, for the first time, the newest, most advanced and most effective fat-burning nutrients I’ve found in my worldwide travels. They will work for you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed — or your money back.

If you’re not satisfied with Ultra Primal Lean — for any reason at all — just return the bottles and unused portion within 90 days for a full and prompt refund of every penny you’ve paid. No questions asked.

This way, you risk nothing.

How Much Weight Do You Want to Lose?

10 pounds? 15 lbs.? 20 lbs. or more?

Whatever the number, my new and improved Ultra Primal Lean can help you achieve your weight-loss goals… shed fat… and get compliments galore.

And here’s one more very important point: You can get all of the fat- burning, health-boosting benefits of Ultra Primal Lean with just two tablets a day.

That’s right. No complicated diet to follow. No expensive foods to buy. No boring pre-made foods to eat.

Instead, you take two Ultra Primal Lean tablets a day… enjoy healthy amounts of your favorite foods… and get slimmer, leaner and healthier — all starting in just 30 days.

Ultra Primal Lean is the same power-packed formula my patients and readers swear by to burn fat, lose weight and boost their health. And now, it’s available to you. Order below right now, without risk!

To Your Good Health,


Al Sears, MD, CNS

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