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New “Italian Paradox” Holds The Secret
To Eating Well And Staying SlimPrimal Force's Primal Lean

Do you ever wonder how Italians eat their high starch favorites like pasta, pizza, and pastry… and still have the lowest rates of weight gain and obesity in the world?

This is the new “Italian Paradox”!

The secret is they start most meals with the soup “pasta fagioli” which is loaded with white beans.  The extract from this white bean stops fattening carbs from breaking down into the sugar your body stores as fat.

Of course the best supplements for weight loss always work best when a healthy diet is consumed along with regular exercise.

And get this:

A new study I discovered in the medical journal Obesity found people taking an extract of this bean lost 6 pounds in 30 days… without changing anything else.1

Losing 6 pounds without changing your overall diet or exercise routine is a nice surprise. But that’s not all it can do.

A study published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences followed people for 30 days. One group took this Italian bean extract, the other took a placebo, or dummy pill.

On average, the people taking the Italian bean extract:2

More importantly, the researchers wrote that with the Italian bean extract, “the major weight changes are brought about more by fat loss,” than things like water loss, and organ shrinkage.

When you deprive yourself on a diet, water loss—and even organ shrinkage—are often the real reason you “lose weight.” That’s why I don’t recommend getting on a scale.

What you really need is FAT LOSS.

And that’s what you get with the white Italian borlotti bean.

In fact, the prestigious British Medical Journal took a look at ALL studies on this white Italian bean to determine fat loss. They found this extract makes a “significant difference” in fat loss compared to a placebo.3

Plus, an Australian research team discovered the white borlotti bean is also an appetite suppressant.4

But this carb-crushing Italian bean extract is JUST ONE of the secrets in my new 5-in-1 fat fixing solution, Ultra Primal Lean.

Ultra Primal Lean is a Time Release Fat-Melting Marvel

The NEW unique, two-layer design includes a time release formula that delivers 5 powerful ingredients.

These special nutrients melt fat, reboot your body’s fat burning signals, and help you control your appetite.

The time release action activates these ingredients right when your body needs them most. Timing makes Ultra Primal Lean more effective in fighting fat and reigniting your metabolism.

Here’s how it works.

As soon as you take Ultra Primal Lean it releases the first layer of Italian white bean extract. This is important. Timing is everything.

As soon as you start to eat carbs an enzyme called amylase begins to break them down into sugars and store them as fat.

Amylase is even in your saliva. It starts breaking down your carbs and storing them as fats before you even swallow them.

Ultra Primal Lean releases the white bean extract first to block the action of amylase right from the start.

The remarkable thing about this particular Italian white bean is that it STOPS fattening carbs from breaking down into the sugar your body stores as fat. Instead, it preserves carbs as fiber, which does NOT break down into fat.

The Italians eat their white beans in a soup. BEFORE a meal.

So the Italians savor their starchy pasta, with no love handles.

Then the second layer kicks in burn fat over the long term, while resetting your body’s “fat signals.”

Time Release Power Makes The Nutrients More Effective

After the white bean works to prevent your carbs from turning into fat, the second layer of Ultra Primal Lean activates 4 more powerful nutrients.

These work together to reignite your metabolism, reboot your body’s fat burning signals, and reduce your appetite and your cravings.

Let’s take a look at each of these powerful nutrients.

Fat-Melting Nutrient from the Heart of Africa

I had heard there was a place in West Africa where the natives don’t get fat. Being overweight is nearly unknown.

A professor doing population studies discovered this curious fact. After watching this group and comparing them to others, he found something unique about their diet:

The locals use a paste derived from the seed of a “bush mango” to thicken their soups.

This professor, an expert in nutritional biochemistry at the University in nearby Cameroon, created an extract of this seed and ran his own tests.

I did some digging and found the study:

After 10 weeks, the people taking this extract lost an average of 28 pounds and lost 6 inches around their waist.

The results were published in a national, peer-reviewed journal.5

FOX News published an article when the news broke:

“An extract derived from a West African fruit may help overweight people shed pounds and lower their cholesterol, a new study suggests.” 6

The West African herb – called irvingia gabonensis (IG) – makes losing weight easier. It’s a key nutrient in my new slimming formula Ultra Primal Lean.

Ultra Primal Lean is a 5-in-1 fat fix because it works 5 ways:

Of course, Ultra Primal Lean should be used as part of a regular diet and exercise routine.

You can’t eat junk or never exercise and expect to get the body you want.

Teresa lost 77 pounds when she decided to start living a healthy lifestyle. And when she started taking Ultra Primal Lean it helped in a big way.

There’s no such thing as “effortless fat loss,” but Ultra Primal Lean keeps you on target.

Let me explain.

Balance Your Body’s “Fat Signals”

Staying lean and trim as you age isn’t easy. You can eat right and exercise and still end up with a “spare tire” around your belly. It doesn’t seem fair.

But if you know why this is happening, you can do something about it. (And get an attractive, slim body.)

How does it work?

Your body has a “signal network” that controls your fat cells.

If this communication system breaks down, your fat cells get bigger and bigger… and you get more and more of them.

As you age, that’s exactly what happens.

I believe this West African herb helps improve those signals and helps reset your body’s delicate machinery. When it regains its balance, your body has the ability to better control fat production – just like it did when you were younger.

Fat Signal #1: Burning Fat for Energy… Naturally

When things are running smoothly, your fat cells produce leptin. This messenger sends out two signals: One, it tells your brain you’re full. That shuts down your hunger. Two, it tells the fat inside your cells to break down into a kind of fat that can be burned as energy.

When these signals are working, you don’t get hungry as often, and your body can burn fat as a source of fuel. That means fat gets burned naturally.

But when too many fat cells build up, a protein called CRP sticks to the leptin and prevents it from delivering its message to your brain. Signal lost.

This is called leptin resistance. The bottom line is you’ll feel hungry and the fat inside your cells will stay there.

When this happens, it triggers a series of other signal problems.

Fat Signal #2: Controlling Sensitivity to the “Fat Hormone”

Another messenger – adiponectin – controls your sensitivity to insulin. Insulin is the hormone that tells your body how much fat to make. When you have lots of adiponectin, your body responds more favorably to insulin, and your fat production is ideal. Your waist is smaller, and your heart is healthier.

But as you age, your levels of this critical fat signal drop… then you’re more likely to get bigger and fatter.

Fat Signal #3: The Bad Guy… Turning Blood Sugar Into Fat

The 3rd messenger is actually a bad guy you want to get rid of… it’s called glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase. This enzyme turns blood sugar into fat. Not what you want.

The magic behind Ultra Primal Lean is its ability to help restore your body’s signal network to function optimally. After a few weeks, the leptin signal to your brain is working better than before, adiponectin levels rise, and the bad guy – the fat making enzyme – gets cut off.

You see, as you age, these signals get thrown off. No matter how much you exercise or how well you eat, you’ll always be vulnerable to age-related fat gain.

Unless, of course, you have what I consider to be the “secret weapon” that helps restore youthful balance.

In this case, balance means having a communication network that’s firing on all cylinders. When it does, it’s a beautiful thing to see. It may be one of the easiest ways to drop pounds.

How many years have you been fighting the love handles… or the pot belly? In 10 weeks or less, you’ll be on your way to dropping a good chunk of that extra fat.

Compared to years of struggle, 10 weeks seems to happen overnight.

Before the study, the group taking the West African herb in Ultra Primal Lean averaged 215 pounds. After the study, they averaged 187 pounds – for a net loss of 28 pounds.

The control group started at 212 pounds and went to 211 pounds. They lost an average of one pound, which means that almost nothing happened.

But there’s more to this than losing pounds.

This bombshell study first appeared in the journal Lipids in Health and Disease. “Lipids” means “fatty acids,” like cholesterol. The editors of this medical journal were more interested in the remarkable way this extract helps maintain normal blood fat levels.

Recognize any of these names?

Total cholesterol… HDL… LDL… blood sugar… C-reactive protein…

These are some of the terms you’ll find on your blood tests when you go to a doctor.
Like your “fat signals,” this study suggests that this West African extract has the power to maintain health in other parts of your body, too.

Imagine going to the doctor and continuing to see “within normal range” on many of your blood tests. It turns out this extract has a remarkable effect on a range of heart health indicators.

This kind of extract is called an adaptogen. An adaptogen is a natural substance that helps your body adapt to stress and supports normal bodily processes. Ginseng is a good example.

But this exciting weight-reduction herb is more powerful. It’s more than just a supplement you take for increased energy. It has very specific talents. It ramps up your body’s ability to lose pounds and has a supportive effect on your blood fats.

That makes it a monumental find.

But there’s more to Ultra Primal Lean than the Italian white bean extract and the herb I discovered in the African Bush.

Turn Up Your Metabolic Furnace
With This Nutrient From The Sea

I uncovered startling research on another nutrient that has the potential to help reduce fat called fucoxanthin. (Pronounced: fu-coh-ZAN-thin)

This is a seaweed extract that was discovered by Japanese researchers quite by accident.

When a group of Japanese marine biologists fed fucoxanthin to their study animals, something remarkable happened. A microscopic protein – called UCP1 – suddenly became active. 7

This protein turns up your metabolic furnace and lets your cells burn fat for energy – even while you’re resting.

This nutritious and very safe seaweed extract actually flips your metabolic switch and “turns on” your body’s fat-burning switch.

The testing of this ingredient is very promising.

Many are animal tests, but there is one very exciting human test, too. While the human clinical trial tested a formula with more ingredients than just the fucoxanthin, the study suggests fucoxanthin may help burn fat.

The Japanese researchers were startled by the results. So they went to work. In a series of experiments, they gave two groups of mice the same diet, but one group supplemented with fucoxanthin.

In the fat tissue of the mice that supplemented with fucoxanthin, the researchers found high levels of the fat-burning protein UCP1. As a result, those mice lost a significant amount of fat. In the control group there was no difference.

The same researchers later discovered that fucoxanthin even prevented potential fat cells from “growing up” and becoming mature fat cells in mice. 8

Not Only May Fucoxanthin Help You Burn Fat You Already Have…

It Could Help Prevent the Formation of NEW Fat Cells

A clinical study shows that a formula with fucoxanthin is effective for people, too. The trial was finished last year, and the study has been submitted for publication. From what I’ve seen, it looks impressive.

In the test group, people taking the formula with fucoxanthin lost an average of 15 pounds in four months. The people in the control group lost just three pounds. 9

Those are good numbers.

And I see similar results in my health and wellness center, too.

When Teresa came to me for help, I gave her Ultra Primal Lean to help balance her metabolism as part of her overall healthy approach to weight reduction.

And get this: Teresa went from 204 pounds all the way down to 127 pounds. And her dress size went from a 14 down to a 2.

Here’s what she told me in an email:

“I’m 51-years-old and I’ve lost a total of 77 pounds and I’m now a size 2. A SIZE 2!!! I have never been a size 2 ever, probably not even as a child. Thrilled is an understatement. It has brought my marriage back to life. I get noticed everywhere I go.

I’ve never had such an experience! It’s very exciting. People talk to me where they would have averted their eyes before. I have complete strangers approach me to say ‘hi’ or mention what I’m wearing. THANK YOU!!!!”*

Eat Less and Cheat Less With These 2 Nutrients

To Control Your Appetite and Curb Your Cravings

I developed Ultra Primal Lean to make it easier for you to lose weight and get the lean, strong body nature intended for you.

While the other nutrients are blocking fats, melting fat, and rebooting your fat storage signals, I added 2 powerful nutrients to help you control your appetite and cravings.

This means that you will eat less and cheat less yet still feel satisfied and full from your meals.

I studied Garcinia cambogia and found important weight loss benefits. Garcinia is a small citrus fruit native to Asia. It has a thick rind and reminds me a bit of a kumquat. Natives use the dried rind as a food preservative and flavoring agent. They say that eating a small amount of the fruit makes them feel full.

Like other citrus fruits, GC is acidic. The hydroxycitric acid (HCA) it contains causes a healthy and natural production and amount of lipids and fatty acids.* It also supports a healthy balance of HDL(high density lipoproteins) and LDL (low density lipoproteins).* 10

In addition, the HCA supports a healthy amount of citrate. This helps a normal appetite and supports a healthy and normal level of triglycerides. Serotonin is increased by GC, which also helps to constrain the feelings of hunger.*

A study in a prestigious medical journal concludes: “HCA has been shown to reduce appetite, increase fat oxidation, modulate a number of obesity regulatory genes, and reduce body weight.” 11

Garcinia cambogia allows you to eat all you want of what you love and feel full and satisfied. The magic is that you will feel fuller faster so you do not want to eat as much.

It also helps you cut your cravings for snacks and sweets between meals. This helps eliminate your urge to raid the refrigerator for a midnight snack or sneak in that piece of chocolate cake before bedtime.

I also added Chromium as part of the Ultra Primal Lean formula. Chromium is known to enhance the action of insulin. That helps in the metabolism and proper storage of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

Chromium also helps curb binge eating and improves mood. Researchers at the Department of Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill conducted a clinical study to see how chromium picolinate could help people with binge eating disorder. The results showed a greater reduction in binge frequency, weight, and depression in the patients treated with chromium. 12

Get Back To The Dinner Table… And Enjoy Looking In The Mirror

Ultra Primal Lean blocks carbs, reboots your body’s fat burning signals, and helps control your appetite and cravings. And it does this with precise timing that makes it even more effective.

I feel it is the most complete formula to help you melt away the fat and get the lean, thin body nature intended for you.

Just keep in mind, it takes eight to ten weeks before you feel the whole effect. Sure, you’ll feel something before that… almost ALL of my patients do.

But in the spirit of full disclosure, I want you to understand that it takes weeks to feel the full effect.

There’s a reason for that.

Ultra Primal Lean is a natural supplement that helps reset and rebalance key systems in your body. It takes time for these changes to reach their full potential.

But like I said, if you look back and consider all the years you’ve been trying diets that didn’t work, exercise plans that didn’t work, and every new idea that came along… 10 weeks feels like nothing.

When you place your order, Ultra Primal Lean gets shipped right to your door, instantly giving you one of the most effective weight-reduction supplements I’ve ever recommended. And you don’t have to risk a single dollar.

I Want You to Feel This for Yourself

I want you to experience firsthand the amazing results Ultra Primal Lean can offer – without risk or regret.

Take my 10-week Ultra Primal Lean challenge. Lose all the fat you want. If you want to stop for any reason I’ll pick up the tab. I’ll pay for the whole thing.

Your results are guaranteed.

The look of joy, relief, and satisfaction on the faces of my patients is a powerful motivator. I see it in their emails, too.

I want the same for you.

So what are you waiting for? Accept my invitation right now by choosing your quantity below.